Another Weekend

  Anyone else want to join me in forming a mass battle against technology? Alright I do love it but I swear technology is going to be my ride right into the loony bin. Just when you think you’ve got it all worked out, ten more problems pop up. I’m having network issues now. Dratted computers.

But moving along, how about a weekend recap?


I was feeling an eggy kind of breakfast before heading off to work so I went all out and made myself an egg white mess using half of a toasted english muffin piled high with egg whites, salsa, spinach and a slice of fat free swiss. Hit the spot!

Meals 192

Feeling snacky midmorning, I broke into this Fruit Break Date & Fig Bar that traveled many miles courtesy of Lara! And worth those many miles it definitely was. This thing was SO good. Similar to a Larabar because of the dates, but unique in that every bite included that fun figgy seed crunch.

Meals 009Meals 053

I also had a lunch but it was boring so I decided not to waste my time photographing it. If you are THAT curious you can look at any other post that includes a Saturday recap and it will have been essentially the same thing (salad, apple etc).

Dinna! Was ready when I got home. Thank ya Mom! We had stir fry (Made with brown rice! I was shocked. I harp on her all the time trying to get her to use brown rice but “I don’t like the texture” is her frequent excuse. She decided to bend just for me and she actually didn’t mind it. Thumbs up Mom) filled with spinach, asparagus, chicken and shrimp. I also sided mine with some onions in curry sauce that were leftover in the fridge.

 Meals 205 Meals 208

Saturday night was Part One of my friend’s birthday celebrating. We went clubbing. Some girl (Woman? She was apparently in her late 20s and “too old to be at the club”) told us we were the best dancing girls there. “All the other girls here think they know how to dance but they’re terrible. You girls are great!” Haha thanks Sweetheart! 



I woke up ridiculously early for getting to bed past 3am. I needed water in surplus. That and apparently half a banana and a few bites of a banana doughnut.

I went back to bed for a wee while until I was dragged out again by my massive craving for oatmeal. Mmm.

Meals 212 Meals 224

This bowl included scotch oats (I think), water+almond milk, banana, blueberries and vanilla yogurt/almond butter “icing”.

This bowl finished up the last bit of homemade almond butter that I’ve had and used lovingly and sparingly for ages so I decided it was time for a new homemade nut butter! What kind did I make… can you guess from the picture?

Meals 230










Cashew Butter!
I just threw a bunch of cashews into the food processor and let it whirl. I stirred it maybe twice. I was afraid it wasn’t going to get creamy since it was still quite crumbly after several minutes but patience proved my fear irrational when soon enough the blades were just gliding through the creamy cashew butter goodness.
Aren’t homemade nut butters the most satisfying food creation ever?


I sweated out some of the previous night during a hour long treadmill and weights session while watching Yes Man. Kinda dumb, but dumb in a cute way. It kept me amused throughout the workout. 

I tried to stick with relatively simple meals and snacks throughout the rest of the day, including:

Salad with leftover stir fry and tempeh

Meals 236

Yogurt with frozen raspberries and flax

Meals 243

Snap peas + carrots and a wedge of rye bread with hummus

Meals 250

Sweet potato topped with hummus + salsa plus a green salad

Meals 257

Iced coffee

Meals 265


Sunday night was Part Two of the birthday celebrating. Hole in ground bar Retro Night! My favourite. They had an especially good selection of songs that night, including Ghostbusters, Take On Me (A-Ha love!) and they played Sunglasses At Night without us even needing to request it.
Birthday girl left before me and apparently tried to lie down on the ground outside at the end of the night instead of getting into her cab. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor?



Oatmeal was once again a requirement after a late night out.

Meals 311

This bowl was blended perfection, made with kamut flakes, banana, water+almond milk, flax and topped with the very last of my White Chocolate Wonderful.

