Luster Lacking

Oh goodness me, it seems I’ve forgotten how to update.

Problem 1 – I’m still dealing with computer stuff so a chunk of the time I spend sitting at the computer goes to trying to get things in order. It’s kinda painstaking.

Problem 2 – I’m not overly excited to show the things I’ve been eating lately because they’re feeling kind of lackluster and repetitive, and I’m still snacking constantly yet not keeping track of it. So I have all kinds of missing pieces in my days’ eats.


Rewind to


A velvety green monster, fridge-clearing salad and crunchy yogurt bowl made it into my stomach, among other things.

Meals 002 Meals 023 Meals 043



I had a great bowl of Nature’s Path Instant Hot Oatmeal – Optimum® Cinnamon, Blueberry, Flaxseed in the AM, blended up and topped with fresh fruit and almond butter. I think instant oatmeal packets are my favourite to blend up, they get so smooooth.

Meals 063

Eventually I ate lunch but of course. Another fridge-clearing salad happened (cabbage slaw, red pepper, sour cream, salsa, avocado, tempeh), along with a avo/salsa wrap bitelette.

Meals 075 Meals 068

Plus some plain yogurt with vanilla soy protein powder and berries of blue to end on a sweet note.

Meals 102

For dinner I had an egg white mess (egg whites, spinach, salsa, FF swiss on english muffin) plus a grilled ham and cheese finger that I cut off my mom’s sandwich.
I’m kind of terrible for snagging bites of other people’s foods. But I didn’t want a whole grilled cheese to myself, I just wanted a taste! Usually a taste or two of something I wouldn’t make or order for myself is perfect. And my fam is used to my “nibbling” so they don’t mind…too much.

Meals 110 Meals 112

And of course this meal had to end with something sweet too… I really need to learn not to have to end every meal with something sweet. One of these days…
I had a chunk of a Cool Mint Chocolate Clif bar heated up. This wasn’t that great though because – slightly gross – I burnt the top of my mouth the other day and it has been sore, peeling and bleeding for a couple days now. For some reason the Clif bar was particularly aggravating to my poor mouth roof so this was more painful than delicious. I think I ended up making an iced coffee after it for something slightly more soothing.

Meals 124



Breakfast was nibbles. Nibbles of what? Couldn’t tell ya.

I captured lunch though! It involved some nibbles too.
Spinach-wrapped tuna blobs, Kashi Ranch crackers with roasted red pepper hummus and a cabbage slaw salad.

Meals 136

This was not appetite-suppressing, however, so I whipped up a quick mini Crack WRAP. Did the trick.

Meals 141

Later on I did errands but had a snack before the outing – bottom of the barrel plain yogurt mixed with banana, frozen blueberries, flax and agave. No need to dirty a dish!

Meals 164

Post errands my fam wanted to pick up $5 cardboard pizzas. Yuck. Seriously worst pizza ever. No sauce, no cheese, no flavour. If I’m going to splurge on pizza then it better darn well be GOOD.
Okay so I did rip several bites of the cardboard pizza off for a “taste test”. I had to give it the benefit of the doubt. But it was as craptacular as ever. Thumbs down.

I made a much more delicious (and much less cardboardy) dinner – Savoury Oats! These only would have been better if they were stuffed into squash.

Meals 176

I washed down the oats with a Green Smoothie. This one involved fresh peach. Thumbs UP.

Meals 187

My Friday night consisted of my friend and I rocking out with Mario Kart on the Wii. Mario Kart is the best. My Mario Kart skills are not.


Oh wonderful Weetabix Breakfast! Weetabix, some crunchy vanilla flakes, pumpkin, strawberry yogurt, cinnamon, banana and extra mushy raspberries. I love my raspberries mushy.

Meals 014

This didn’t hold me over very well though because I had to snack on not one but TWO bars at work before lunch: half of a Cool Mint Chocolate Clif bar and a Kashi Trail Mix Granola Bar (MIA).  Guess my breakfast was missing some much needed protein?

Meals 004

I had lunch at work but I actually changed it up for once! Instead of bringing a salad as my main course I brought a wrap! I’m such a rebel. It was roasted red pepper hummus, avocado and spinach. And it was darn good.

