Feel the Heat

I did it. I braved HOT YOGA this morning for the first time! I didn’t pass out, feel dizzy, nauseous OR fall flat on my face! I felt pretty darn proud of myself. One word though: sweaty. Whoa. I knew it would be sweaty but seriously, WHOA. I don’t think I’ve ever sweat that much, EVER. Once we were out of the class I felt like I had just got out of a pool.

It was pretty darn great though! For first timers there was a buy one get one free class if you go within the next week so my friend and I are planning to go to our free class sometime early next week. I’m looking forward to it! I might even possibly consider buying more classes, even though it’s pretty darn expensive… I’ll see how the next one goes and then think about it. What an experience though. The class wasn’t too full which was nice since it wasn’t too intimidating that way, and we were fully encouraged to sit out and rest at any point if needed. I totally didn’t need to though, I had it in the bag!

If you’re even considering hot/bikram yoga but slightly nervous about the idea, just DO it. I’d never done a yoga class of any kind in my life before today. You don’t need to be an experienced yogi to try it out. Seriously try it. It’s totally worth it.

The class I went to was at 9:30 this morning. The website of the studio recommended not eating 2-3 hours before attending class but there was no way I would be able to make it that long without some kind of breakfast so I ate these gems:

003 012

That would be finger-lickin good homemade almond butter. This seriously really truly is the best pre-workout food there is. It filled me up but didn’t sit heavy, didn’t make me at all nauseous during the class, and I didn’t feel any bit hungry until over three hours later. SUPERFOOD.

I was pretty darn hungry once I arrived home after my friend and I did a bit of post yoga shopping though so I threw together a nice big veggie-packed salad along with a side of crackers with some shrimp cream cheese dip I made yesterday that I’ll get to in a minute.

019 024

And then I had about half of a Lemon Larabar because I have this overflowing stash of bars sitting in my room that I just never seem to get around to eating. Suddenly today I was feeling in bar-eating mood so I figured I’d better jump at the opportunity.


This was my first try with the lemon. It was alright. I didn’t not enjoy it or anything but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get this flavour again.


Later on this aft I got my hair did. I’ve been hating my hair for a very long while and the colour was looking pretty darn pathetic so it was time for some new highlights with a new hairstylist. I’m pretty sure I quite like it. There are a couple spots that seem very bright and it seems to have a slight reddish tinge to it that I’m overanalyzing, but I overanalyze the crap out of my hair so I’m sure it’ll be just fine, especially after a couple washes when it’s not quite so bright. Overall it’s good though, and definitely better than it was so thumbs up to that!


Eventually I got home and was ready for some dinner. I was feeling something quick, easy and delicious. There are plenty of options that fit that bill but the one that seemed most fitting tonight was none other than the coveted “crack wrap”. I don’t think this thing really needs any intro though. If you don’t know what it is by now you are clearly living under a rock. Alright alright just kidding, you’re living under a boulder.

035 048

Can’t you just hear its little cries, begging to be consumed in one giant mouth-stuffing bite? I did it the favour and put it out of its misery.

Then I cleaned out the last little bit of a peanut butter jar with some banana for good measure, ate some yogurt straight from the container, and chugged down a large and chilly iced coffee to cure my all-day caffeine deprived headache that developed since I didn’t have my morning Cup of Joe pre-yoga.



Now it’s Friday night and although I kind of feel like being a lameo and staying in since I’m feeling lazy and have to go to work tomorrow morning, I think I may instead allow myself to be dragged out and have fun for once since I haven’t been having a whole lot of fun with my life in general lately. I’m rutted and I’m not enjoying it. I guess I’m going to have to change things up a bit! Any ideas? What do you guys do when you’re feeling stuck, what kind of things do you do to get yourself away from the mundane? Do you push yourself outside of your comfort zone? Bikram was a start for me today. I need to keep going with the new, keep pushing myself right into the unknown. It’s scary though!



I didn’t post my eats from yesterday (Thursday) so here’s a quick recap:

Blended Instant Oats (reduced sugar apples + cinnamon) with flax, chocolate PB2 and banana for breakfast.

 013 024

And iced coffee. My iced coffee is simple as a dimple (I know, worst rhyme ever but I just had to throw it in there. I was thinking of using pimple but that just seemed a bit too greasy) but people seem to take a special liking to the looks of it so I’ll try to remember to do an iced coffee step-by-step next post.

