A Breakfast to Remember

Food Blog world is full of crazy food delights and eating trends that normal folk cannot begin to get their heads around.

There is one that I’ve been dying to try. But the time just wasn’t right.

Until now.

Allow me to present to you…


Oats in a Jar!

You better believe I finally got to the bottom of one of my nut butter jars. I have several in the cupboard that I’ve been working my way through so it takes a while to finish one up. Technically I guess this wasn’t a nut butter since it was the last of my Peabutter jar but you get the idea.

Meals 218

I cooked up a pot of:
~1/3 cup of oats
water and light vanilla soy milk
1/2 large banana
sprinkling of ground flax
splash of agave

Then blended it all with the handy dandy immersion blender and scraped every last creamy bite into the jar with the ~1 tbsp of peanutty delight left at the bottom and ate it while sitting cross-legged on a big comfy green chair in my living room in the morning sunlight.

This was definitely a breakfast to remember.

Meals 216 Meals 235


Other things I’ve been eating:


After my speedy workday that ended at 11 (TGIF) I came home and had a pretty early lunch of salad that included all of the necessary mix-ins: cottage cheese, baked tofu and SQUASH. Some of the greatest foods out there all in one bowl.

Meals 004

Later on I did some shopping and spent more money that I wanted to on more clothes than I needed. Alright I really didn’t buy that much, however I really don’t need any clothes at all so any purchase is too much. But two of the four shirts I bought were on sale so that’s better, right? Except for the fact that I currently have a pile of other new shirts sitting on my floor that have yet to be worn. I’m not allowed to spend money!

Then I came home and went for a non-solo bike ride for once since my brother actually wanted to go with me. It’s nice having a bike buddy! We also scored a free shirt that we found lying on the ground. It was a nice button-down in his size so he kept it. We did wash it first ;)


By the time we got home dinner was ready. Thanks Mom. :)
We had Mediterranean chicken breasts, brussels sprouts and and radioactive mac&cheese with salsa for dipping.

Meals 019

Then I was craving a little after-dinner crunch so I popped open a bag of cheddar popchips to try.

Meals 027

Oh my lanta. As a cheese lover, these are definitely my new favourite popchip flavour and I am going out to buy a big bag as soon as I’ve finished up all of my small bags. These are AMAZING. Oh so cheesy. Oh so delicious.


Friday night I was going out to a club for a friend’s birthday so I required some liquid energy to give me a bit of a boost before the night began.

Bring in the iced coffee! This one was extra special though because it was butter pecan flavoured.

Meals 043 
A while ago I signed up for some of these free Ensure meal replacement drinks online just for the heck of it. I have no intentions of using them to replace a meal but holy heck are they ever delicious, so I figured they’d make a pretty tasty iced coffee flavour add-in. And do they ever. I added about 1/4 of the bottle to my iced coffee and had one of the tastiest homemade iced coffees ever. I’m pretty excited about the fact that I still have two bottles left. Plenty more butter pecan iced coffees to come.

Then I went out for the birthday, had a couple drinks, danced a bit. It was decently fun but I’m not a huge fan of the club we went to so I was a little sketched out. The shirtless and pretty buff DJ looked like a young Christian Bale though so that kept me amused for a chunk of the night ;)



I noshed on some plain yogurt, banana and peabutter (this was before I finished it off in this morning’s glorious breakfast) early in the am before heading off to work. I also had a nice big iced coffee. Non butter pecan this time.

 Meals 056

My work lunch was a spinach salad with leftover pieces of chicken and baked tofu.

Meals 008

The lunch order of the day was Chinese so I had a few bites of my brother’s Singapore curry noodles dish and ate most of the steamed rice that came with my dad’s meal. Steamed rice is so addicting.

Meals 014

I also had some yummy fresh melon. Those ugly blobs in the bottom left corner are chunks of lychee fruit.

Meals 017

I got home from work at dinner time, where we had tortellini with marinara and salad. I also had a small piece of leftover chicken and a blob of pesto for pasta dunking.

