Midnight Mayhem

I wrote this entry last night right before I had to enter the midnight mayhem that is course selections, which opened up right at midnight (couldn’t post it because I ran out of time). I was feeling pretty good going into it, with all of my courses picked and a timetable all planned out. I figured I might run into a time problem or two but otherwise I thought I was in for a smooth ride.
Not so much.
It took me nearly an hour just to access the system since it was so backloaded with people and by the time I got on half of the courses I needed were already FULL. On top of that I kept running into Major Restrictions for some of the electives I need for one of my programs. Seriously? It took me another two hours just to try to figure out what other courses I could take that would fit into my schedule and work with my requirements without completely screwing me over. I think I cried for the last hour of it. And now my new schedule is terrible and I’m afraid I’m missing some of the important credits I need.
So much for getting that stress off my back. Now I’m more worried about it than ever.


But anyway, here’s that food stuff.


I woke up feeling for an unconventional breakfast so I knew I had to go with the flow and make myself up and nice big tuna wrap!
Meals 006 Meals 016

Tuna has just been calling to me quite often lately. I embrace it. I mixed this can with light sour cream, dijon mustard, avocado, black pepper and green onions and loaded about 2/3 of the mix into a whole wheat wrap.


Then, because the Tuesday weather was stunningly gorgeous, I just had to go on my second bike ride of the year. I went down to a trail along the river and biked all along it. It only took about 20 minutes on the trail but my entire bike ride was around 50 minutes and I got a nice subtle tan out of it too. I think I should really do this biking thing more often!

By the time I got home and showered I was ready for some lunch so I first ate up the last of my tuna with some Nut Thins and spinach leaves.

Meals 026

This was clearly not enough so I also had a small bowl of cabbage slaw with roasted red pepper hummus and leftover shredded chicken breast.

Meals 039 

I tried to be more conscious of photographing some of the little snacklets in my day so some of the post lunchers included:

Frozen banana slices with PB2

Meals 043

Picking at a banana muffin
Meals 054

A pair of dates

Meals 066

There were others that I didn’t get in between lunch and dinner. I honestly don’t remember what. But you get to see some of them at least!


In the afternoon I picked up my repaired car. The damage was minimal, thank goodness! Although the car sounded awful, I guess there was just some little rubber thingamajig or other (I’m no car mechanic ehe) that wore out and was easy to replace. Phew.

After that my late afternoon was honestly kind of a bummer and my appetite was kind of a bummer and I was kind of a downer. I didn’t really want dinner but there was food sitting on the stove so I just had to partake a bit.

A bowl full of fries and steamed broccoli topped with chopped onions, banana peppers and sundried tomato pasta sauce. Yeah weird, but yeah also pretty darn good.

Meals 071

Then this random desserty concoction was found in my freezer. I made it up a little while ago but wasn’t feeling it at that point so I threw it in there. Rediscovered, defrosted and consumed with delight. I don’t remember quite what was in it but there was definitely some vanilla fro yo + PB2 in the mix.

Meals 077

Throughout the course of the day I managed to go on three walks on top of my bike ride. They were short but still. It kind of renewed the love for walking that I seem to have forgotten about lately. I definitely need to start fitting in many more mini walks much more often. Walking it pretty therapeutic.


My lack of dinner served as bad news for my night of sleep though. My sleeping was awful to begin with, as it took me ages to actually fall asleep. Then I woke up at 3AM with a very angry tummy which dragged my sorry self to the kitchen to finish off a bag of Corn Bran with banana chunks and some skim. Too bad this didn’t do much to help me back to sleep though, as I once again lay there for ages after that trying to go back to the land of dreams. My mind is not good at shutting off.



My main order of the day was getting down to business on my course selections and schedule for next year.

But first I had to make a Green Monster.
(almond milk, flax, vanilla soy protein powder, frozen banana, mucho spinach and ice)

Meals 098

I made it then decided I wasn’t ready for it so I shoved it in the freezer and it was nice and extra thick when I pulled it out an hour later after some sessions with the Arrested Development crew and a trip to Blockbuster to return Hamlet 2.

It may also have been paired with some much Peabutter finger licking.

I had an extra sweaty treadmill running session which seemed to drag on extra long today (probably somewhat due to my lame sleep). It was kind of enjoyable though. I always feel more accomplished when the sweat is just pouring.

Then I eventually ate lunch. Still putting off courses at this point. Sigh sigh.
Cabbage slaw, tomatoes, carrots, feta, honey mustard dressing

Meals 105 

Plus some healthified pumpkin pie topped with vanilla fro yo.

