Cookies and Hot Days

First rule of order: COOKIES!

I love baking (who doesn’t) and my dad loves cookies (who doesn’t). So when he requested some homemade cookies for Father’s Day, I was immediately on the job.
I did some digging and came up with two recipes I had bookmarked ages ago that sounded just dandy.

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies from Have Cake Will Travel


Magic in the Middles from Melissa!

Meals 103Meals 112 

Both were pretty incredible. And I have to say, the Magic in the Middle dough is some of the best I’ve ever tried. Super dangerous for a dough freak over here. I also had a good-sized ball of the peanut butter/icing sugar filler left over that I’ve been snacking on for several days now… oh my gosh, SO good.




I had an egg craving so I made a gigantic egg white omelet (had to finish off the rest of the egg whites container) stuffed with spinach, tomatoes, salsa and Laughing Cow.

Meals 011

It was pretty early morning though I just couldn’t finish this sucker so I packed the other half into my work lunch, along with a misc veggie salad topped with a blob of hummus, an apple and…

Meals 002

… one of my new favourite Larabar varieties!
The Cocoa Coffee Jocalat Larabar doesn’t have a whole lot going on in terms of coffee flavour but this was rich and chocolate-y and I’m a chocolate fan so this was right up my alley. Winner!

Meals 013 Meals 030

Dinner was random because I was rushing to go out the door. I meant to make myself a veggie burger but there was fresh sourdough rye sitting on the counter so I ended up cutting myself the biggest slice of life (we’re talking forearm length here), dousing it in hummus and having a field day.

I also munched on some hairy edamame pods

Meals 021

And a bowl of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest with pumpkin, banana chunks and rhubarb jam. Rhubarb is finally back into my life for the first time this year! Oh how I adore it.

0012 (5)

After my random “dinner” I went out to meet a friend for coffee. We chatted about this and that, and then I ran off to meet another friend for dancing. We went out to the same club we’ve been going to for several weeks in a row now and I’m trying to be a supportive friend since she has particular reasons for wanting to go to this particular club but seriously, I’m so sick of it now and Saturday night just was not a whole lot of fun. Ha oh well I guess!



For Daddy Day my brother and I drove out of town to visit my dad and go out for breakfast.

I knew breakfast would be a little on the later side so I had some pumpkin with vanilla protein powder as a quick tide-me-over.

Meals 028

We went to a breakfast place called Cora, which has a menu chalk full of amazing breakfast choices, most of them filled with fresh fruit.

I went all out and ordered the April 89, which is a crepe filled with fresh fruit and custard, topped with whipped cream. 2-1-4-crepes-main

Umm… crepe fit for a giant? I literally went bulgy eyed when this platter came out. This thing was actually forearm length, including outstretched hand. It took over the entire length of the huge-sized plate and was packed full of freshly sliced cantaloupe, honeydew melon, pineapple, strawberries, grapes and orange slices.

I removed the whipped cream and couldn’t make it through the entire thing but I probably ate about 2/3 of it and enjoyed every bite. I took the rest home though and ate it as a predinner snack.

That thing made up my breakfast and lunch.


I balanced out my fruit (and custard…) filled breakfast with a veggie filled dinner. Roasted vegetables all the way – red peppers, green and yellow zucchini, mushrooms, sweet and white potato and cloves of garlic with a glisten of olive oil.
Meals 038 

And an iced coffee to fuel a quick sprint run when I was feeling a little bit ready to nap instead of run.

Meals 042

Sunday night was another night out dancing to some retro tunes. Prior to it we were super cool and took night pictures in the park. Nothing wrong with a good throwback to childhood every now and again.


I dug into the cereal box AM first thing because that seems to be my daily morning bad habit of choice but I decided to make myself up a pretty plate to follow the antics. So that’s what I did, then I shoved it into the sunlight and snapped away at the part of my breakfast that wasn’t inhaled while standing at the cupboard.

I chopped up a big juicy mango and ate the mangled pit, along with some orange slices and a small bowl of plain yogurt with banana chunks, rhubarb jam and peabutter.

Meals 053 Meals 063

I did some running and non-appealing chores and tasks throughout the morning, then had a salad of sorts for lunch, which included spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, leftover roasted veggies, sundried tomato pasta sauce, baba ganoush and a slice of sourdough rye with more of the baba. Meals 070

Come evening was sushi time! Best part of the day of course.

My friend and I both started off with the seaweed salad which I completely love and can never pass up. It almost beats out the rolls. Almost.