Here’s the shrimp cream cheese dip I referred to earlier in the post that I threw together yesterday:


Sorry it’s a covered in the fridge picture but the plastic crap wrap was ticking me off and I didn’t feel like fiddling with it again. My mom needed an appetizer for a dinner thing she went to so I threw this together. Light cream cheese, shrimp, cocktail sauce, parmesan cheese, green onions. Easy peasy.

The weather was fab yesterday so I spent some time sitting outside eating some food and watching some Hills back episodes. I used to watch The Hills all the time but I fell severely behind (aka stopped watching it) while school was in and I suddenly had a craving for some good diva rich kids drama so I decided to play a little catch up.

the-hills-400a-082207038 045 049



For dinner I was feeling refried beans. Who knows why but they were good. I ate them with a bowl of cabbage slaw, zucchini, tomatoes, salsa and sour cream.


Then I finished up half a mango (you bet I ate all of that lovely green skin) with a coconut date ball and a normal date.


Then I went back and ate a whole wackload of dates and a whole wackload of White Chocolate Wonderful and felt kind of crappy about it.

I felt crappy about my Thursday in general. I tried to tan. Fail. I tried to exercise. Fail. I tried to feel like a million bucks. Fail.  In the evening I watched She’s The Man while trying to run on the treadmill. But as I said, attempted exercise was a fail so I walked for most of the movie. Better than nothing. And this brought up my mood temporarily since the movie kind of rocks. Dare to disagree.


But since that’s a lame note to end on – even though Thursday was crappy, Today was improved because of: HOT Yoga and NEW hairdo. And now it’s a long weekend! Which would be more exciting if I were doing some typical long weekend activity such as camping but I’m not so it won’t be a whole lot different than any other weekend but still, long weekends just have some kind of extra special feeling to them so I dig it. Have a great one!


28 thoughts on “Feel the Heat

  1. Would love to see photos of your new hair! Bikram sounds like a lot of fun, I hope to try it this summer. Curious as to how you make your iced coffee, I’ve been experimenting with my “recipes” lately.

  2. I love that movie She’s The Man! Amanda Bynes is so funny and the guy is SO HOT!
    I find myself in ruts alot. Recently, my breakfasts were getting to be the same old same old. Luckily, readers gave me some new recipes to try and I am so glad I decided to branch out and experiment. I challenge myself to try at least one new food creation a week.

  3. haha my CALVES sweated in Bikram- what the eff?!! and I fully concur, She’s the Man is freakin’ hilarious gah i could watch Amanda Bynes with a tampon in her nose 20 times and it still kills me :D

  4. Wow, busy girl! I wouldn’t be able to go without food for 2-3 hours after I wake up, smart for ignoring those rules! All your food choices look amazingly delicious and healthy, love it!

  5. I kind of felt like I was in a rut for a bit once school let out. I didn’t really have anything to occupy my time and I did the same, time-wasting stuff each day. Thankfully I finally got a job (well, 2 actually.. eek) which helps break things up a bit. That’s great that you got to try something new and it’s definitely a good start!

    I’m excited for the long weekend. I’m heading home tomorrow evening (to avoid the ridiculous cottage country traffic). Not doing anything exciting but that’s okay! It’s a change of scenery :) Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  6. Getting your hair did automatically makes any day better! I’m jealous – I so need my own hair did.

    Enjoy the long weekend, even if it is low key :D

  7. You have a real talent for taking beautiful photographs of food! The banana and almond butter, and date and almond butter look positively amazing!

    A lemon larabar hey? That doesn’t really appeal to me either. My favourite is the pecan flavour.

    I want to try hot yoga one day too! Sounds interesting.

  8. freaking love your photos. they are always so impressive. i mean, who else can take such a snazzy shot of a banana & PB? ha!

    sorry about the rut. when i am feeling like that i try to pinpoint the things that are getting really repetitive and find a new way to shake things up. like working out in the morning instead of after work, or changing my cardio routine. or if it is with my eats i will make a point to not eat any of the same things as the previous week. i think it is good to switch things up a bit anyway, keep your body guessing.

    if you are feeling like you are failing, just got check out failblog.org and it should cheer you up a bit :)

    thanks for the camera tips, i look forward to the iced coffee play by play!