Meals 112

And insanely sweet dried cantaloupe chunks.

Meals 127

Before dinner I was feeling kind of ick so I had some cottage cheese. Don’t ask me how that was supposed to make me feel better. I guess I just love cottage cheese. And Nut Thins and pretzel sticks too, but my camera doesn’t like them.

Meals 135 

Dinner was a stir fry of sorts – brown rice, tomato, mushrooms, spinach and some Caribbean stir fry sauce found hidden in the depths of the fridge, plus buffalo sauce as the kicker.

Meals 142

Then I made some boxed brownies out of sheer boredom. I ate more than I had intended to. No, I didn’t eat that whole missing portion there myself though. Phew?

Meals 145  

But I did go back to the pan in the middle of my course selection disaster. This did not make me feel any better.


Today I’m going to just try to relax and not think about it. I tend to ruminate which just doesn’t do anyone any good at all. So I’m thinking some calm and relaxation would really be helpful. Now if I could only figure out how to do that…


On a final note:
Nicole from MyRecipes.com sent me some great links on healthy eating and exercise that you may be interested in. Enjoy!

Healthy Recipes and Articles
16 Ways to Stay in Shape on Vacation
Easy Dinner Salads
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18 thoughts on “Midnight Mayhem

  1. Yikes! Maybe you can talk with your advisor? I hate class registration but thankfully my school staggers it so seniors go 1st, then juniors, etc. It’s still the most stressful time ever!

    Yummy brownies- my boy puts PB chips in his boxed brownie mix and then they become impossible to resist… but sooooo delicious!

    I think strange combos are often the best combos! Yay for fries+banana peppers+etc. some of my fave flavors all together!

  2. Ahhh!!! I hate registering for classes – I feel like I’m in a mad dash with the rest of my class to get into all of them! I hope your classes all come together :)

    Glad the car is alright! Those rubber thingamajigs will get you every time! I love all of your eats – they’re never weird to me!

  3. I’m so sorry about the registration process!! I was in your exact same shoes a few months ago, when I had to go through it! Can you keep working with the schedule online? That’s what i’ve been able to do and my courses have improved a little! Try not to stress too much though, it’s summer…just relax! :)

    Hmmm, let’s list all of the drool-worthy food in this post: banana muffin, fro yo/pb2 combo, frozen green monster, stir fry, brownies, healthified pumpkin pie!!! Ahhhh, why don’t you cook for ME?!

  4. ohhh darling i am sorry about your registration debacle! that blows. i hate it when everyone is trying to register at the same time. it is impossible. i am sure what you ended up with will work out :)

    relief that it was nothing too serious with your car. it is always that freaking thingamajig, i swear!

    love that you went with tuna for bfast just because you were feeling it. the randomness intrigues me.

    and the brownies make me drool.

  5. Dried cantelope chunks? That’s awesome! I love cantelope, but I hate cutting it with a passion. Dried cantelope is a perfect fix!

    I love the tuna wrap in the morning. I do cold pizza sometimes, it’s fun!

  6. You start registering at midnight? That’s nuts. We always had registration open at 7 am. Of course, back in the day when I first went to uni, it was on the phone, so I would lie in bed, hitting redial all morning until I finally got through!

    Damn…now you are making me nervous for my reg date, which isn’t until July!

  7. Sorry about the classes fiasco! Our school assigns different time slots so that the system doesn’t overload. You can probably still get in to the classes you want, though: either try to register again in the fall, talk to your advisor and explain that you NEED those classes, or just show up on the first day, and sometimes the professor lets you sign up.

  8. Oh man, I TOTALLY remember those frantic feelings when registering for classes. When does my window open? Is there a discussion section to go wtih that? Total nightmare. I hope you figure it out :)
    I just got a tuna craving after reading this post…

  9. oy! class registration was always the worst. i hated having to make out like 5 different “possible” schedules. i hope you have it all worked out now and arent too stressed!!!!

    brownies look so good btw. i am having a may-jah sweets craving and am preparing to eat a gallon of ice cream tonite. i think it would go well with the rest of that pan of brownies, wouldnt you agree??


    Brownies look insane. I would have eaten half. That’s why I don’t make brownies often.

  11. just an fyi… the major restriction is removed on June 26. I always hate those.. thankfully didn’t have any this year! registering always sucks though and I totally understand the frantic last minute changes because a course is full and having to re-do your entire schedule.

    mm those brownies look tasty. I’ve been having some major chocolate cravings lately… maybe I should give into them :)

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