Eats and Sweets

One of these days I’ll start trying to update more than once a week.
My eating isn’t exactly worthy of recognition lately anyway.

That being said… here’s an insider peek at some food related highlights of the past week.

I bought two food-related books this week: The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Julie & Julie. I take forever to get around to reading the books I own but I’m hoping to get around to these asap. I already cracked open Julie & Julia. Is this movie out yet? The book seems like it’ll be a goodie.

Meals 004

I also spotted (and immediately grabbed) a brand new Almond Butter. Blue Diamond Baby! I first saw this gem brand of AB via Miss SnackFace but never imagined I would see it on my own grocery store shelves. I was pretty darn excited. It wasn’t crazy cheap here though. Sigh.

Meals 012  

This week’s mail delivered me some Nutella sample packets (as well as Fitness magazine and a paycheque – Booya) Danger Ranger! I haven’t had Nutella in years. I might have to Nutellafy a bowl of oatmeal at some point in my near future.

Meals 028

One night this week my friend invited me over for a seafood dinner. I’ll admit I was a little nervous since her regular meal choices include chocolate bars, Skittles and Spinach Dip but I sucked it up, figured how can you possibly make seafood that unhealthy and tried to anticipate the worst.

I arrived to her cooking up a pan of scallops in a pool of oil, along with some shell pasta in a thick alfredo sauce and some battered shrimp cakes heating up in the oven. Great. At least she threw a little broccoli into the mix…
… and then proceeded split the entire large pot of pasta between our two plates.

Phils 023Phils 024 

The whole meal was washed down with a Caramel Drumstick.


I’m not going to lie, the whole thing was delicious and I did enjoy every bite. 
But I’m also not going to lie and say that I was feeling good about myself after it all. Obviously one unhealthy night of eating is not a big deal in the least. However, my general eating lately has involved much too much snacking, sugar and unhealthy white things and my body is definitely showing it. Working at a job where I sit 7-8 hours a day doesn’t help either. So even though I’m still exercising everyday, it’s just not quite enough right now and I need to snap out of the junk trap I’ve been stuck in lately.

But speaking of junk, I made these Butterscotch Pecan Cookies the other day. I forgot to take a picture but they are amazing so I suggest you make them. I made them for someone else so I only sampled a taste, however I probably ate my weight in chocolate chips in the process – yet another example of why I don’t want to blog about my eating lately.


Examples of other foods of the week:

Fresh fruit with yogurt and flax

Meals 049

Egg white salsa feta spinach omelette on half an english muffin

Meals 074

Kashi Honey Puffed Cereal with dried apricots, yogurt mixed with Chocolate PB2 and carob chips

Meals 082

Yogurt with flax and a crumbled banana muffin

Meals 022

More fruit and yogurt

Meals 107

Salad (with white pasta…)

Meals 014

Fresh and amazing corn on the cob with freshly de-podded peas, fish and potatoes.

Work 008

Egg whites with salsa and tomato, cottage cheese and bread with hummus.

Work 010

White pasta with scallops, shrimp and diced tomatoes over steamed broccoli, topped with feta.

Work 018

Giant fridge-clearing salad.

Work 031


Note the abundance of sweet-based foods and white pasta and bread. In my defense, some of my healthier eats such as my fruit and salad-based lunches and veggie snacks don’t get photographed. My eating still needs some work though.

Yesterday’s lunch was pretty decent. It included a big container of raw veggies to snack on, plus half of a leftover grilled vegetable wrap from a restaurant I ate at the other night, an unpictured apple and half of a Cinnamon Raisin Raw Organic Food Bar (delicious).

Work 002Work 019Work 024


To end on a non-food foot:
Back to the Age of Innocence. Ah the simple days.


25 thoughts on “Eats and Sweets

  1. Don’t worry! If you consider those eats unhealthy then your crazy! :D You eat the most delicious meals and snacks and I get such good ideas from you. Keep on being healthy girl!

  2. I’m defs going to go buy that Julie & Julia book and read it before the movie comes out… i ran out of books to read so i’m re-reading that last harry potter book haha! Yummy food! I’ve been eating way to much sugar lately to – i need to snap out of my sugar streak!

  3. All looks pretty decent to me! I’m sorry you have the ‘food guilt’…try to keep it in perspective. I find by reading so much about food/nutrition, suddenly everything I eat seems so unhealthy/dangerous, when really…though it’s not exactly clean or perfect. it’s a lot better than it has been and a lot healthier than people’s diets I *don’t* read about.

