Guess Who’s Back

…Back again. Kristie’s back. Tell a friend.
Don’t be hating, I know you all want to channel your inner Eminem.

I have a functioning computer! Huzzah!
The old grandpa computer that graced our living room for years on end finally had his plug pulled when we got hooked up with a new computer deal we couldn’t refuse. My laptop and other computer that I use regularly are still down, but I’m not as completely devastated as I was before now that I have access to a computer that actually WORKS and doesn’t take 10 hours for everything to load.


I’m not going to post a week’s worth of eats because that would be long and probably slightly monotonous (plus I didn’t bother capturing every moment of morsel to mouth because it was a snacky week so there was a whole lot of that). Instead I’ll go with some week highlights.

PETA’s Vegan College Cookbook In A Pickle Chickpea Salad. Mine was muchly modified though since I was missing a lot of the ingredients. For example, this recipe involves relish (hence the In A Pickle part). I had no relish. I cut up dill pickles instead. I know, genius.

Meals 011

I’ve done the Green Monster thing several times this week.

Meals 032

Had plenty of Leftovers Salads

Meals 055

And yogurt with frozen berries mixed in (BEST)Meals 059

One night I made a linguine dish from Crazy Plates. It was supposed to be a clam dish but who actually has canned clams kicking around their cupboard? Well I don’t anyway. But I DO have baby shrimp chillin out in the freezer so they dolled up this dish instead.

Meals 086

I also discovered that those Baked Banana Doughnuts go dry/stale very fast. HOWEVER. This led to the discovery of the best way to eat these things: toasted and smothered in yogurt+PB2 “icing”.

Meals 115

Whoa Nelly.

Almost as good as a pan full of baked amazing.

Meals 119 Meals 124 Meals 135

One morning I tried some Scotch Oats (water/almond milk, banana, strawberries, flax, almond butter), which I had been avoiding trying for a while thinking they would take a long time to cook. They actually didn’t take long at all. Next time I’m trying them blended!

 Meals 143 Meals 149

Super exciting – Peanut Butter Puffins came back into my life! I hadn’t seen them at the stores in quite a while but they were finally back on the shelves this week and on sale to boot! There was no way I was passing that opportunity up.

Meals 199

This week I also got some mail – Woo! Can’t wait to get my hands on some of the POM goodness. It always tempts me in its pretty little bottles at the grocery store but the price tag kicks my booty in the opposite direction.

Meals 287

Oh and epic moment: I made my first non-delicious Green Monster this morning! Not impressed. I did the same old standard of almond milk, frozen banana, flax and spinach, but then I added a splash of cold coffee and a bag of  green tea leaves. Somehow this mucked up my smoothie and made it taste kinda blech. Not terrible but I had to doctor it a bit – I like to enjoy my breakfast! So I added a scoop of chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast mix and a small chopped apple to sweeten it up.

Meals 288

Oh lovely muck. This was more tolerable after my TLC. In taste, not in looks.


Other than the eats, my week wasn’t overly noteworthy. I went out a few times. I went to a country bar for the first time. That was interesting… I’m not really a country music fan so I wasn’t sure how much I was really going to enjoy that venture, but it was actually pretty darn hoppin. There were lots of people out busting moves and I discovered that country music is pretty good stuff to dance to. Maybe just maybe I’ll consider the country scene more often in the future.

It won’t quite yet replace my club nights though. As much as I love some good ol’ Cotton Eyed Joe, I need my fix of techno mixed beats. Saturday…

140 West 003 140 West 026 140 West 023 140 West 024  140 West 012 

… it was a good weekend.

And with that, I’m off to sweat out some toxins Billy Blanks style.
Since I now have working computer access, I’ll be back posting again in much less than a week this time haha.
Happy Monday!


19 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back

  1. Fantastic pics! Too bad about the green monster. I have noticed that putting coffee in a smoothie can either make it or break it, it’s a toss up!

  2. You look fierce mami! Love yo top :)

    I froze my baked banana doughnuts then thawed them out in the microwave for ultimate moist banana greatness..and then spread pb&j all over them!

    I don’t think I have/will ever have cans of clams chillin’ in my cupboard eitha!

  3. I want a plate full of everything you baked/roasted!! YUM! I wish I had your patience with cooking!

    I’m glad your back, gurrrrl ;) You’re so cute!! I love that top!

  4. wow, looks like you had some great fun! love the antics!
    but what is that big thing on the top right of the baking sheet where you baked all those tofu and sweet potatoes?
    and the linguini looks really gourmet!

  5. yay, you’re back! functioning computers are critical :-) and your country bar night — i think country bars are so fun! i wish i had some real ones around me …

    also, i LOVE your oatmeal spoon!

  6. How was the pickly chickpea salad? I think it’s one of the recipes I flagged to try, due to my love of pickles & chickpeas. You have also just reminded me that I haven’t had any PB Puffins in the house in forever. Must resist urge to run to the store now!

  7. i love those pics! looks like you had a raging good time, love that! when people are crazy into dancing, it gets a million times better. ive never been into country all that much but when i visited nashville the dancing was awesome!!! everyone was singing and got so into it, i loved it :)

    welcome back!!!!!!!!!!! so glad you have a computer that actually works :)

  8. loves me some billy blanks!!

    that baked pan was like BAM! LOVES the tofu and squashy action!!!

    hurray for green monster and pb2 too!!

    your dancing weekend looked like funnnn!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK KRISTIE!!!

  9. Ahh, you looked so cute in those pictures! Very fer-osh facial expressions!

    Everything, LIKE EVERYTHING in this post looks absolutely amazing!! Can I please just eat and re-make everything all over again? That oat bran with the strawberries and bananas (yum), sweet potato & tofu cubes (my fave!), pb puffins (amazing….), you get the point!!

    Hope you have a good Wednesday girl!

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