Meals 267 Meals 284 Meals 294 I had a bit of a sob session while clearing out the jar. Well not really since I’m not an easy crier but I thought about sobbing. Until I remembered that I bought this jar at the grocery store five minutes down the road and I can go buy some more whenever my little heart desires. I felt much better.


After this I had my first peach of the year!

Meals 332

It was delicious.


Later on I baked up some plantain and kabocha before running off to a doctor’s appointment.

Meals 342 

Meals 349

I ate 100x more kabocha than that, just for the record. Anyone who can get away with eating only a few chunks of fresh from the oven kabocha at one time must be superhuman.

I was full of squash for the rest of the day so around dinner time when I got an inkling of hunger I kept it simple with salad greens, feta, tempeh and honey dijon dressing.

Meals 366


That night I peaced out early and slept on the couch. I have no idea why, other than it seemed comfy and I really felt like it. For some reason my bed just seemed totally unappealing. Ever have that happen? I thought it was a little strange but I just went with it.



This morning I was in the mood for nothing other than a bowl of breakfast candy so I filled my bowl up with Corn Bran, Peanut Butter Puffins, strawberries, blueberries, frozen banana, vanilla yogurt and almond milk and munched away while watching some Arrested Development Season 2 on DVD. It was good times and good eats.

Meals 368 

Later into the morning, while the “candy” was still sitting heavy in my stomach, my friend suggested a sushi meal. I was thinking dinner but she was thinking lunch. Arrgh. I was still full but definitely wasn’t turning down SUSHI.

Luckily cereal doesn’t stick with me for hours on end so by the time I was all ready, picked her up, arrived at the restaurant etc a couple hours has passed and my stomach was ready for some eats again. We opted for all you can eat sushi, which I usually opt out of but it was cheaper because it was lunch time, plus they redesigned their menu and had some new selections so I decided to throw caution to the wind and just go for it.

This was the first round after our salads (I had a seaweed avocado salad- YUM)
Left plate I had one of the seaweed sushi pieces. Right plate I had one of the hand rolls (wrapped in the seaweed -spicy tuna) and three pieces of the chicken teriyaki avocado roll.


I don’t remember all of what I ate but I tried to pick relatively healthy things and I didn’t leave feeling like I had just eaten an entire whale (it’s happened before… it was painful) so I’d say I dunn good. Or… I was pretty happy with my choices. ;)


I came home and ate some fruit and drank some coffee out of habit, then I did some running hills on the treadmill and worked my abs and became a healthy sweaty mess.

Later in the day aka dinner time I became even healthier (although significantly less sweaty) when I loaded up on a giant salad filled with the good stuff aka spinach, cabbage slaw, carrots, mushrooms, red peppers, tempeh, squash and light sour cream/spicy mustard/balsamic vinegar dressing. Meals 387

This was great but honestly not very filling. Apparently it takes a lot to fill me up.

SO I had a couple bowls of yogurt with various mix-ins.
This one was vanilla yogurt, chocolate PB2 and baked plantain.

Meals 393
Another was strawberry yogurt, blueberries and Kashi. They were small bowls…

I also ate lots of grapes. I’m addicted to grapes.

I need to clean my eating up this week after a little too much partying and a little too much snacking lately. No rules, just trying to avoid the temptation of munching on crackers and whatnot whenever the urge hits rather than just going for it. Mind over matter! Mhmm…


28 thoughts on “Another Weekend

  1. Wow, you’ve had some delicious eats! I love the stirfry (yay for brown rice!)

    Haha that woman at the club is too funny. Ooh, cashew butter! I bet that’s great.

    Wow that is one clean and clear PB jar! Good job on salvaging every last bit of that deliciousness :D

    I’m addicted to grapes too. I can never just have a couple!

    Have a great night :)

  2. Your mom’s stirfry looks good, as so those plantains you baked up! I love me some plantains. And sushi. I haven’t been for all you can eat sushi in years.