    Enjoy your books! I almost picked up “In Defense Of food” but now have the Raw Food Detox book to plough through…

  4. geez, you’re negative! maybe just be grateful that your friend invited you over for dinner–how hard is that?! anything you get from a “fine dining” restaurant is cooked in LOADS of butter and oil, probably more than what she used. chill out.

  5. i love that blue table centerpiece! that is always rough when you are invited over and have no control over the menu. props to you for sucking it up and enjoying the food.. i know what you mean about the guilt. but just stick to clean eating the rest of the time and you should be OK! at least you enjoyed yourself :) i dig that spinach english muffin thaaang. yummo! and cute flashback photo. have a good week, and enjoy those new reads!

  6. Oh and like Janetha said good for you for going and eating the food! I sometimes get nervous and will come up with an excuse.. but I think it’s great that you sucked it up!

  7. i totally understand not wanting to blog this week…lol. I have had either cookies, fro yo, blondies once a night for a week and I feel gross! I am giving up all dessert sfor 2 weeks because after the 2 week fast, I tend to not want them everyday. I blame aunt flo. ugh.


  8. I can’t believe it but I’ve never tried Nutella! I need to, I hear many good things about it. The almond butter is new to me, as least that brand, I have been looking for new almond butter and I should try that one out ( I love their almonds).

    The egg white salsa feta spinach omelet looks divine!

    Great picture at the end, so cute :)

  9. Blue Diamond almond butter? Get outta town! I’d love to see that movie, Julie & Julia. I didn’t even know it was a book.

    Sitting all day def sucks….badly. By Friday I’m a bloated mess. Ugh…

  10. I’m horrible at reading books that I buy. I have more than I can count that I have yet to read. Like Omnivore’s Dilemma – I got that around Christmas, and it’s still waiting.

    And other than you maybe wanting to sub your white past with whole wheat, I really can’t see what is so bad about what you’ve been eating? Lots of fruit & veg, yogurt, protein, etc. If that’s photographic evidence of poor eating, then I must need some work too ;)

  11. Are we twins or what?! I had part of a tj’s blueberry bran muffin crumbled up into some yogurt today as well……it’s such a delicious combo! And, i’ve really been craving omelets lately…..i’ll need to make one up soon and throw it on an english muffin myself!

    PS, just wrote down your little yogurt, pb2, cereal, dried apricots, carob chips combo…..MAKING that very, very soon!! Except i may have to sub out pb2 for almond butter….i’m sure it’ll be just as delicious still!! Yummmm…just snacked on an english muffin w/ pb AND some dark chocolate….but now i’m getting another cravin’ for all that goodness above!

  12. that book is really good, i cant wait to see the movie in a few weeks!! i wish i were at home tho so i could watch it with my mommy, she LOVES julia child!

    i think the food u photographed looks really delicious and healthy, and the portions of all the “white” stuff look very reasonable to me! still, i know the feeling of eating too much bad stuff and i think blogging adds to the guilt because you are expected to talk and think about every little morsel!

  13. Let us know how you like those books!! Ooooh nutella packets?! That could be a good thing for me – easier on the portion control ;)

    Sorry you’re feeling the junk funk :( That’s never fun! That grilled veggie wrap looks good! Love that blast from the past picture!

  14. I think I’m in the same food rut as you! I was just at a friend’s place and pigged out on junk — junk I don’t even like! Why was I eating potato chips if I don’t like them? Hmmm.

    It can be difficult adjusting to a new job, new routine, etc., but you’ll figure it out. You have the healthy eating thing down pat, and you’ll get right back into the swing of things quickly. Just brush yourself off… tomorrow you can start again! :)

  15. I loveloveloved Julie and Julia the novel, and now I cannot wait to see the movie! And if I can ever turn my blog into a novel, and then a movie (like Julie), I’m so doin’ it.

    I hope you like the Blue Diamond AB! I didn’t have creamy, but chunky, and ate it in no time. I’m saving the bottom of the jar to put oats in though!

    Sistah- I am SO with you on the needing to snap out of the junk funk! Like you, I also workout most days, but the sitting all day is definitely changing my body in ways I hadn’t predicted. Not fun. I’m thinking I need to stop eating 1/2 a box of Puffins every night. That may do the trick. Thank you for your honesty about this! Love it!

  16. You’re back! :) I really want to read both of those books, so I am looking forward to your reviews. I completely understang blogging irregularity…sometimes there is time, sometime’s there’s not!
    I had no idea Blue Diamond made AB…now I will be on the hunt, baby!

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