Get Yo Tan On


My beach day on Thursday left me nice and crispy. Ouch. Most of the redness has faded now though so I’m rocking a nice beginning of summer tan. Although it’s a little blotchy so it needs some work yet.
How does the sun work on your skin? Do you burn or tan? Burn then fade to tan? Avoid tanning all together and rock the porcelain? What about sunscreen? What SPF is your go-to?

I hate to admit I much prefer having a tan, even though I’m naturally quite pale. I feel so much healthier with a tan. I know, it’s the complete opposite of healthy but I can’t help but love the sunkissed glow. I think I’ll be using more than SPF 15 next time I’m out in the sun though…

Before heading off for the approximately 1.5 hour drive I fuelled for the day with a big bowl of mixed cereal, yogurt and fruit (frozen banana and strawberry slices).


I packed a couple apples and a couple bars to take with me but I didn’t end up eating them because we just bought food and whatnot throughout the day on the strip.

The first thing we did when we arrived at the beach was buy some lunch because
A) All of that driving and belting out dance music tunes worked up a mad appetite
B) The beach entrance was blocked off and full of construction?! We had no idea how to get onto the beach!

We were waiting for a couple other people to meet us there so we figured we’d just get some lunch at a restaurant right by the beach and watch all of the other equally confused beach goers find another way to get onto the beach so we could follow their footsteps. After watching for a while and seeing many people go down one certain path without returning, we figured that was our best bet so we finished up lunch (grilled chicken sandwich – delicious) and decided to venture out in attempts to find out how to get on the stinkin beach.


We found it! Note the blocked off area. At first we were afraid they had somehow closed off the entire beach and we made the trip for nothing. Now that would have been a bummer.

Then we proceeded to set up camp and work the tans. No swimming because the water is still fuhreeeezing but we did go in up to our thighs, which was beautifully refreshing on that sunny 30 degrees Celsius day.

We read celeb trash –

019 - Copy

Refreshed with lemon lime slushies –

025 - Copy

And cried about our sore skin at the end of the day.
(Does my burgundy car interior make you jealous?)

032 - Copy



Friday I was slightly sore but I’ve definitely had worse burns before. Eek… I’m applying cream generously. No peeling please!

In the morning I felt for something completely different that I haven’t had in ages… french toast! I never really crave french toast so what gives? The sun must have messed with my brain. I was excited about it though, I like craving out-of-my-norm breakfasts.

The easiest french toast ever. 
One slice of Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin, slathered in egg white and pan cooked it til nice and dark.
Toppings: Banana slices, SF maple syrup and vanilla yogurt mixed with Chocolate PB2.


This was a very sweet way to begin the day though and my sweet tooth kept a’kickin. I ate a bunch of dates and some White Chocolate Wonderful though and then it was tamed.


Later on I just really wanted some squash. I hadn’t had it in a little while now (I know, ridiculous!) so I cooked one up alongside a couple old sweet potatoes that were stinking up the cupboard a bit and needed to be saved asap.

088 096

Then I had a plate of the good stuff. No scratch that, I had several plates. Here’s one of them.



The squash killed my appetite for essentially the rest of the day.
However I ate some crazy great bagged pasta (one of those frozen Lean Cuisine meals) that my mom had for her dinner because I love pasta, and I ate some salad (aka spinach and snap peas in a bowl with dressing) because my veggies have been lacking a bit the past couple days. More squash got incorporated but of course.

145 158

AND since I can’t have dinner without something sweet to follow no matter how unhungry I may be – yogurt containers do the trick. Sort of anyway. I think I still went scrounging after this.



Friday night, despite being completely exhausted and having to get up early the next day for work, I went out dancing because a friend was home visiting from out of town and that was her last night here. I couldn’t not go out with her. It was fun times but I probably could have used an earlier than 4am bed time. You’re only young once right…?



I was up nice and early for work but wasn’t hungry for breakfast (probably because of my 3:30am 1/3 of a pita snack that my friend didn’t want to eat. I don’t waste food yo!) I did eat some squash and a few bites of banana while making my lunch though. Squash for breakfast? But of course.

I brought along a Peanut & Oat Trek bar that came all the way from the UK for when my appetite did kick in (Thanks LARA!).


