These Are A Few of My Favourite Things

Although I have computer access now, it’s not quite as quick or convenient for dealing with pics as my laptop so I’ve clearly put off posting.

However, I’ve eaten some pretty good things over the past few days.

Such as Monday night. Does it get any better than a Crack Wrap?

Meals 007 Meals 015

Didn’t think so. Vegetable hummus and FF swiss. Tomato sauce for dippin. Amazing.

Meals 004

Yeah yeah that was amazing but so was my DESSERT.

Meals 019

Pumpkin puree, cinnamon and SF maple syrup mixed together and heated up. Hello, healthified pumpkin pie anyone? This seriously tasted almost exactly like pumpkin pie sans crust. And who really needs the crust anyway? This only became better when I had the genius idea to top it with vanilla frozen yogurt.

Meals 029

The only thing wrong with this dessert was its size. I should have made double.

Monday night I went to see the new Terminator movie. Clearly I only went to see Arnie’s muscly bod. Umm… fun movie to watch in theatres but story line? Hello? I think I’d need to see this three more times for it to make any sense. Maybe I should have brushed up on my Terminator background info before seeing this?


Greens are great. I love greens. Lately I’ve wanted to load up on them even more. Green Monsters are a good way to do that. But I was looking for something different. Polly and Heather are really great at loading up on their morning greens. I had to take a page out of their book. Behold the beauty that is Green Oats.

Meals 037 Meals 057

In this mix:

  • 1/3 cup of scotch oats
  • 1 cup water + 1/3 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 large banana
  • huge handful of spinach

I cooked it all up stovetop style, stirred the spinach in at the end, then blended it all with my immersion blender and topped it with a dollop of almond butter and some fresh raspberries.

I’ll admit at first it tasted very leafy. Usually spinach hides itself well but I must have added a lot, and not enough sweet to balance it out. However, a few bites in I really started to enjoy it and embraced the leafiness. I may have added an agave squirt to the last few bites though just to end on an especially delicious note. I will most definitely be making this again.

I was out for the rest of the day with my friend doing errands and just hanging  out so I didn’t get to eat lunch…I never miss meals. I typically eat all the time throughout the day, so going from about 10:30 to 4 with nothing more than a coffee was a freak accident for me. It’s a good thing that bowl of oats was packed with staying power so although my stomach did a bit of grumbling, I survived surprisingly well through the day.

You can bet I chowed down as soon as I got home though. Out came the crackers, baby carrots and hummus and I went to town while trying to wait a little longer until a more reasonable dinner time.

You can also bet I made that dinner a speedy one. This thing had been sitting in my freezer for a while now. Grilled Tuscan-Style Chicken Lean Cuisine Panini.

Meals 076 Meals 083

Kinda like the box picture.. Where are my grill marks? The little microwave griller plate it comes with did not do its job.

It had olives. Blech. I’m not a picky eater but I do not like olives. I picked them off and then this thing was decently tasty. Not amazing by any means ( the entire outer crust was hard and hardly edible so I picked it off ) but good for a quick and relatively tasty meal. I’d rather make my own sandwich from scratch though.

I paired it with EZ Cheezy Broccoleezy and ate it in front of the TV because that’s what I do on the rare occasion that I make prepackaged freezer meals. It just fits. Do you ever eat in front of the TV or are you a dinner table eater? I eat almost everything at the table… or while standing at the counter…or the fridge. Oops.

Meals 098

I was snacky and still hungry after this (Clearly not caught up from my MIA lunch!) so I went on a food raid. Among my findings:

The last wee bit of my Chia Holiday Pudding (gotta get some more chia seeds I guess!)

Meals 102

Peanut Butter PUFFINS

Meals 123

An old candy that I found in the bottom of an old purse I just started using again after a long hiatus… Peanut Crunch dollar store candies representin.

Meals 110

These things are mad delicious. You know those Crispy Crunch chocolate bars?


Maybe it’s only a Canada thing but anyway, it tastes like these without the chocolate coating. Very very good. And that was my last one. Sigh.

Then I went to a friend’s house and we had a girly movie night that included He’s Just Not That Into You and The House Bunny. Both so good. The first one is scary accurate in many ways, no?


This morning I made the ugliest breakfast ever.

Meals 131

I seriously apologize, it looks like doo doo.
It tasted kinda stupendous though. Probably because it was loaded up with a million and one things, including Weetabix, Kashi Go Lean Crunch, Peanut Butter Puffins, strawberries, pumpkin, frozen banana, strawberry yogurt and almond milk. Yeah, I crammed that all into one bowl. And all into one stomach.

I made up for it with a slightly prettier lunch salad. At least this one has some colour…

Meals 137

Spinach, hot peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, shelled edamame, bean salad.

Then I had some yogurt and pumpkin mixed with a new Kashi cereal that’s popped up on shelves here recently – Kashi Cinnamon Harvest. Our box looks different but you get the idea. I actually mixed it mainly with the crumblies at the bottom of the bag because they’re the best yogurt mix-ins. And I just like digging through the bag. It’s like digging for buried treasure! Only digging for… buried cereal? Meh.

Meals 150

So then I finally got my winter tires off my car. Yeah I know it’s June. But we had snow til like April so I’m not that far behind… ehem.
And I got to see my future husband while doing so. We only get to see each other twice a year, when I get my tires changed between seasons. It’s always the same guy working there, I’ve never dealt with anyone else. He plugs all my info into the computer with such feeling. Next season he’ll propose, I can sense it ;)

On a less creepy note, I tried my squash steamed for the first time ever a la Maggie.
All chopped up and ready for the pot.

Meals 151

I’m a die hard roasting fan but this was a great way to eat it when you want it ready quickly and simply. Okay, more quick than simple. I may have done a wee bit of yelling and cursing when trying to chop this darn thing and having pieces fly all over the place. I really hate cutting up squash… but it’s worth the suffering.

