Car Clunks

I was dropping my friend off at her house yesterday. I drove up her steep little driveway. There was a giant clunk. This clunk did not sound good. I drove off, hoping it was just some freaky random noise that sometimes happens when your car is over 15 years old. No such luck. This thing was clunking and bumping all the way up the road. I pulled over and checked all the tires – no flats. I checked underneath – nothing giant and visible hanging down. Wha? It was not driveable though, it sounded and felt horrifying. So I had to get it towed (CAA has saved my bum many a time before) and now my poor little bugger is in the shop with who knows what problem. Sigh. I’m crossing my fingers for an easy fix…


Umm… where are my meals from yesterday?!  Well my breakfast is MIA. Probably because I didn’t get the chance to eat much of one since my car troubles threw me off a bit…

Lunch was much needed once I got home though. A giant salad never fails. I added a handful of Lupini beans from a can I found in the cupboard. Anyone ever tried these? I don’t know what their deal is but I think I should have read up on them a bit before just eating them straight from the can. Maybe they need to be cooked. Or apparently popped out of their skin? I don’t know but I didn’t enjoy these all that much.

Meals 024 

I actually went on my first bike ride of the year yesterday afternoon! The day was completely gorgeous and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I know it seems ridiculously behind the times that I haven’t biked once yet this year but I always put it off because I just find there doesn’t seem to be anywhere nice to bike around here and I have to go onto a lot of busy roads to get outside of my area. Stupid burbs. The main roads (and crazy drivers) intimidate me just a tad and kind of scare me away from biking. I sucked it up yesterday though and it was lovely. I stuck mainly to riding in residential areas but I tackled a few busy roads with minimal spazzing.
Biking sure is great to clear your head and briefly forget about those gall darn stressors in your life – like breaking your car and stuff.

Dinner was pretty much out of the freezer, as we used up some premarinated chicken breasts and half a bag of shrimp and vegetable penne. Balanced out with a nice big pile of greenery dressed up in honey mustard dressing.

Meals 025

Followed by a bowl of mango yogurt and fresh berries with flax and Kashi Cinnamon Harvest cereal dust.

Meals 051

All mixed together.

Meals 053

Then yesterday night my friend and I rented Hamlet 2. 
Seen it? Maybe my sense of humour just doesn’t jive with this film but my suggestion – don’t. 


Backtracking a bit to


I put off making some breakfast for a while since I was engrossed in semi-watching Ritchie Rich with my brother and his gf in the am. Greatest movie ever, am I right? Kidapult anyone? I need that in my backyard.


I snacked on a crepe my mom was making while the movie watching was going down. I ate it wrapped in red pepper jelly. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. Amazing.

Then my stomach was whining for some actual food so I gave it a gigantic pile of pumpkin mixed with I can’t even remember what but I know there was some maple syrup and probably some protein powder involved.

Meals 002

Later on I finally got around to trying the coveted Humbecue Salmon Salad, except mine was humbecued tuna. I thought I was only going to eat half of this mix but yeah, that didn’t happen. I definitely ended up eating the whole thing and I definitely enjoyed every bite. Thanks for coming up with the super combo Jenn!

Meals 003

Dinner Sunday night was a giant salad. The special guests of the night included cottage cheese and cooked asparagus.

Meals 018

Yeah I know, I eat a lot of giant salads. Getting in all of these veggies though is making me feel a little better about my eating. Especially since I’m still in the midst of trying to kick the habit of eating way too much cereal straight from the box or chowing down on dates and chocolate chips while standing at the counter. (And there’s that partying/drinking thing that’s been happening semi often lately…)Yes, these “snacks” are happening on a daily basis. My eating is far from perfect people! I’m not trying to hide it, but these food bouts are just too instantaneous and on the fly to be able to capture on camera. Maybe I just need to force myself to take pictures of it all. Perhaps that would make me actually plate some of these foods for once? Haha. We’ll see.


I’m off for some treadmill time. And then I have to figure out some course selection stuff for next year. That’s always fun…Bah humbug.
However, the sun is superb today so it wins out over course crap in keeping my mood elevated. Hooray.
Have a Terrific Tuesday!


18 thoughts on “Car Clunks

  1. My car is sending get well wishes to your car!

    Kashi cereal dust!! Best part! No joke, my cousin looked just like Macaulay Culkin for a good part of his youth. Ewww to classes, I need to start looking at mine too :(

  2. Yay for bike riding! I’ve really been enjoying mine this spring, and soon to be summer. I wish I had the motivation to do it more though – saves on gas.

    Hope your car doesn’t cost an arm & leg to get fixed.

  3. I hope your car is okay!

    I love giant salads! I have them all the time. I also love your pumpkin mix, yum. Pumpkin is so good–I’m guilty of eating it straight from the can. I’m a pumpkin addict, what can I say? ;)

    Good luck on the course selection stuff!

  4. i am guilty of the straight from the box method. last night the frosted mini wheats got the best of me. i think when i get too out of control with it i sould probably document ERRRYthing that enters these lips.

    bah, sorry about the auto. i wonder what it is? i will keep my fingers crossed for you. ick, car troubles are such a pain.

    ive been wanting to try jenn’s humbecue goodness. why haven’t i yet? thanks for reminding me.

    oh and no worries, i havent broken out my bike this season yet. i think it is due to all the rain we have been having, i feel like i live in seattle..but no, i live in the desert, yet i am thinking i should probably start building my arc so me and the pooches don’t float away.

    have a great night kristie!

  5. Ugh I hope your car works out for ya! Sometimes it’s just money down the drain…

    and YES YES YES to Richie Rich!! One of the best movies of all time!

  6. I love giant salads, I say there is nothing wrong with eating them everyday! Richie Rich? Wow, flashbacks of my childhood. Whatever happened to McCalley Culkin (umm, can I spell??) anyway?

    Sorry to hear about your car, what a huge bummer. Good excuse to ride the bike though, right??

  7. I know what you mean! I don’t post everything I eat in a day because I’m constantly eating, grazing as soon as I get in the door… baaah, to blog it or not to blog it… the camera always seems so far away and I figure no one really cares that I just ate 15 dates. :)
    Glad you got the bike out! Hopefully you can get in some more riding and the crazy drivers stay away.

  8. I love all your salads….I am having a Salad Week this week. I am trying to have a new salad each lunch for a week. So any new ideas are welcome!

  9. Hope everything is going to be ok with the car… I know it sucks! My car’s muffler went a couple weeks ago… it sounded like a motor cycle. Only slightly embarrassing! lol!

    I’ve never been biking in the city. Seeing how bikers are treated on the main roads scares me! I love biking on trails though.

    I love seeing your big salads! Even though I’m not a big salad eater, you’ve definitely inspired me to add a bigger variety of things into them. I used to be a lettuce and dressing kind of girl and now I actually put other veggies into them!

  10. omgosh although cereal dust can look like hair, I LOVE “EM!!!! Therefore…i would kill to have everyone’s cereal dust though so many people throw them out! wahhhh what a waste! arg. :P

    P.s. I’m hosting my very own Big Lucky Giveaway and I’d love to have you come check it out!!

  11. I like to think my consumption of salads and veggies/ice cream and chocolate balances out eventually :D I can pass up burgers and fries no PROBLEM but chocolate- never!!

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