Work Days

Wowzers, I’m a workaholic! Going from working one day a week to working six is a change, that’s for sure. I don’t mind it too much though. It makes me utilize my free time a little better… or just makes me tired and cranky and want to sleep haha.


I have several days of missed food going on but a lot of my eating is now done either on the fly or not at home so I haven’t been great with picture taking.

My new daily schedule


6:55  – Alarm Off
7:05 – Out of Bed
7:05 – 7:25ish – Hop on the net, get dressed, put face on etc
7:25ish – 7:40ish – Breakfast + Coffee Chugging
7:40 – 7:50 – Get my stuff together
7:50 – 8:00 – Drive and Arrive

My breakfasts thus far have been things that I can eat quickly – AKA cereal or overnight oats if I think to prep ahead of time (like last night). A couple mornings I haven’t been hungry enough so I’ve just brought along some fruit, bars etc to munch on throughout the morning at work.

Cereal MessFlax Plus Pumpkin Raisin Crunch, Shreddies, Fibre One, frozen banana, blueberries, Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Breeze

Meals 106 Meals 112

Overnight Cold Oats – Oats soaked overnight in Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Breeze, ground flax, cinnamon, pineapple chunks. In the morning: stirred in banana and topped with plain yogurt, PBU and rhubarb jam.
Meals 130


At Work

My work day usually goes from 8 – 4:30 with a half hour lunch break. It’s 35 hours a week so we choose to work later Monday-Thursday and have a nice short day on Friday. I can’t wait until Friday :)

We eat lunch at noon. I have not yet taken any pictures of my lunch because I don’t really wish to do so at work and I always forget to do so while I am prepping.

My lunches have been really simple and repetitive so far though so they’re not that photoworthy anyway. You’re not missing much!
Typically I’ll bring: a salad with whatever mix-ins/leftovers we have in the fridge (which sure hasn’t been much lately), an apple and some kind of bar. I’ll probably start switching things up a bit soon enough though because I’m definitely going to get bored of that same lunch every single day, six days a week. Plus, I need something to look forward to at lunch time to spice up my day a bit! The work is already repetitive enough as is.


After Work

Come 4:30ish I take off for the homeland. In other words my house. Although today we left at 2:30 and brought some work home with us instead. That was a nice treat.
I’m pretty starving by this point so usually I’ll go right to the fridge and dig for a small snack while coming up with something to make for dinner. Then I just make dinner. So far it’s been quick things since I want to eat right when I get home.

Egg white mess, potato chunks, hummus and mashed cauliflower with dijon mustard.

Meals 103 

Wrap (A Hot Inspiration): veggie burger, hummus, feta cheese, spinach, dijonnaise

Meals 126


I’ve also been snacking on plenty of:

Yogurt with PBU, berries, rhubarb jam…

Meals 093Meals 104

Rice crackers + Cheeeese

Meals 068

Iced Coffee

Meals 094


And I’m also bored! Do you ever feel like you need to do something else social, out of the house, into civilization after you get off work? I feel strangely isolated after coming home from work and it makes me want to go do things every night. But at the same time I’m pretty tired and have been a little cranky since I’m a little behind on sleep so I don’t really have the energy to do things and be out anyway. Such the dilemma… hah.


Sorry for the lack of updates… yet again. I’m still getting into this new routine thing since this is my first full week on the job and I just haven’t been at the computer too much. I’m also really behind on blog reading (and commenting… eek!) but I hope to catch up soon and I hope you’re all doing well!


19 thoughts on “Work Days

  1. loved hearing about your life as of late! the cereal messes are the best, aren’t they? and wow you live close to your work, 10 min commute? stellar! i have never had mashed cauliflower but i imagine that it tastes as good as it looks! well keep up the good work, and go do something fun on friday since you are off early!

  2. You still manage to eat well while having such a demanding schedule. I’d stay take advantage of the weekend and do lots of social things!

  3. wow, you’ve got some amazing creations on this post! I love making iced coffee in the blender, like the Starbucks Frapachinos! Your wrap looks great too, you took an amazing picture!!

  4. so much work, so little free time! too demanding…tell your bosses i said to lay off. haha.

    but love the look of that wrap and egg/cauliflower/potato mash…yummers!

  5. Adjusting to full-time work can take some time! Sounds like you’re doing a good job of it so far though. And still, your eats manage to look fantastic!
    I know what you mean about wanting to do stuff after work. That’s part of the reason why I flipped my workouts to insanely early times – so I could be free in the evenings. Don’t worry, before you know it, the whole schedule will feel like second nature.

  6. Being a working girl is all about juggling time. Throw in time to do chores like laundry, grocery shopping, etc, and it’s always a time crunch. You’ll figure out a routine that works for you :)

  7. I work at the board office down the road from ya and I’m working the same hours with Friday’s off for the summer too! Hooray for flex hours!

    PS….I have that same cap mug as you!

  8. wow you are one busy lady :)
    that veggie burger wrap sounds absolutely amazing!! Cold cereals/over night oats are the biggest time savor. ever.
    have fun working!

  9. bah. story of my life. same schedule. only
    ive been working more like fortyhours a
    week. plus waitressing ten to fifteen hours
    a few nights and/or during the weekends.
    rushed breakfasts. boring packed lunches.
    quick dinners. and zero fun/socializing. boo.

    lets quit our jobs and run away to vegas.
    id bet we would make amazing showgirls. :]

  10. You’re still eating such well balanced healthy meals on the run! Not turning to fast food! I nanny for a toddler and baby so YES I feel so unsocial when I get home. Some days I would talk to no one!! Totally feel yo’ pain girlfriend!

  11. Hey Kristie,

    Thanks for sharing as usual! I can so relate to the new routine thing I too just got a new job and I am working many more hours and trying to fit in work, working out, eating right, blogging…yikes!! It is a challenge. Not to mention a social life as you were mentioning. I just hope it will get easier when I find some balance and figure out the best time to work out. And I need to prepare food ahead of time instead of making my lunch in the morning. But you are still eating VERY healthy so you are doing great! Love your blog, you inspire me to eat healthy.

  12. Hahahahhah, a “hot” inspiration. that wraps looks amazing, I hope you loved it!!! I’m such a nerd too….before I saw the link to my page, I was thinkin’….DAMN! I gotta write that down, I wanna make that wrap tonight!!! Ohhhhhh my….

    Sorry you’ve been so overwhelmed with work girl, at least the weekend is here!!!!

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