Work and Water Guns

So yesterday I started this new job right? Inventory for a school board associated literacy program.
I check bins.
Bin after bin after bin. All with the same content.
So far it’s been just fine but 35 hours a week for 4 weeks of bin checking might begin to get a little repetitive a little fast. Luckily I work with three other pretty cool gals and we basically have full unsupervised freedom so hopefully we’ll track down some kind of music system in the school we’re working in and add a daily dance party onto our checklists. I could handle that.


Was my first day on the job. 9 am we did some discussing and orientation stuff at the main office and then headed over to the elementary school where we set up camp and starting on the good ol bin checking.

Before going I obviously had to eat some breakie so I made up a bowl of Nature’s Path Pumpkin Raisin Crunch with vanilla yogurt, mushy banana slices  and PBU. I think I dip into that stuff nearly every time I open the fridge. That’s much too often…

Meals 192

I’m so used to being home constantly and therefore being able to head on over to the kitchen at the first ping of hunger so the empty tummy feeling I went through before being able to eat lunch at work was slightly foreign and uncomfortable. I’m hoping and assuming my body will adjust fast to normal meal eating once again rather than snacking like ten times a day.

For lunch I quickly threw together a salad, some cottage cheese, an apple and the biggest Maple Nut Clif Bar I’ve ever seen. I swear it was twice as thick as any other Clif bar. Thus twice as good obviously. It held me over for a good long while but I was mighty hungry when I got home at dinner time.

My mom warmed up a freezer bag of premade veg +pasta and threw in some chicken breast so I ate a plate (or two) of that along with a couple hunks of fresh bread.

Meals 208

I then I had a bowl of Special K Red Berries?! with vanilla yogurt and PBU. My mom bought the cereal randomly for my brother. I haven’t had it in years. I mainly just wanted to have some freeze dried strawberries in my yogurt. They were good. Might be a good bulk bin buy for a yogurt mix in next time!

Meals 214


Let’s back track a bit now since I’ve got a couple days of back log here.


Check out my Mean Green Monster –
I used:
Half a pack of this Kaizen Chocolate Whey Protein Powder I got a sample of in the mail ages ago, along with almond milk, frozen banana, frozen blueberries and a handful of spinach.

Meals 003 Meals 005 Meals 028

I threw some wheat berries on top for chew.

Then I went all handymanwoman and put together this new bookshelf for extra storage in our spare bedroom. I sure felt talented.

Meals 043

In the process I snacked on some of these awesome roasted fava beans. Apparently they were new and a huge hit. Ever tried them? DO it.

Meals 030Meals 033 

In the aft I made myself a quick spinach zucchini rice tempeh salad with a salsified pita on the side before running out for some shopping and groceries.

Meals 068

I included some new grocery finds in my dinner that night.

This was not a new find (Yes, I’ve had it since the end of 2006. More like 2007. It doesn’t go bad, I swear) but I always forget about it so when I rediscovered it in the fridge I decided to use it as a marinade.

Meals 075 Meals 076

Marinade for what?

Baked tofu and this new grocery find – fresh okra! A gliding calm inspiration for certain.
I baked the tofu and okra with a horseradish garlic+rice vinegar+garlic powder marinade. I also baked up some presliced sweet potato fries that I had got that day since the bag was on sale.

Meals 080 Meals 089

I was a little afraid of the okra at first because of that whole slime factor but it wasn’t slimy raw or baked so I was spared and it was quite good!

I also had my last bit of remaining tempeh that I PB+Jd as also per Gliding Calm method, as well as Snack Face suggestion. Mmm!

Meals 083 Meals 084

That night I was in baking mood and we had some rhubarb to use up. What better way to do that than by making the Best-ever Rhubarb Crisp?

 Meals 109 Meals 099

Mad good piping hot and doused in almond milk.

Tuesday night was Canada Day celebrating since Wednesday was a holiday (aka no work for anyone) so to the bar it was. I wore red heels. They were pretty pimpin.



The  official Canada Day

I should have made my breakfast red and white. Though it does include some red sauce… and the tortilla is whiteish… No idea why this breakfast came to be but a leftover tofu wrap sounded about right. It included spinach, hummus and pasta sauce. Could have been better but it was still pretty tasty.

Meals 113

But uh… I’m used to breakfast being along the sweet spectrum so I had to crack out the rhubarb crisp, PBU and refrigerated banana to make my breakfast complete.

 Meals 132

I found these Tentation apples at the grocery store. New find? I had never seen them. They are good but very sweet. Almost too sweet? Impossible?

Meals 144

And for coolness’s sake, this sticker I once found on a banana. It now graces the cover of my camera and my camera is now up a notch on the awesome scale.

Meals 155

I ate some more snacks through the day:

Meals 160 Meals 164 Meals 170


Then I went all adventuresome and tried something new for dinner: Polenta!
I was never able to find it before (I know you can just make it out of cornmeal but I haven’t gotten around to trying that out just yet) but when I stumbled upon a log at a gourmet food store I couldn’t pass it up.

Thus dinner was born –> The Polenta & Vegetable Bake

My subs: no eggplant so used red pepper instead. No fresh basil. Less spinach (didn’t have that much). No light mozza so used regular. Added a bit of shredded feta as well.