  9. The post is really informative. There is one type of yoga known as Bikram yoga. It is regarded as most intensive. This kind of yoga yoga involves 26 different postures and 2 peathing exercises in 90 minutes. The exceptionality of Bikram yoga is that it is practiced in extreme heat.

  10. Oh my God, your crack wrap is out of control! I’m glad you put it out of it’s misery!!

    Glad you had fun at hot yoga!! Regular yoga is almost too hot for me – hah, I’m a wimp!

    I want to see the new ‘do!! I bet it looks gorgy! Sorry Thursday got the fail stamp :( Hope your weekend is glorious!

  11. hot yoga sounds really darn productive and amazing. I think the best part is that sweat, and taking a nice shower after!
    that crack wrap has got my mind crackin. How awesome is thatt bomb? oh my freaking goodness.

  12. That’s awesome you tried hot yoga! I did it for the first time last week and yeah… talk about a sweat fest. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be hard, including when it’s a new fitness thing you’re trying, but I usually find it’s worth it! Hope your free class is just as good.

    Your eats look awesome, as always… I will be dreaming of dates loaded with almond butter as I sit at the salon for a new do as well! :)

    Happy long weekend! Hope you have a great one!

  13. Hot yoga sounds nutz! I have no idea where I could do that around here, but I need to try it!

    Your crack wrap is on steroids! It’s bursting at the seams–looks so amazing! So does that shrimp dip stuff. Yumm.

    I tend to get in ruts in the summer and at the end of a quarter at school. To get myself out of it, I think of the things I love to do, and work on them. Like, I love food, so I’ll try new recipes. Or, I love to read, so I’ll find a new book. Sometimes I’m not good at breaking out of ruts though. Also, just agreeing to go places with friends really helps.

    Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful!

  14. Congrats on hot yoga! My first time was intense but amazing as well. The studio I went to is soooo far away from my place so its hard to go often, but I leave feeling so good when I do!

  15. When I am in a rut (especially during school breaks) I try to schedule something, anything to do each day. This could be as simple as running an errand, or as complex as a road trip to visit a new place. It keeps me busy and helps keep life interesting.
    That crack wrap looks amazing by the way :)

  16. I think that’s the cool thing about Bikram – it’s so distinct from other forms, that you don’t need to be experienced to enjoy it!

    Let’s see the new do lady!

  17. I just wish I had your fridge and pantry in my house!!! You always put together such creative meals and you must have SO much to work with! So jealous.

    The hills is such a guilty pleasure, it’s ridiculous….but always fun to catch up on!!

    And glad you had fun at hot yoga and that you love the new ‘do! You should put a picture up of it! :)

  18. i want to see pics of the new hair too!!

    i desp. need a hair cut! perhaps ill go tomorrow?

    and i also need to try a crack wrap! whats wrong with me, right?

  19. You are so brave to try hot yoga! I bet it felt great. Just think of all those toxins you sweat out!
    Your crack wrap looks awesome! It’s so golden and crispy looking ;) I’m so addicted.

  20. yay so glad you loved bikram! i love it so much but esp when its cold out, when its hot out its way too hot for me. it makes you feel SO amazing after though :) love the date and almond butter snacky, always the best bikram snack

  21. Great blog! All your food looks delicious. I’m looking forward to the iced coffee step-by-step post! I love iced coffee, but I can never seem to get it right at home.

  22. BIKRAM is amazoooor! I absolutely love it. You feel so unbelievably calm after! yahoooo! So I usually do it at night so I can go home and lay in bed for hours ;)

    I am pumped for the iced coffee simpleydimpley how-to! I need that sh!t in my life PRONTO!

  23. Oh I’m sorry about the blahness that is your life! I’m right there with you unfortunately. I’m trying to mix it up by going swimming outside because it’s hot here. That’s not really doing everything I want though – ya know? Like, really high expectations!
    Maybe pretend you’re a tourist in your own town?
    I love the whackload!

  24. sorry for the belated comment! but yes, i would definitely say that trying new things will help make your life feel less mundane. maybe make a list of things you’ve always wanted to try/see (reasonable things!!) and start with that? you will prob have to go outside your comfort zone sometimes but it can be totally worth it!

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