Prom Pretty Boy

Today’s mail call: Tax money! Gotta love that cheque. Now how shall I spend it… Clothes? Food? Savings…? Yeah it’ll probably the third one. I’m a decent money saver. How are you with money, do you spend it as soon as you get it or do you put most of it away and towards necessities?


It was a cereal kind of morning. I would love every morning to be a cereal kind of morning but at the same time, I always feel kind of bleh and guilty eating cereal… like I’m eating candy for breakfast. I know cereal can be a perfectly healthy breakfast but maybe it’s because I just enjoy too darn much for my own good.

001 (1) 

Breakfast CANDY.

I also mixed my last few spoons of pumpkin with a bit of yogurt to avoid dipping back into the cereal boxes. Seriously, it’s an addiction.

001 (2)

But I was having one of those days where my mind was consumed with the thought of sweets, sweets, sweets. I went digging. I had bites of this and bites of that. I was desperate. I actually ended up digging into my forbidden chocolate stash and savouring a big chocolate Lindt ball to curb my cravings. All before noon! Usually these things happen in the evening. Bizarre I tell you.

I also had an insanely tired day. Energy was zilch. I ended up crawling back into bed (which I NEVER do) and lying there in a weird meditative state for an hour. You know where your mind is still on and aware but your body is completely numb and immobile? Like that. I could not move an inch but I was still awake. If you can call that awake…

I finally felt rested enough to get up. And get more food. I redeemed myself a bit from my morning of sugar by eating a nice and filling bowl of spinach, leftover squash and bean salad.

001 (6)

This was a bit brick in stomach but I was in need of a run so I headed onto the treadmill full bellied and powered out one sweaty hour. It was needed.

Come dinner time I still wanted to load up on more healthified eats to make up for morning chocolate so I had a giant wood bowl salad. The biggest best salads get the wood bowl. I always feel so great after eating a giant salad for a meal.

001 (12)

This mix included: spinach, carrots, tomatoes, perfectly steamed broccoli, last of the squash, cottage cheese, baba ganoush and a balsamic/dijon mix dressing.

This did not fail to fill me up perfectly but there were so many good fresh fruits sitting in the fridge just waiting to be eaten! I couldn’t let them down so I loaded up my bowl with fresh strawberries, blueberries, mango chunks and a small dollop of vanilla yogurt.

001 (21)


I also played photographer for my wee brother’s prom! I went a little snap happy with nearly 200 pictures in a … 15 minute time frame? The beauty of digital cameras.

Alright, so he may be my younger brother but he’s not quite wee next to me.

Rob's Prom 075 Edit   Rob's Prom 157 Rob's Prom 209  Rob's Prom 246  Rob's Prom 234

He’s growing up! Tear tear. Haha.


I had a little less chocolate for breakfast this morning :)

Meals 010

Oh wait, there was chocolate protein powder in my green smoothie. Along with frozen banana, flax, spinach and orange. Mmmm.

I did some weights and planks and treadmill sprints and felt like I was dying.

But this made me crave a nice big salad. Mmmm salad. I could eat them at every meal. Well, if I weren’t such a carboholic. I also ate a lot of crackers and some bread but you don’t get to see those… shh.

Meals 015

I also tried a new food for dinner tonight: Quinoa!
I’ve had it sitting in my cupboard for months now but just had not yet got around to trying it out, despite hearing so much raving about its greatness. When I stumbled upon a super simple recipe in Fitness Magazine for Greek Quinoa and Avocados I figured it was about time to break out the quinoa and get it cooking.

Meals 030 Meals 035

I omitted the avocados because we have none at the moment. I also managed to slightly burn the quinoa in the process but otherwise this tasted pretty good and was insanely easy. Now that I’m no longer intimidated by quinoa I’m excited to try it in other ways. Breakfast perhaps?!

Post dinner = Perfect strawberries

Meals 057

Perfect Puffins (and a peeping pink heart!)

Meals 063

Perfect Iced Coffee

Meals 079

And a licorice all sort.

Meals 074

I’m a little indecisive when it comes to after dinner treats.


I’m opting out of Friday night invites and instead am staying in, watching a movie and getting a good night’s sleep in order to rest up for my friend’s birthday weekend! Should be some fun times ;)
Hope you all have a great weekend ahead of you!


23 thoughts on “Prom Pretty Boy

  1. awe you and your bro are too cute! i wish i got tax dollas back, i had to pay out the a$$! i am pretty good at saving money though, ive learned discipline over the years. you food all looks good! especially the quinoa business! have a stellar weekend kriistie!

  2. I love me some quinoa! It’s so versatile. I even mix in with with my oats sometimes!

    Love, love all the salads and there is nothing wrong with lotsa chocolate! ;)

  3. Love your breakfast! And pumpkin+yogurt=awesomeness! Major yum :D
    When I get a check, I put it in the bank and try to save it.

    Aww, you and your brother look so cute! I love quinoa, and that dinner looks delicious! I love the presentation, too :)

    Have a lovely night!

  4. I’ve decided to stay in tonight too! I have to wake up at 5 am for work tomorrow! Yuck.

    You and your bro are adorable! And your cereal/yogurt bowl looks so pretty, whenever I throw one together it’s just one big mess! And I definitely agree, pb puffins are just as good as candy to meee!!

    I’m pretty good at saving money, sometimes i’m too stingy and need to just let myself buy some nice things…and other times I can spend WAY too much on food or a pair of jeans!

  5. You spelled check wrong ;) I keed! “You know where your mind is still on and aware but your body is completely numb and immobile?” That’s how I ‘nap’ – I can’t fall asleep but just laying there perks me up a little bit.

    Awww your little bro looks so cute! Hope he had fun!! I need to hop on the quinoa train! Your dish looks delicious! WOOHOO for a birthday weekend – have fun!

  6. I’m a money saver too… my tax return cheque went right into the bank!

    What a cute pic of you and your bro!

    And yay for trying quinoa… what a yummy looking dish!

  7. I have the same problem with cereal! If I have oats or eggs or smoothie for breakfast, it fills me right up, but with cereal, I always end up wanting more. I love quinoa! It’s a fun grain. I also have the indecisive-after-dinner-snacks problem.

  8. Great food pics! And, I love the prom pictures. Your brother’s date is wearing a short dress, is that normally how it works? We always wore long dresses (which I hated).

    As for money, I always want to spend spend spend, but I have to consider what I really need vs. what I really want. I will say though, I spent my tax check on some summer clothes. I think they weren’t a necessity, but in my mind they were a necessity because I needed some more professional summer clothes (so, they’ll help my career!!)

  9. I haven’t had pumpkin in yogurt in forever because a freakin’ can of pumpkin is so expensive these days!

    Anyway, your brother is so handsome!!! My little brother is a full foot taller than me! :D

  10. I used to be sccuuuuured of cereal too! I always thought, ah too many carbs! But nonono, so delish and nutritious! And perfect gym-fuel. It’s the only thang I eat now for morning grub!

  11. Hi Kristie! I just discovered your blog, it’s so cute! I’m fairly new to the blogworld…can I add you to my blogroll?

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