The Unstructured Life

Whoa whoa whoa, where’d I go? Where did this week go? I’m pretty sure I just completely forgot about updating.
My mind goes to mush in the summer. As does any kind of structure to my life.

I don’t think I’ve eaten a normal meal-like…well… meal all week either though. Hardly anyway. My eating has been straight up WEIRD. I embrace it but I also want to bring some structure back to my eating. I miss actually making up a dish rather than snacking on this and that and calling it a meal!

On another note: After wasting half my summer away being a bum, I finally got a job! So now I’m going to go from working one day a week to working six. Oh here we go… It’s weekdays though and only goes for one month which is pretty okay with me. It’s an inventory position for a literacy program through the school board and they straight up told me it’s going to be boring and repetitive but I think I can handle one month of that, and make a nice chunk of money in the process. Plus I have been doing nearly NOTHING during my daytime hours anyway so this will keep me occupied during those times when so far I have been sitting at home stewing over my utter boredom.
I start Thursday.


Now, yet another recap is about to occur. Think you can handle it? Do I think I can handle it? Plenty of food coming at ya riiiiiight…


So this is where I left off eh?
I’ll spare too much blabber and show off some of the eating madness.

One big mess of a yogurt bowl: Plain yogurt, Vector cereal, banana chunks, homemade rhubarb jam and a peabutter blob.

Meals 001

Fresh fruit cut up in the fridge? I will eat it. ALL of it. This particular mango was lame though. Thumbs down.

Meals 011

Chock FULL of greens.

Meals 017

The back blob there? Canned chicken. I was a little scared but it had been in the cupboard for a while and I wanted a protein source with my salad. I was a little freaked out when the tin lid came off to reveal a wiggly chunk of this so-called “chicken” but I mashed it up with some light sour cream, dijon mustard and pepper and went to town. It wasn’t that bad but MAD salty. Won’t go out of my way for this bad boy again.

Meals 018

Dates are always better when stuffed with nut butter.

Meals 052



Breakfast time called for something outside my norm– a defrosted Baked Banana Doughnut, toasted; half topped with PB2 and rhubarb jam, the other half with homemade cashew butter. You better believe this was amazing.

Meals 060

SNACKS snacks snacks

Meals 070

COLD banana – aka from the fridge. My favourite way to eat em! Other than mostly frozen but slightly mushy… mmmmm.

Meals 074

Meals 115 Meals 095



Bring on the GREEN.

Meals 121

You can never have enough spinach. Or at least I can’t apparently.

Meals 135

And with a fresh batch of wheat berries thrown on as an afterthought. I hadn’t made these in ages!

Meals 140

Spinach leads to… chocolate cravings? Mad bad. I tried to satisfy it with other less chocolatey things but then my mom saved the day when she brought home some Turtles from work. Sometimes nothing but chocolate will do.

Meals 143

I steamed some kabocha at dinner, ate it atop more spinach dressed with Newman’s Own Honey Mustard dressing and snacked on quite a few (mostly unpictured) potato wedges.

Meals 147

Geez, Thursday was quite the spinach-loaded day.



Friday was when my interview for the new job took place.
I wasn’t super hungry in the morning (but very parched!) so I drank lots of water and then ate this plate. Well, not the actual plate but the food on it… you know what I mean.

Meals 155

I wish I could always have squash for breakfast.

After the interview my mom and I stopped in at a little bakery and picked up some goods:

Rhubarb Tarts – These were sadly pretty mediocre. Definitely too much crust and not enough sweet. I only had a couple bites. And mainly ate some rhubarb chunks off the top.

Meals 011

Goat cheese, onion, eggplant , mushroom pizza – Also pretty mediocre! And I thought this was supposed to be a good bakery… guess we should have stuck with their breads instead. This was okay but the crust was too hard, there wasn’t enough goat cheese and it really just lacked a whole lotta flavour. Oh well!

Meals 016

We also stopped in at a health and gourmet food place and I found Almond Breeze at the cheapest price I’ve seen it anywhere lately! It seems to be climbing in price at the grocery stores but it was quite a bit cheaper at this place so I stocked up. They even had the unsweetened chocolate which I had never seen in stores in Canada before this so that was an exciting moment.

Meals 166

The also had kabocha for… $1 each! Regardless of weight. The last kabocha I bought of similar size at the grocery store cost me over $4… I’m going to this place for my squash from now on!

Meals 178

Funny story too, when I was walking away from the produce section with my squash in hand, one of the guys who worked there started harping on me about eating winter squash during the summer months when there was so much fresh produce all over the place right now. Then he started serenading me with his suave singing and dancing skills as he belted out the Ontario produce jingle. I still held on to my squash though!



Later on I ate a bunch of these things dipped in baba ganoush.

Meals 160

Snacked on frozen aisle thin crust pizza slices.