Meals 171 Meals 177

Meals 188

Perfect polenta! I’m a fan. Great sub in when craving pasta or pizza since it works great with pasta sauce and cheese. It’s even pretty good just heated up and eaten plain. I shall be trying more of this out soon. Polenta fries anyone?


Typical Canada Day celebrations involve going down to the lake to watch the fireworks show. But the weather was crap and I’ve seen the show plenty of times. So instead a few of us went hot tubbing at a friend’s house and listened to the fireworks while gleefully avoiding the Canada Day riot crowd.

We spent way too much time drawing pictures on the deck with water guns (and pretending to be Charlie’s Angels…)


And I got scoffed at for being a wussy and only jumping into the shallow end of the pool. It was COLD! Although insanely refreshing after boiling up in the hot tub.


Who needs fireworks when you’ve got water guns?


On a final note:
Need a smile? If you haven’t already (although I’d be shocked since it’s a HUGE deal now!), check out Operation Beautiful. Visit often. I tear up a bit nearly every time I read the messages. Now that’s powerful.


16 thoughts on “Work and Water Guns

  1. Ha! I haven’t been to Country Bulk since March. I need to get back there pronto.

    That polenta bake looks fabulous. My parents have always grilled it up on the BBQ. YUM!

  2. ahh! you are too sweet for giving me so many shout outs!!! i love the tempeh and tofu action going on!!

    you are adorable in your water gun shots too!!

    and NICE bookshelf! I am impressed!!!

    hope you have a great weekend, girlie!!

  3. I need that rhubarb crisp. Feel free to package some up and send me some. It looks amazing!

    Kaizen is the brand of protein powder I always buy – usually just the vanilla though, because it goes with everything.

    And I can’t believe it’s hard to find polenta out where you are. All the regular grocery stores out here carry it. I haven’t tried it, which is stupid, because it’s sounds awesome. I definitely want to try making polenta fries :D

  4. Happy late Canada day! I love finding other Canadians in the blogosphere. That rhubarb crisp looks amazing and so does the polenta & vegetable bake. I’m giving the bake recipe to my dad cause he loves the polenta! Hopefully the job doesn’t become to monotonous – you can do it just think about the money =)

  5. Great pics!!

    The polenta bake looks and sounds super delicious, as does the rhubarb crisp!! Yum.

    The french fries look like they are from a restaurant! you cut them so perfectly, just like real fries! Love it.
    HAve a good weekend :)

  6. Cottage cheese, apple, and a Clif? I like the sounds of that lunch! I’m 99% sure that I’ve had that same frozen pasta/veggie meal before – our mom’s sound like similar cooks ;)

    It’s been so long since I’ve had the ‘fu in my life, I miss it! Yours sounds great!! Actually I REALLY want that polenta dish!! YUM!

  7. Okay, I need to get on the polenta bus. I’ve been scared of it since I saw an old roommate’s stash in the fridge a few years ago, and it looked so wrong.

    I must get over this! Yours looks awesome!

    … I believe you about that marinade stuff being fine to eat. For me, sometimes I just eat mouldy food. I don’t think that’s considered healthy. Hm.

  8. hope you had a great 4th! dance party at work is a great idea. friday nite, my roommate was closing down the restaurant where she works and everyone left but we were waiting on a delivery…we just turned up the music and had a raging dance party around the empty restaurant. it was amazing :)

    your RHUBARB CRISP looks YUM-O!!!!! i could eat that all day!

  9. Delicious eats as usual!!

    I’m scared to try that PBU.. I’m afraid I’ll become addicted!

    What’s your typical workout like? Your arms and back look amazing girl!

  10. love that veggie bake! and when you do these recaps i get waaay to overloaded with fab food it is overwhelming! haha but i love it. cute watergun shots!

  11. Happy very belated Canada Day! Looks like you had fun! The fireworks were great but the crowds leaving afterward were not… I’ve never been to such a busy Canada Day celebration before! Then again, my hometown is pretty small.

    Yummy looking rhubarb crisp you made… and sweet potato fries. I’ve been mad craving them lately so I might have to roast some up!

    Hope the job is treating you well :)

  12. A salsafied pita is totallyyy my style!! :)

    Yayy for having a new job, and yay for all this good food! Seriously, you’re always throwing together the prettiest, most appetizing stuff! That picture of you with your serious face is adorable, jacuzzi nights are always so fun! But don’t worry, I also always skip out on the freezing pool water, especially at night!

    Have a good Tuesday, eat some of that rhubarb for me!

  13. First and foremost: YOU ARE EXTREMELY NICE TO LOOK AT!
    Are all the homeys a’knockin’ or what?!
    Second: the snacking at home versus being out of the house and actually getting more than just a twinge of hunger = story of my life! I don’t understand ppl who say they forgot to eat all day. What the hell?
    Third: the Special K red berries sounds pretty good in yog, gotta admit! :)
    Fourth: So glad you love polenta! Fries are next, like you said. They’re so good.
    Fifth: MUAHS! Happy belated Canada Day!

  14. The bookshelf looks fab- You are definitely talented! :) I am not handy-man inclined in the least haha

    That polenta & veg bake looks awesome as well as the pool & hottub- looks like you had fun :)

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