The Sandwich of Dreams

I ate the best sandwich at lunch today. Usually lunch is packed and eaten at work but we decided to go out for lunch today so we went down the road to a gourmet food shop and did Build Your Own Gourmet Sandwiches. Oh yes.

A Reenactment


I don’t have a picture of my actual sandwich but here’s the lowdown:
Roasted Turkey on a bun, grilled, with –
– Sauces: honey mustard and sundried tomato hummus
– Cheese: Pesto goat cheese
– Toppings: lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, roasted artichokes.
I haven’t had a fancy sandwich in probably two years now, no lie. I waited way too long for this. Amaaaazing.


———————-Brief Mild Seriousness Break.

A quick apology for coming off a bit overly negative in my last post. I’m not super happy with my habits lately and I’m suffering a wee bit of body distaste, which probably unnecessarily projected itself. I know I’m not an overly unhealthy eater but my ability to properly assess and adequately fuel my hunger has been waning this summer. I know it’s just a lame phase and I have trust enough in my ability to get back on track. I’m just not a fan of this newfound jiggle and it’s giving me an unnecessary guilt trip. Whine whine. I guess it’s time to throw some major Jillian Michaels booty kicking into the mix.

————————Seriousness Over.


This week so far I’ve eaten some pretty good things.
Take kabocha, one of the greatest foods ever. Roast it up. Eat it at every meal. Done and done.

Meals 001


I also got experimental when I rediscovered half a tube of prepared polenta chilling out in my fridge. It needed something done with it and I remembered long ago reading about some polenta fries that intrigued me. So a 450 degree oven and approximately 20 minutes later I was graced with the most unique fry I’ve yet encountered. All I did was spritz them with oil and shake on some random seasonings. Oh so good. I’ve been snacking on these all week.

Meals 009 



Before work I kaleified my morning – Green Monster!

Meals 011

This one included a nice bunch of kale and tasted very … earthy. I’ve done kale in smoothies a couple times before but this one was especially kalelicious. I didn’t mind though.
In the bullet: half a frozen banana, cantaloupe chunks, half a cup of unsweetened original almond breeze, flax, half scoop vanilla soy protein powder, handful of kale and ice.

Lunch was plain and simple but dinner was plenty more exciting.

A super satisfying salad: romaine lettuce, carrots, yellow zucchini, cucumbers, avocado, curly pasta, diced tomatoes, feta and sweet onion vinaigrette.

Meals 024

Along with a side of polenta fries, cracker with melted feta and the juiciest, tastiest corn on the cob.

Meals 029



You know what I had for lunch. If you don’t, go back to the beginning of the post and just try to imagine my wonderful sandwich.

Then check out my breakfast.

Meals 044 Meals 046

A mishmash of fresh fruit topped with a spoonful of yogurt, flax and Fiber One. The perfect starter for the not-so-hungry early morning tummy.

Okay so pretty much everything about today’s food was great.
Great morning fruit.
Great afternoon sandwich of sin.
Great Creamy Broccoli Feta Salad for dinner!
Meals 100 (1)

I stumbled upon the recipe and once realizing that all the ingredients were on hand, I couldn’t not make it.
My only quip with it was it was just a tad too lemony. But that’s only because I’m not the biggest fan of lemon flavour in my meals. I still enjoyed it quite a lot though. I ate a nice pile alongside a chicken burger with dijon mustard.

I polished it all off with more fresh fruit (and a dollop of almond butter), plus some unpictured dates and a mug of peppermint tea/hot chocolate mix.

Meals 100 (10)

Then I went for a walk with my ma for some chatter and aid in digesting my food baby, and now I’m about to watch some Planet Earth before quite probably going to bed insanely early tonight. Sleep catch up is much needed right now.

I can’t believe tomorrow is Thursday alright. This week is just a flying!


21 thoughts on “The Sandwich of Dreams

  1. Your food seriously IS looking fantastic!! Don’t worry about coming off a certain way on certain posts. We all have our hard times and struggles, and if you need to express a little frustration on your blog then you totally have the right to. That being said, I hope you get to feeling better mentally, just remember you ARE beautiful, and seriously girl, all of the stuff you are eating is absolutely gorgeous and good for you! Have a great day/morning!

  2. haha. i love how everyone was all like all
    ‘that food looks so healthy and delicious!’

    well..duh. we dont take pictures of the
    crap stuff we eat. i know where exactly
    where you are coming from sugarpants.

    also. polenta making those tomorrow.


  3. mmm that sandwich sounds incredible! I’m a big fan of sandwiches but I almost never get fancy ones either.

    I definitely relate on the whole “what you eat dictates how you’re feeling about your bod”. If I’ve had a weekend of bad food & drinks from being at home, I usually feel kind of off compared to when I’ve been eating healthy 80% of the time. But the stuff you’re eating looks great and we’re all entitled to enjoy some junky food every now and then :)

  4. I have no idea why I still have not tried out polenta. Seriously, every time I see it, it looks great, whether it’s creamy with cheese, baked in a casserole, or made into fries. And it’s so easy to make. I have no excuse really.

    And I feel shamed – I bought a kabocha weeks ago, and have yet to test it out. Horrible, I know. This weekend it shall be my mission!

  5. Oh I love the bullet concoction! Also, goat cheese pesto?!?! That sounds too good to be true. I love goat cheese, I LOVE pesto, what a great combo!

  6. No need to apologize – everyone feels the funk from time to time :)

    I need to try these polenta fries! They sound incredible!! I also love the broccoli feta salad, yum!! I wish we had a gourmet sandwich place around here – you know I’d be there daily!

  7. Love the polenta fries! That’s something I haven’t had in awhile!

    I’ll bet this crap summer hasn’t helped your mood any. I know it’s affecting me! Hang tight!

  8. don’t apologize babe, we all go through that…i know i def have been and it’s getting to me, but i try to stay as positive as possible!

    love the polenta fries! i need to try that!

  9. Wow – you take really great pictures!! It’s making me hungry :) Never thought about putting roasted artichokes into my sandwich – that’s a good one.

  10. Your food wins me over URRY SINGLE TIME! I swear! The polenta fries…love. Kabocha…NEED TO TRY SO BADLY! Snackface always covers it in AB and it just sounds heavenly.

    I hope you are feelin betta after getting it out about feeling semi guilty with yo habits lately. Happens to everyone! Happened to me yesterday.. but today is a new day and after getting some endorphins, I feel fab! :D

  11. WOWA that sandwich is dreamy fo sho! the serious break hit close to home, it is all good my dear! mmm i love the fruity today’s bfast.. nom nom nom

  12. Ok, clearly I need to try throwing cantaloupe into my smoothies!!! I’m seeing the addition everywhere, and i’m sure it’d make the smoothie soooo sweet!! mmm!! :)

    And i’m in love with your (not so messy) yogurt mess!
    Planet earth is amazing, I love the ocean-y ones!!

  13. That sandwich looks pretty much amazing!

    So do those polenta fries.. thanks for sharing how you make them! I bought polenta one time and had no clue what the heck to do with it.. needless to say the creation I made with it wasn’t the best :)

    Kabocha should be eaten at every meal! As well as pumpkin!

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