Meals 180

And ate bowls of ridiculous mushy goodness that include plain yogurt, banana chunks, chocolate Instant Breakfast powder and chocolate PB2.

Meals 184



Which brings me to today.

I wasn’t that hungry in the morning but somehow managed to eat some cold banana with peanut butter…

Meals 191

And some cereal… and some pineapple… and probably some other stuff too. I told you snacks, not meals are my life right now.

At work (the job I’ve always had, not the new one I just got) I finally got actually hungry so I dug into my Eat Natural bar. I was going to have half. That didn’t happen but this did taste great and did tide me over until lunch. 

 Meals 011

For lunch I brought a big container of raw veggies and leftover steamed kabocha, plus an apple. I also had some steamed rice from chinese takeout that we had at work. Oh my gosh that stuff is good.

Meals 020

For dinner I had some leftover frozen pizza (x2 – I wasn’t going to take a picture so I started eating it but then I actually thought to take a picture after half was already gone haha)

Meals 027 

And a big salad mixed with tempeh and feta chunks. Nums.

Meals 039

And then I made this nice little seemingly innocent but overly complicated bowl of plain yogurt mixed with vanilla protein powder, rhubarb jam and peanut butter chunks. Which I then loaded up with cereal dust and banana chunks. This bowl was much too small to have so many ingredients. I need to learn to appreciate food simplicity!

Meals 042


Now we’re into Saturday night and I’m chilling at home for once. Everyone’s either busy or out of town and frankly I just want to do nothing tonight. Perfect time to blog! And sleep. I’ll save my energy up for retro dancing tomorrow night instead… hehe.

Have a great Sunday All!


19 thoughts on “The Unstructured Life

  1. Congrats on landing the job. I’ve been trying to get a job as well, but no such luck just yet.

    ooooh Almond Breeze….how much does a container cost for you? Here the cheapest is $1.99.

  2. shit.. i am on fanfreakingtastic food overload! highlights for me?

    1. goat cheese fungus pizza
    2. pb2 yogurty banana mess
    3. turtle. oh i miss those.. i gave up candy but i LOVE turtles. both the candy and the animal actually.

    good job on the job! ha.. best of luck at that gig.

    glad you got caught up :)

  3. Congrats on the job :)

    My dad totally buys those canned meats – chicken, ham. Vomit. They are just weird. I’ll eat tuna or salmon from a can, but that’s it in the meat department.

    Too bad that mushroom pizza wasn’t good – it looks tasty, and I’ve been thinking a lovely mushroom pizza is something I should make in the near future.

  4. Congrats on the job!! Hey – whatever makes the moolah, ya know?!

    Sorry the bakery foods weren’t that great! Especially the shroomie pizza, that’s sad! I need to track down a kobucha! I love UVAM – I just tried it the other day and it was a match made in heaven :)


  5. Holy food!! Where do I start? Well first, congrats on the new job! Even if it’s not your “dream job” I know it’s alwasy nice to finally fill up your days with something that will make you some money, and keep you busy, right??

    Your salads are always gorgeous. I love tuna and avocado together, yum. Regarding the Almond Breeze, I’ve never seen the unsweetened chocolate flavor, I should keep my eyes peeled because that would be a nice change from the vanilla. I bet it would be awesome in smoothies :)

  6. Congrats on the job!

    I commend you for eating meat that came in a can… I won’t go near it at all. The boy loves some of it (Spam in particular) but there is just something so wrong about it. :)

  7. that is a lot of food recap, but i am the same way a lot i just snack./munch of yummy little foods through out the day and then other days i just eat meals. its odd but whatever the body craves is what it gets. all your food looks amaing! i love pizza fruit and sald

    i made the baked doughnuts as well two days ago they are amazing!

  8. Love the food recap! I love seeing all your yogurt messes and peanut butter combos!

    I feel bad about eating winter veggies in the summer but I can’t help it! it’s so darn good!

  9. Ew, you like mushy bananas…..weirdo!!!! ;) Hahaha, just kidding darlinggg, but for some reason ( i may be the only one in the blog world……) I just can’t stand the texture of super ripe bananas!!

    And that “mediocre” pizza, at least LOOKS amazing (all about presentation right?!)…..

    PS after being too sarcastic and unintentionally bratty in this comment, i’m going to say you must have the most gorgeousss skin from all the greennnn you’ve been eating! :)

  10. Too bad the bakery was a bust! Their food did LOOK amazing. I suppose looks can be decieving with food as well!

  11. Congrats on the job! Enjoy having some money :)

    Those rhubarb tarts look so yummy, too bad they were kind of a let down! Same with the pizza.

    Haha sounds like an interesting trip to the grocery store! I’m assuming he was singing that “good things grow in Ontario” song? That would be hilarious!

  12. What a glorious recap!! I’m especially diggin’ the baked banana donut and stuffed nut butter.

    And of course the tarts look drool-worthy.

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