  3. cashew buttah is my absolute favorite !
    i tried to make some myself but it just didn’t get that creamy texture..? i don’t know what i did wrong

  4. That’s a lot of good lookin’ eats in one post! I’m sitting here eating oatmeal and wanting sushi instead now. :)

    I’m envious of your peach eating. I can’t wait to buy some… Oh and big ups to your mom and the brown rice!! The texture is why I *love* brown rice! Maybe she’ll be a permanent convert now.

    Hope the techie mess sorts itself out – very frustrating.

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend! And oatmeal is my go-to morning after meal, it’s always sooo soothing!

    Mmm sushi, I’m definitely a “dinner sushi” person, but I agree, you can’t turn down the invite!

  6. YOU are the dancing queen!! I love your oat bowl (the actual bowl) it looks cool! Whenever you say scotch oats, I think there’s actual scotch involved. Is there?

    HAHAHA at laying down on the ground! Hope she felt alright the next morning! Plantains in yogurt? I like the sounds of that :)

    They’re supposedly doing an Arrested Development movie and you better BELIEVE I’ll be first in line at midnight to see it! LOVE that show!

  7. your mom is just like mine…says she hates the texture of brown rice…i haven’t gotten her to convert completely yet…but at least she mixes brown and white rice together now!

  8. Ah! I loveee how you and your friends always get to go out dancing at bars/clubs!! I always get the urge to go out and dance whenever I read your posts about it! :)

    And please, can you just move to the US and cook for me?? I want cashew butter, I want those salads, I want your iced coffee, oatmeal, that egg white mess….!!!

  9. ahaha.. rad that you got dancing compliments at the bar! and that was sweet of your momz to fix such a good din! i need to try to make a nut butter at home. after reading how simple it is i don’t see why i havent done it before.. i better put my bosch to use!

    okay so a lot of people have told me to buy WCW but this post has single handedly convinced me to. i have never seen a cleaner PB jar IN MY LIFE!!! it must be beyond bangin’!

    yay for peaches, that is my fave fruit! and hooray for AYCE sushi :)

  10. Hell yea dancing queen! I’d be right there witchoo gals.

    So, you’re right about the kabocha. I just had it for my first time. Ate half the damn thing. SOOO good. Have you eaten it with cashew butter? Probably, but it not, do tha damn thing.

    Why don’t I eat as cleanly as you? That is what I think every time I read you blog. You are pure inspiration. Love ya!

  11. all that food looks so good but i am especially jonesing for that all you can eat sushi! i am in need of a good sushi meal, maybe this weekend??? it looks so delicious!!!!!

  12. guess what? I JUST bought a whole new jar of that white chocolate PB! In fact, having it with my bowl of kabocha oats right now! If you have a Giants next to you, they’re on sale there right now :-)
    This post is like a food porn gallery. Seriously.
    And LOVE the kabocha!

  13. Girl, all your meals look great!! My sister and I just rented Yes Man tonight, so I hope I’m not disappointed!

  14. OOH WHEE! I love the looks of that cashew butter girl! Well done, well done, super impressed. Love it so much!
    I will definitely go Luddite with you.

  15. Cashew butter, yes! I have to make some of that, cashews are the best. I love that you bake plantains. I have recently discovered plantains in the form of “chips”, and am in love with them! I’ve never had them baked, but I bet they are awesome.

  16. mmmm! your plaintains look sooo good!!! i have got to bake some up with some kabocha asap!

    love the homemade nut butter action and SUSHI as well.

    have a great weekend Kristie!!!

  17. i love love love that oatmeal bowl!

    baked plantain and kabocha??? ohhh boy, i am SO jealous of that! quite a week of amaaaaazing and beautiful food, as usual. i’m glad the parties were fun, and i hear you on craving health after all of that!

  18. Don’t even talk to me about technology! It constantly frustrates me!
    Your eggs looked really interesting and so different – how creative.
    I am hosting my first give away – please stop by my site and enter to win!

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