Meals 036 Meals 042

For dinner I finally made a veggie burger. I had been craving one for ages but for some reason hadn’t gotten around to making one lately. Well here we go!
This Original Gardenburger was loaded up with tomato, spinach, dijon mustard and a wedge of Laughing Cow on a toasted english muffin half. Mmmmm.

Meals 025 Meals 028

For dessert I had a small piece of a banana muffin that my mom brought back from a work event that I micro’d and dolled up with a dollop of homemade cashew butter. 

Meals 029

Saturday night was a night out dancing. I DDed. Dancing is fun but whoa, you really get to see just how young the crowd is when you’re in complete and full awareness of your surroundings… I think I need to find another club to go to. That one seems to be the one where the youngest of legals choose to frequent. And the dumbest of guys.

It’s now Sunday early aft. I’ve drank much coffee and ate much pumpkin this morning.
Now I’m feeling some tuna. You can see that lovely creation later on. Hopefully within a day rather later this week? I’m going to end this slack!

And sorry my recaps lately are point by point and don’t involve much narration but when I go days without updating I forget what exactly else I did during the day. I promise most of it was not exciting though. My food and my days are pretty lackluster right now. Needed: Life overhaul!
Enjoy your Sunday!


17 thoughts on “Luster Lacking

  1. I don’t think anything seems lackluster! All of your eats are colorful and pretty :)

    I’m such a taster too, I love that little “finger” of your mom’s grilled ham and cheese!

    Oh gosh, I can only imagine what a club looks like through sober eyes. I don’t wanna know..haha

  2. narration or not, you can’t beat those amaaazing photos of delishhh food! so funny, when i am the DD, you see a lot, for sure! my boyf is straightedge which= no drinking at all and so he usually has some funny stories for me the next day. sounds like you’ve got a cleared fridge and a caffeine high! have a great rest of your day :)

  3. What is it with mouth issues? I cut mine too and it’s extremely annoying! That crack wrap just sparked a craving – mmmm!

    I don’t care what you say about your meals being lackluster because I think they all look fantastic! Honestly, would you like to come cook for me?! ;)

  4. lovin that crack wrap action :) i love looking at all of your gorgeous food pics dontcha worry ! i bascially eat the same things every day.. so i feel ya. Your meals need to be in a food magazine or something! The veggie burger looks so fresh and delicious

  5. Hey! Ok….definitely feel ya on the mouth pains……as you know, I like it HOT (hahahah), so I burnt the tip of my tongue the other day on oatmeal or something, and ever since it’s been a pain to eat! Whateva, I still find a way to manage. ;)

    And your veggie burger and the wrap bitelette (cute word!!) look amazing…….i’m now ready for a snack and your cottage cheese/yogurt bowls have inspired me to possibly make something similar!!

  6. I love your photography. Seriously, every food item you have on your post looks AMAZING!! You even made a simple Cliff bar look like a delectable gourmet dessert. I need to learn how to use my camera and take amazing pictures….I’m inspired!

  7. Kristie, I hope your eats perk up a little bit for you! I just love seeing your little bite-lettes. You eat the cutest stuff and always make it look so pretty.
    P.S. Planning my CA trip!

  8. Mario Kart really is the best. Well, any Mario game is tops with me.

    You ham & cheese finger makes me want some good ol’ grilled cheese now. I haven’t had one in way too long. Mmm, grilled cheese.

    Hope your computer issues go away!

  9. Hey Kristie,

    I have been following your blog and really enjoying it. I love seeing what other people are eating. Your food photos are so great. Very nice & inspirational!

  10. i know just what you mean about the slow going with the computer. some nights i get home at 7/8 and start posting and dont finish til 12/1. all for one dumb post because my computer takes 10 minutes to type out a sentence! that’s when recapping several days at once comes into play…

    your photos look awesome by the way!!!! my camera can never capture so much up-close detail!

  11. All your eats look delicious! I can’t even find a meal to single out–they all look so good. Oh, except the crack wrap. That crack wrap is awesome!

  12. oh no, sorry to hear that you’re still having computer troubles. Hopefully, they’ll be solved soon as your pictures are always gorgeous Kristie.

    That mint cliff bar didn’t sound too good; I saw it at the market. ouch with the burn.

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