Daring Ventures

The week is over and I’m feeling refreshed. Hello weekend!

You can’t tell from the picture, but I started off my day by mixing cottage cheese and plain yogurt. I never do that. Actually, I never even mix my cottage cheese with anything at all, and yet this time it was eaten with yogurt, cereal and blueberries. I must have been feeling daring.

Meals 063

You know you lead an exciting life when “daring” is eating your cottage cheese in a different fashion.

Then I went in for three speedy hours of work and came home to some more cottage cheese to tide me over until a more decent lunch time. My body is starting to adjust to early lunches. I used to eat my lunch closer to 2 but now I’m hungry by 11. Saweeeeet.

Since it’s still early today and I’ve done nothing else yet, let’s go back to…


Breakfast was overnight oats. Lunch was at work. Nothing thrilling there.

The thrill lies in the dinner.

You BET I roasted up a big old kabocha on a hot summer’s eve.

Meals 014

I haven’t had any for a little while now for some ridiculous reason, even though there were two sitting in my cupboard. It was a long overdue venture. I also baked up frozen tofu in a marinade of hoisin, rice wine vinegar, garlic and chili powder but I managed to burn it and make it hard like rubber. Not the most appetizing thing ever but I’m still eating it.

Then I cracked open a POM Wonderful Pomegranate Mango that I bought with coupons I received in the mail a while back. This was my first time trying it and it’s really good! It is quite sweet and I’m not a huge juice drinker but I’ll definitely be splashing it into my water for some tasty pomegranate flavour and those “antioxidant superpowers”. :)

Meals 023

I also had to have some PB2’d dried apricots because they are da bomb.

Meals 035



I’ve been trying to finish up some cereal bags and yogurt containers we have kicking around so the last few days of breakfasts (as well as several snacks) have been cereal/fruit/yogurt combos. You just can’t go wrong!

Meals 047

I actually remembered to take a picture of my lunch (well… part of it) before packing it away on Thursday morning too. Shocking.

Meals 044

In the mix: spinach, carrots, baked tofu, kabocha and a dijonnaise/balsamic vinegar dressing.

I also tried a Cherry Pie Larabar for the first time at lunch but I wasn’t all that impressed. I guess I prefer the nutty flavours over the fruity.


I snacked once I got home from work (on who knows what… I usually just grab whatever I see. Which usually ends up being anything that’s dippable in hummus. Which usually means bread and hummus. Plus most like some cottage cheese, baby carrots, yogurt… etc etc. I’m an indecisive snacker) so I wasn’t in need of a very large dinner.

I used up the last of some almost-brown cabbage slaw and mixed it with carrots, mushrooms, light sour cream and dijonnaise. Then I ate a bunch of kabocha. Plenty more than what actually made it into the bowl.

Meals 059

After dinner I went on a glorious bike ride on a lovely sunny evening. The temperature was just perfect for biking and there were lots of people out and about on the trail I went biking on. Early evening is a great time to go biking! And now that I can’t bike during the day since I work, I’ll definitely have to do that more often. If you bike, when is your ideal biking time?


Now I need to go make some lunch, possibly do some shopping and then possibly drag my brother out for an afternoon bike ride. I usually bike on my own so this might be interesting. We’ll see if he can keep up. ;)
Then it’s out to celebrate a friend’s big birthday bash tonight.

Have a great weekend!


13 thoughts on “Daring Ventures

  1. I also love biking in the early evening. I also like early morning. The afternoon is just too hot.

    Have an awesome weekend! :)

  2. i have a kabocha in my kitchen i havent dared to use it yet b/c i dont know how to eat it! haha maybe i will follow some of your examples.. have a good weekend k!

  3. i have a kabocha in my kitchen i havent dared to use it yet b/c i dont know how to eat it! haha maybe i will follow some of your examples.. have a good weekend k!
    BTW I love your blog!

  4. We usually go for a family bike ride about 6:30-7pm. Good for dinner digestion.
    Not sure if I’ve asked before, but where are you finding kabocha in this area?

  5. Ahh, agreed!! Yogurt/cereal messes can do no wrong!! Especially when they’re drizzled with sunflower/almond butter!

    And that picture of the kabocha squash and salad is beautifullll!!! You always take the prettiest photos with such cute backgrounds!

    Have fun at the b-day bash!! Hope there’s dancing involved! :)

  6. I’ve only had my CC au nataurale as well – if it ain’t broke ;) The cherry pie Lara kind of scares me! I’m not a big cherry girl so I should probably pass, right? As if this wasn’t already apparent, you and I are one in the same. I totes stand in the kitchen and have a bite of this, then a bite of that while trying to decide on a snack! Hah!

    YAY FOR BDAY BASHES!! Have a blast, girl :D

  7. Nut butter right on an apricot? Where has this been all my life?

    For me, I like biking early morning or early evening. It’s so nice to be out on a trail when the sun isn’t blazing over head and everything around you just feels quieter. Love the bike!

  8. Dried apricots & pb are an awesome combination. You have also just reminded me that I have a kabocha in my drawer that I need to cook up soon (as in before I move).

    I enjoy biking to/from work, but if I’m going to go for a leisurely ride, I like to go after dinner, while the sun it not quite setting, but low in the sky.

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