This was uh…MAZING? I loved this bar! Kinda sorta like a Larabar only bigger and BETTER. IMO of course. But seriously, SO good. Hey Trek, please get yourself to Canada asap mmk?

Lunch was same old Saturday work standard: Cabbage slaw salad (with squash duuuh), cottage cheese, apple. 148


When I eventually got home it was about dinner time and I was about ready to make myself a grilled tempeh sandwich.
I coated tempeh slices in a mixture of hoisin sauce and seasoned rice vinegar, cooked them in a pan and had them on a slice of toasted multigrain bread with wilted spinach and sweet and spicy mustard. 014

I followed my dinner (which also included some unpictured and unbeautiful cottage cheese and baby carrots) with banana and chocolate PB2

plus Oaties and an Iced Coffee.

Saturday night I stayed in, rested and sort of caught up on sleep. Except for the fact that the people working on tearing up and redoing my mom’s bathroom were here bright and early and care not about the beauty sleep of others. Grumble grumble. Actually I didn’t mind too much, I don’t think I would have slept much later past the time they arrived anyway.

Tis now Lazy Sunday. Enjoy it while it lasts!


18 thoughts on “Get Yo Tan On

  1. ouch! that burn doesnt look fun but the beach does! i usually get some kind of burn even when i am slathered in sun screen but i just love the beach so much!!!!

  2. I am super jealous of your burgundy car interior. I wish I was on the beach with celeb trash and lime green drinks!!!!

    I love the yogurt topping on the banana toast.

    Have a wonderful lazy Sunday!!!!

  3. i need to get out to the beach to even out my tan lines! mine are attrotious (i can’t spell hah!). i have farmers tan lines like mad!

    love all the fun in the sun! just make sure to use some SPF at some point!!!

  4. I can’t lie, I’m a little jealous of your time in the sun with the tabloids!! But I’m glad you enjoyed yourself because you deserve the relaxation time!
    I’m glad you agree that the Trek bar is awesome :) Leah at Simply Fabulous got me totally hooked. Let me know if you want more…we could do a bar swap or something :)

  5. Mmmm, that sandwich looks delightful. Note to self: RAMPAGE GROCERY STORES FOR TEMPEH! =D

    And hahaha, so retro for your interior of your car. Love it!!

  6. I prefer to have a tan but for two reasons I don’t: 1. I’m scared I’ll get skin cancer :( 2. I’m Norwegian and we don’t tan!! We fry!

    I’m in love with that French Toast though – yum, yum! I hope your burn goes buh-byes!! So I was staring at tempeh today at WFs and I was thisclose to buying it but didn’t. Now I’m regretting it! That looks delish!

  7. damn yo! nice eats!!! lovin the banana toast and the squash action!!

    im actually afraid to tan. i used to outside, but now I just really don’t want wrinkles, moles, OR SKIN CANCER. Doesn’t help that my Mom is a doc and looks at cancer under a microscope and therefore preaches it to me!!

    so yes, I just look at everyone’s tans in jealousy! (and use a crap ton of bronzer!) :)

  8. Mmm…all of those foods look great, i especially love the toast with banana and pb, yum. As far as tanning, I tan really well, except for my face, it burns easily, but then turns into a tan. I use 15 spf, it works really well. When I put it on my face I never burn, I tan! I just forget sometimes.

    I AM jealous of that burgundy interior, so cool!

  9. When I’m in Arizona, I put on sunscreen ALL the time, because the sun is SO painful. It bores right through you, and hurts! I wear SPF 75 there. I still get weird clothes tan lines, but I don’t want to tan to even them out because I’m afraid of skin cancer.

    Your eats look yummy, especially that sandwich. And I love the interior of your car– so cool!

    Have a great Memorial day!

  10. hope that burn heals! I never burn, but I have friends who did and it looked SO painful, so I feel for ya!
    KABOCHA SQUASH!!! My fav! I just had a HUGE bowl of kabocha oats and now I’m craving it again!

  11. Oh my dear! I hope you’re not in as much pain as you were when you posted this. That picture of ya’ll is o cute – and, your car is pimpin.
    I don’t usually burn, but I wear SPF 30. I also turn into Freckles McGee!

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