PBU and Chocolate too

I finally mixed my own batch of the newly coveted PBU!
I’ve mixed nut butter and almond milk in the past on a small scale just as an oatmeal topping but never would have thought to make it on a larger scale. Pretty genius idea! I made a small container using peanut butter and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It was pretty liquidy at first but a couple hours sitting in the fridge thickened it right up. I can’t wait to experiment more with this! Different nut butters, different add-ins… it’s got quite the versatility. That Emily is wearing one very bright thinking cap.

Meals 085

My lake of peanut buttery bliss.

After some thickening, drizzled over some watermelon, pineapple and banana.

Meals 109

I also had some bliss for breakfast when I made this grand bowl of oatmeal.
Isn’t it inviting?
Rolled oats blended with super ripe banana, flax, agave, water and almond milk, then topped with wheat berries, raspberries and peabutter.
Total perfection.

Meals 064 Meals 071

I got a super sweaty treadmill run in during the late morning. I mean sweaty. Like entire shirt soaked. It was pretty cool.

Then I ate a bowl of tempeh with a sprinkling of vegetables. SO much tempeh. I seriously can’t stop eating the stuff once I start. It’s almost as dangerous as squash. I also added some ricotta to the mix there for giggles.

Meals 099

The day was rainy and gloomy and perfect for chilling in and not doing much. I was pretty down with that. I went out for some retro night dancing Sunday night, danced up a storm to the Michael Jackson tribute that played nonstop MJ for the last portion of the night, didn’t get to bed until 4:30am and yet still managed to wake up at 8:30 this morning? Someone explain to me how that works? The relaxed rainy day matched well with my energy levels.

I eventually felt like venturing out though just to break up the monotony so my friend and I went out for some thai food.
I ordered this freaking huge plate of tofu and broccoli and ate the entire thing. I was HUNGRY. A few minutes after finishing this I was quite FULL.

Meals 005


That didn’t stop me from going back to my friend’s place after and helping her make homemade chocolates. Oh yes. Melt it down, set it in pretty molds, harden it up and savour the flavour.

I took a few special pieces home. I ate several bites of said pieces. I may have a smidgen of a stomach ache now. Totally worth it though… as I sit here in slight agony… ugh.

Meals 006 Meals 013

Meals 017


And a quick fly by of yesterday’s eats:

Swamp sludge aka savoury oats blended with spinach, oregano, garlic powder and chili powder, then put back into the pot with salsa and feta cheese stirred in and melted up. I never really do savoury oats as a breakfast meal but I woke up wanting it for some strange reason. And it was delicious.

Meals 009

Salad salad salad with my love tempeh tempeh temeh.

Meals 013

And some yogurt soup – plain yogurt, agave, flax, pecan pieces, dried cranberries.

Meals 022


The highlight of the day was definitely the dinner meal just because it was eaten on my super spiffy new leaf plate. It makes me happy, don’t you agree?

This was chicken cacciatore. I had a bit of pasta, a few small pieces of chicken and a whole lotta saucey goodness loaded up on wilted spinach leaves. I also had several small slices of bread for dunkering but they’re hidden.

Meals 036 Meals 044

We got new placemats too! I’m super excited because I hate the green plastic ones we use all the time. They’re hideous.
I also bought many new clothing items at the same time. Mainly shirts. Sunday was a shopping day. I haven’t done much shopping at all since summer started and I was suddenly craving. I love a good little shopping spree every once in a while. New clothing choices are such a treat!

And what is this scary-looking thing that I ate after my dinner?

Meals 050

A peabutter-topped dried apricot! Mmmm.


Now I’m thinking it’s about time for some sleep catch up. And stomach settling… ugh. Nighty night!


28 thoughts on “PBU and Chocolate too

  1. i love that bowl of tempeh photo with the super sweet shadow it casts. artsy :)

    the pasta looks good, and such a cute plate!

    have a good night girl

  2. Lets see where to start..

    First off I love the PBU covered fruits.. second that oatmeal looks heavenly, and 3rd that chocolate looks sooo worth it!

  3. I’m seeing PBU and tempeh combo in your near future. It could me a killer sauce for that! I am the same way with tempeh. Have you tried it with PB&J? It sounds odd, but it’s so good. My fellow dancing queen, we’d have the best weekends. I know it. Enjoy the week!

  4. HAHAH! I danced my ass off to MJ Friday night – it was like an hour of just MJ songs!

    Those chocolates look so cute! I hate when food is ALMOST too cute to eat – notice I said almost ;) I really need to get on the PBU train because a lake of PB sounds awesome.

  5. Hey Kristie,

    Your food photos always look so great! Love the lighting and love seeing such healthy appetizing choices. It always looks like the perfect portion size.

    You have inspired me to try tempeh and wheat berries.

    Really enjoying your blog!


  6. Your savoury oats look really good…well, as good as swamp water can anyways. But seriously, the combo of flavours sounds like it would be very tasty. I haven’t really tried savoury oats myself, as I’m sort of partial to the sweet variety, but I could see that working.

  7. That pasta meal on the leaf plate is sooooo pretty!:-D

    Tempeh has become a new obsession of mine! I’ve always loved it, but only had it when eating out at fun, vegetarian restaurants. But now that I’ve cooked some up for a particular dish….I’m craving more and more and moree!! I sware it’s better than tofu, right?

    But that broc/tofu plate looks DELISH!! You were just full from all that fiber! It’s good for you, no worries! :)

    And ummm, I’m gonna head up north and go out dancing with you, just to let you know!

  8. I just made my first bath of ABU this morning…delicious and creamy and wonderful and I can eat 5 times the amount for the same price. Holla!!!

    I still haven’t tried tempeh….who am I??

  9. omg i totally have to try that pbu by miss emily! sounds amazing! and i have like, a dozen half eaten jars of pb! i love the way you topped the watermelon w/ it!

  10. How pretty is that leaf plate! Love.

    Do you make your tempeh or buy the packaged stuff. I like the smoked BBQ kind in faux BLT sams.

  11. I really need to make some pbu. everyone keeps blogging about how great it is and yours looks so delicious :)
    oh man, give me tofu and broccoli and I would eat the whole plate too – scrumptious!!
    ps – congrats on the job!

  12. Hi Kristie!!

    I know I never commented back when you made it, but I’m thrilled that you liked the Humbecue recipe :) It reminds me that is has been a while since I made it myself. I need to get on that!

    I have been so out of it that I have no idea what PBU is, and your post was the first time I really understood it – wow, it sounds AMAZING! I love all of your combinations and can’t wait to try it out myself!

    And tofu/broc + chocolate DELIGHTFULNESS? You have been eating right, my friend! Everything looks so delicious!

    Hope you got caught up on some sleep, lady!

  13. Hey! Those savoury oats look so good.
    Could you do a breakdown of exactly how you cook them and ingredients etc, would love to see :)

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