Meals 008

My friend ordered a Redbull Roll which was some kind of spicy beef roll. I’m not a beef person but I did try one piece. It was decently tasty and mucho spicy. Meals 014

I ordered a Spicy Salmon Roll which I was completely happy with. I love spicy stuff and can usually tolerate it pretty while but this thing left my mouth kind of on fire. I had no problem with this though as every bite was a spicy delight. Could have probably used a bigger glass of water though.

Meals 022

The day was boiling outside so I was definitely feeling for something cold after this meal. The solution to this?

I ordered some kind of caramel nut flavour or something like that. I can’t remember what it was called. My friend ordered one that tasted like a Ferrero Rocher. I liked hers better and she liked mine better but we didn’t do a switch. They were both still delicious but I think I’ve always sided more with chocolate flavoured cold treats.

Meals 025 Meals 026

Then later in the evening I met up with another friend for some cold drinks on a restaurant patio. I munched on a couple of her pita chips with hot spinach dip and ordered a Strawberry Pineapple Fruit Freezie which is fresh fruit blended with ice. Holy delicious.

I was wiped by the end of the day it was a nice early night to bed.


Now today is another scorcher so I’m hiding inside for a bit after sweating buckets reading in the backyard. I wish I lived on a BEACH. 
Hope you’re all enjoying some lovely sunny weather!


23 thoughts on “Cookies and Hot Days

  1. woah that egg white omelet is sooo gourmet! glad you were a kid again with the park photos, you shoulda posted some! oh and DANG.. 2 ways to get me to drool: sushi & gelato. this post has it all, including cookie recipes and if you know me you know i am a sucker for recipes! i am going to check out those magic in the middle thaaangs!

  2. Nice job with the cookies!! They look delicious :)

    Ugh I feel ya on going to the same bar over and over. We go to this one that skeeves me out but it’s my friends favorite so whatevs.

    Crepes! Gelato! You’re making me want to go on a European excursion!

  3. could you just give me all that food?? Lol. Seriously those salads look amazing as well as all of that pumpkin, protein powder, yogurt, and fruit.. mmm!

  4. Wow, so many good eats, where do I start??? First, I LOVE Larabars. I’ve never tried that flavor but I love coffee so I bet it’s great.

    The Cora menu looks so unique and the food looks/sounds great! I love fun restaurants that aren’t the same old boring foods.

    Last, the sushi looks awesome. I’ve noticed more people blogging about sushi, I’m assuming because it’s summer. I need to get some good sushi soon, everyone’s posts are making me crave it more and more!

    Have a great evening :)

  5. Wow, this post is packed with some serious delicious eating. Rhubarb jam. Sushi (now wanting it badly). Coras! I’m in love with that place – I was there this weekend and I could just sit and drool over the menu.
    A friend ordered the crepe and you’re right, it actually is that gigantic.

  6. Excellent looking cookies. I’m sure your dad was happy with both of your cookie options :) I know I would be.

    Is your rhubarb jam homemade? I can’t say I’ve ever seen any in stores, and I know I would love it – rhubarb is awesome!

  7. Wow girl, stupendous looking cookies! I’m gonna give them a try this weekend. I too am a dough freak, so I’ll have to watch myself around them!!

    And that ice cream = mmmm!! Yumm-o!

  8. Where to start, where to start?! Sooo your cookies, the omelet cereal/pumpkin/jam bowls, salad bowl, ROASTED VEGGIES, and gelato all sound and look so amazing right now!!

    That father’s day brunch sounds fun, who doesn’t want a crepe the length of your fore-arm every now and then?? ;) It worked out well though if it filled ya up for two whole meals!

    And ugh, i’m sorry you’ve had to tag along with your friend to the same club. I’d be so over that!! I need change, I get bored easily?? Soooo, tell her a compromise needs to be made! :)

    Have a good Wednesday girl!

  9. Oh ma gah! I’ve been to that breakfast place! At least that menu looks really familiar. I went last summer in Toronto and loved it. I think I got the same thing as you, no whip, and ate the whole thing :)

    I adore the cookiefest up top, too. AAANND I always love your recaps :)

  10. Oh goodness. This post is too much. You always have my favorite foods.
    1) COOKIES. Enough said.
    2) SEAWEED SALAD! I always say how I should really order like 2 or 3 of them because I can eat it all up in 10 seconds flat! Yee buddy!
    3) SUSSSHIIII in general. I am so gonna get mo’ tomorrow! Woooooppp!!!!!

  11. as always i love your food! those cookies look amazing! the crepe sounds really good too. of course, i go right for the sweet stuff :)

    hope you are having a good weekend and hitting up some new dance places for a change! sometimes its good to get a new scene!

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