Technology Is Not My Friend

The Breakdown Devil has struck.

My laptop isn’t working properly. My desktop computer isn’t working properly. My cell phone isn’t working properly. I’m currently using our ancient and very sluggish computer just to be able to have some connection to the internet. I could attempt picture uploading and post writing from here but it would probably take me all day just to get the pictures onto here.

Apparently the motherboard in my laptop needs replacing. Good news – I can get this done free since there was some kind of recall on the network chip model my laptop uses. Bad news – This is supposed to take about TWO weeks? Sigh.
I have no idea how long my desktop computer will take to get fixed.
For my cell, I was told that the problem might be my old and worn SIM card. I got a new SIM card. It’s still not working properly. Now I have to try to reset the hardware, which seems to involve about 100 different and complicated steps.

My fuse is a little short right about now.

So I may be MIA for a little bit on the post front. I’ll still be reading though! Hopefully I can get some kind of technological luck on my side asap before I go all Bushman and run away to live in the forest with the squirrels.


18 thoughts on “Technology Is Not My Friend

  1. I’m sorry! Technology sucks! I was on the phone with the comcast man for 45 minutes today trying to reboot my internet! No bueno!

  2. Sorry you’re having such bad luck with the tech. I can relate to the laptop plm though. My motherboard was messed up, but I ended up paying about $700 to get it fixed. It wasn’t until later that I realized that I should have just got a brand new one. Then again, I still have that same laptop. It’s still working well (with a few minor issues) and it’s about 8 years old.

    Hope everything gets better!

  3. Thank you for your interesting article. Learned a lot new to subscribe to your news. I would wait for new articles. Good luck.

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