Meals 059

I’m a pasta junkie and ate way more than that. I don’t know if I’ll ever break the out-of-the-pot eating habit. Meh.

Saturday night I almost went out dancing but my friend and I opted to take a break and just stay in and play Mario Kart and Wii Sports. I was nearly passing out by midnight anyway so this was definitely a smarter plan.


Now it’s Sunday and I’m eating salad with a spoon, then heading out for some groceries. Tonight my friend from out of town is here visiting and we’re going out for RETRO dancing of course.
I love Sundays!


29 thoughts on “A Breakfast to Remember

  1. oh you got to do oats in a jar! i am slowly working my way there.. haha.. one of these days. i LOVE spinach salad, yours looks so good. have fun dancing!!

  2. Lol you’re right… normal people just don’t get it!

    I can’t wait to try oats in a jar, makes me want to go eat some PB just for that :)

  3. Photos of bright orange mac and cheese make me so incredibly happy :) It just reminds me of being a kid. Yours looks so creamy and amazing.
    Hmm. Must try this oatmeal in a jar trend. I should get to work on my AB jar ;)

  4. I’ve been dying to try that! I’m getting very close to the bottom of my raw almond butter jar.

    Mocha Ensures are my fave. I had to drink them in high school, so I feel as though I’m well-acquainted with them. Hope you got that flavah.

    Um give me mac and cheese, pronto. Love it.

    Hope Sunday is treating you well!

  5. Haha I love that your bro scored a free shirt on the biking trip!

    That mac and cheese looks faaaaantastico! I’m so so so bad at Mario Kart it’s mildly embarrassing! I get turned around when I play it, go off the roads, can’t get back on track, everything!

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves brussel sprouts! Yum. Also, thanks for sharing your opinion on the Popchips. I keep seeing them at Whole Foods and I think they look good, but I just can’t bring myself to purchase them since they are sort of expensive. I’ll have to give them a try now :)

  7. I’ve got the perfect jar of PB to make oats with…I mean, in!

    We got some free Ensure samples at the fund raiser walk on Saturday. I’ll have to try some in my coffee….or better yet, my oats!!!

  8. PEAbutter?? I’ve never seen it! How does it taste? Where do you find it? Wow so many questions! haha

    And salad with a spoon?? LOL, where are all your forkies?!

  9. Mac N Cheese dipped in salsa?!??!! You are my heroooo!!! hahahha, you know i’m a major salsa fan! :)

    I’m glad you had a night in with mariokart…I used to be such mario-anything fan. My bros had a nintendo wayyy back in the day, and I played mariokart, tennis, golf, everythinggg!! Haha….

    Have a good Monday girl! That iced coffee with the ensure actually sounds quiteeee delish!

  10. I want to do the oats in a jar but I have way too many nut butters that it takes me forever to use one up!

    I love your salads.. I never thought to add winter squash to salad.. I’m going to do that!!

    How do you make that tofu?

  11. haha i ALWAYS eat out of the pot!! no shame!! but yes, it is a bad habit for me!!

    love the oats in a jar. curled up on a comfy big chair DOES seem like the best way to eat that breakfast!!


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  13. Ohh, I want to eat my laptop screen.
    So glad you finally got to experience the oats in a jar! I’m eating almond butter around the clock just so I can eat oats in it even sooner… kinda sad, actually.
    Glad your bro is a bike buddy! And finding a free shirt on the way?! Nice bonus.

  14. I never remember to try the whole oats in a jar deal – I usually just eat the little bits of nut butter straight from the jar so I can recycle it asap ;) Perhaps my old brain will remember one of these days.

    Lychee & honeydew sounds like a great fruit combo, even if peeled lychees aren’t the most photogenic.

  15. I just found your blog and I love it. I’m in awe of your nutrition and cooking intuition. I think its amazing that you have so much knowledge at such a young age. And, I think your creativity with food is fun and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your adventures with food.

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