I ate an easy peasy spinach salad (aka bowl of spinach with baby tomatoes and dressing) while waiting for my squash to steam.

Meals 154

Then I ate up nearly half the squash, much of it topped with a sprinkling of parm+herbs. Num num.

Meals 165

Now I’m thinking bed sounds mighty appealing. Almost as appealing as eating more squash but I’ll save that for tomorrow because brushing my teeth again is NOT that appealing.

Side note: Contest at Krista’s Kravings for Full Bars!


29 thoughts on “These Are A Few of My Favourite Things

  1. One of my favorite things is that you spell favorite with a “u!” I love my canadian blog friends!!!!

    The pumpkin pie dessert sounds wonderful! Crust is my least favorite part of pumpkin pie anway!!!

  2. Love the crack wrap, and the pumpkin dessert! I love doing that with pumpkin, but have never tried it with maple syrup–it sounds great! I just mix it up with cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice, and whipped cream. So good!

    Those green oats are so pretty. Have a great night :)

  3. That pumpkin pie dessert looks A-mazing. Try mixing it with cheesecake pudding mix – yum!! You seem to have a lover affair with pumpkin…which I also do :-)

    And I feel the same way about chip bags as you do with cereal. I love to dig to the bottom for the salty, crumbly crumbs!!

  4. When I’m at my parents’ house, I eat at the table. That’s just what you do there. But at my place, I eat at the computer with the tv turned so I can see it. Sometimes, I’ll eat on the floor watching tv. Or at the counter if I’m eating breakfast and frantically making lunch. HA!

    I love the colour on your oats! I wish there was a fruit that would give me the same awesome colour – I don’t know how I feel about spinach in my oats yet.

  5. All of your food creations looks so good! the crack wrap is genius…and i make my own chia pudding too! Where do you get your chia seeds?? I found a great place online and just thought I’d pass on the info since you said you needed to get some more. Let me know if you come up with any other great chia seed recipes. The website is

  6. Mmmm crack! I wish I had the patience for mine to brown up more – I’m jeal of your wrap’s crispiness!!

    Well done on the green oats! 10:30-4? Busy, busy lady!! I REALLY want to see He’s Just Not That Into You so I’m glad you liked it! There’s nothing worse than paying and sitting through a bad movie. Cereal dust is the BEST!

  7. Wow, so much yummy food! I love the green oats, it’s a great idea to add spinach to oats, one I never would have thought of. The Crispy Crunch chocolate bars must be a Canada thing, along with the fact that your labels display polyunsaturated fat in omega-3 and omega-6 divisions! Our labels don’t do that ever!!!

  8. What a yummy looking “pumpkin pie” dessert! I love pumpkin pie, but I always pict the filling out of the crust! I will definitely have to try that after dinner.

  9. I eat in front of the TV all the time…I know it’s bad…but I do it and I don’t care!

    Hhhhmm..spinach in oats. I don’t know if I could go down that road, maybe if I’ll have some crack first.

    Those crunchy PB bars I think are a Canadian thing, but they’re enough to make me move there! :)

  10. Top that pumpkin dessert with crumbled graham crackers!!!! …. w/ the vanilla fro yo, then it’d REALLY be a healthified pumpkin pie! :)

    And i’ve got to get my tires changed soon too, but I have no future hub waiting to help me out….!! So unfortunate.

  11. I am obsessed with your healthified pumpkin pie dessert! It’s genius!! I am going to hit that up immediately! It would prob be really good with some nutmeg in it!

    I love how your little pb crunch candy has a French name on the wrapper too! Yay for Frenchness!!!!

  12. hi! i just found your blog and i love it!

    i need to try a crack wrap. i’m seeing it all over the food blogs and my mouth waters every time.

    i actually really like those paninis! granted, i’ve only tried one, but i was pleasantly surprised by it!

  13. i have yet to make myself some green oats. i love the green smoothies.. so i imagine i would like them. but yeah.. still working up to it. yours look good though! my favoUrite would have to be the pumpkin pie dessert you had though! yuhhm. i wish i lived somewhere that writing was fancy and i could type cheque and colour and centre. :) i will live vicariously through you, kristie!! xo

  14. Your oats are a seriously pretty color!! I think the beauty of it might be enough to get me to add some green to my breakfast!

  15. Kristie!! Hi!!

    I hope you’ve been doing well – I’ve missed ya!

    I’ve tried crack wraps recently and am now obsessed. They are the ultimate – the new “grilled cheese,” if you will :) So good!

    But your dessert…wow! I am totally up for having healthified pumpkin pie. I will definitely be trying that soon as I just opened up a can of pumpkin for my oats this morning and have more to use up! Although the one thing I have to call you out on is the “who really needs the crust anyway?” comment. Um, Kristie? Are you INSANE?! Haha, I guess I’m just a glorified bread/crust/anything carb lover ;)

    I love your green oats with the pretty raspberry topping :) It’s kind of like Christmas…in June.

    I hope you have a great Friday and fun weekend!!

  16. MMM crack wraps with tomato sauce? I never thought of that! I had mine with ketchup last night :-D I’ll have to try the sauce next time!

  17. Ohhh Crispy Crunch were in my top two favourite of chocolate bars – right next to Oh Henry.
    I have a good feeling about the guy who changes your tires… yes, indeed. :)
    Your pumpkin pie sans crust looks deeeelish. And with the frozen yogurt on top?! You’re killing me, seriously.
    Have a good weekend!

  18. your faux pumpkin pie sounds yummy. i agree, definitely should have made double! i eat my the tv a lot…mostly because i am by myself for a lot of dinners and eating at the table staring at my wall is BORING!!!

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