Time For Doughnuts

We’re getting reroofed.
I didn’t really think there was much of anything wrong with our roof, it looks plenty spiffy to me, but I guess it’s getting old and all of the other houses on the street seem to be doing it so we’re following the trend. And I suppose we’re avoiding near future leakages as well.
I keep thinking there are people walking around upstairs though, it’s freaking me out just a little. And I’m feeling a little holed up and trapped. What better way to embrace that trapped in the house feeling than with a little baking though, right?

I’ve been wanting to try Angela’s Baked Banana Doughnuts for a while now and we had two beautifully overripe bananas sitting on the counter just waiting to be cooked up. Perfect.

Prebaking extravaganza I had a small Green Monster (much Angela inspiration in my kitchen today!) – 1/2 frozen banana, 1/3 cup almond milk, flax, large handful spinach – and a bunch of handfuls of Vector Cereal straight from the box. That second part wasn’t supposed to happen but it did so it became part of my breakfast.


Then I made these beauties:

009 016 020

I followed the recipe exactly and got 14 still good-sized doughnuts out of it instead of 12.

I meant to sample only half of one. But then I did and I obviously had to go back for the other half. These are delicious and oh so easy to make.

Backtracking to yesterday (Sunday):

There were some interesting leftovers sitting in my fridge that I wanted to sample so I just decided to turn them into my breakfast.


Bean salad, cottage cheese, sweet potato, tempeh with roasted red pepper dip. A little more of an appetizer plate than a breakfast but it worked I guess.

I also had some refreshing orange slices later on in the morning 018

And an Iced Coffee (this one was made with some Tim Hortons coffee that my mom had and didn’t want so there was cream in it. I’m not a big cream in coffee fan so this wasn’t quite as delish as usual. However it was iced coffee and I therefore still did enjoy it. )


Eventually I made a lunchtime spinach salad with a small tuna sandwich.


The afternoon of Sunday was spent spreading fresh soil throughout the gardens in our yard and washing cars. It felt pretty productive. My car is now free of bird poop! I don’t know why, but for some reason the birds around here really liked emptying themselves on my car. I was not impressed with their paint job. Hopefully they’ve found someone else’s car to dirty.

I’ve been pretty darn unmotivated to exercise lately. It’s crappy. I tried to do a sprint run yesterday on the treadmill and it was killer. I’ve done the same run many times before, sometimes it’s not too bad, sometimes it’s nearing torturous. Yesterday was the latter. It may have (aka most likely has) something to do with the fact that I’m still fighting a doozy of a cold so therefore can’t breathe properly and am constantly coughing… not exactly ideal body conditions for a good solid run. I am so sick of this cold though. It’s brutal.

Come dinner time I made myself an atrocious-looking salad with tempeh (dressed in a mix of sour cream, roasted red pepper dip and dijonnaise) instead of the meatloaf my fam noshed on, and had half a baked potato.


Then I had another iced coffee just because I can (and because I was tired but needed energy as I was going to be up late) and some more orange slices (gotta fight the killer cold!)

046 051

Then I went out Sunday night Retro dancing and danced up a storm to all of the best songs you will ever hear. Somehow though I managed to miss dancing to our requested Sunglasses At Night. I was a little bit depressed about this. I got over it pretty quick though. Next time Corey Hart, next time.

Now I’m going to go drink another iced coffee (I feel like maybe I should cut back but at the same time I really actually don’t want to. How’s that for a dilemma), continue coughing up both lungs and then perhaps attempt another run while only being able to half breathe… on second thought, maybe I should stick to weights for now?

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29 thoughts on “Time For Doughnuts

  1. It doesn’t look like you do anything outrageous with your tempeh…does it still taste good? I have only had it once and I hated it. I didn’t do much to it though, so I figured that was why. Those donuts look great, and unfried?! perfect.

  2. your donuts look delicious!!!! you definitely needed to eat a whole one. or three :) i have those exercise moments all the time! sometimes i am so into it and loving it and other times it feels like torture!!!!

  3. Have fun getting roofed (that sounds dirty)! Your donuts look awesome – I want them!!

    So there’s a bird here that poops on all of my neighbors cars as well as my family’s. The kicker is, it does it on the same spot on all of the cars – it sits on the passenger window edge and does it’s business then goes to the next car. Damn bird!

  4. Those donuts turned out really well! And that salad w/ tempeh does NOT look atrocious, it looks delish! PS your beach day from the last post looked like so much fun! Trash mags and slurpies are completely necessary!

    Oh, and my internship should be starting within the next week! We’re figuring out the schedule tomorrow!

  5. I’ve been reading about these wonderful donuts all around the blogging world! yours look PERFECT!
    I love your appetizer plate for breakfast! sure makes it extra special!

  6. Sounds like a yucky cold — rest up! Nothing worse than attempting a run when you feel rotten.
    Although, if you put the doughnuts at the finish location, that could make you run faster? Okay, maybe that would just work for me… ;)

  7. i totally have to try those donuts…esp w/ the pb in the middle…omg pull out the stuffing and fill it w/ pb..or mix it with the extracted filling?! OMG girl look what you’ve done to me!

  8. I haven’t seen those donuts yet, thanks for posting! Will definitely have to try them…maybe with some Pb&Co. dark chocolate pb on top…

  9. I’ve made pumpkin doughnuts that look like that, but no one in my family likes pumpkin (what’s up with that?) But I think the banana doughnuts are a different thing.

    They sound great.

    And this is the 3rd or 4th post I have seen with the green smoothie!! I have a magic bullet, so I have to try it one of these days!

  10. Okay those baked donuts look AWESOME. I’m debating between those or banana bread with my overripe bananas. Hmmm…donuts seem to be winning!

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