Mundane Musings

I haven’t been doing a great job at updating but my life is severely mundane at the moment and I really don’t have much to say.

I’ve been doing a whole bunch of computer clean up… that’s exciting right? I have ehem… many thousands of bookmarks from several years back and they’ve been driving me nuts. Half of the links don’t even work anymore. It’s taking me ages to sort them (I could just go and dump them all and start fresh but there are some gems saved in there), especially since my computer keeps crashing on me multiple times a day so I should probably be doing something about that too… but I think I’m making some good progress. How’s that for productivity? Sigh.


Oh Monday how I love thee. Actually lately I don’t know one weekday from the next so Mondays could be Fridays for all I can tell.

I did something Heather knows is grand and had my first experience with chia seeds by adding them to my morning bowl of blended banana oatmeal.


These seeds are pretty fun! I want to try making some of those chia puddings and things I’ve seen recipes floating around for.

I’ve been drinking iced coffee a lot these past few days.



I made my Monday lunch perfect by baking up some squash. I don’t think any food makes me happier than squash. Seriously. I think I might be crazy.

I also baked up some tofu that I had frozen a couple weeks ago. I’d never tried the freeze method before but I really liked how the tofu turned out! I don’t know how to describe the difference but if you like baked tofu, try freezing it first and then baking it. It’s good stuff.


I also had a hankering for sweets. I knew nut butter was necessary in this sweet experience.


Okay technically I used Peabutter so it wasn’t exactly a nut butter but it was just as good. Actually no, it was BETTER. Peabutter is the smoothest and yet most stick to the roof of your mouth nut-like butter I’ve ever tried. In a good way.

I was still hungry. Hey apple!



Come dinner time I made my pictures ugly but my food tasty.

I had a grilled hummus and roasted veggie wrap, made with leftover roasted vegetables from dinner the night before.


I also had a wee bit of radioactive boxed mac + cheese.


And polished it all of with some yogurt topped with a crumbled homemade fig nut butter bar and some more iced coffee.

068 086

There’s a lot of orange and brown going on in that dinner.



My morning started off nice and bright green with a big ol Green Monster made with almond milk, flax, frozen banana, clementine, ice and a big handful of spinach.


Then I spent some time yelling at Jillian for making me do jumping squats during my first try of the Level 3 Shred. Actually that’s a lie, the jumping squats were one of my favourite parts. The Level 3 was pretty intense though. I liked it.

I also did some speedy sprints on the treadmill while singing along to Aqua. Yeah, I have Aqua on my Ipod. Come on, who doesn’t? “Come on Barbie, Let’s go party…”

Eventually I made a Leftovers Salad. The leftovers included chicken, baked tofu and squash. Best salad ever, only because it contained squash.


And wouldn’t you know it, there seems to have been some iced coffee action happening in there too.



Dinner was something new! I used up my last package (tear!) of Tofu Shirataki noodles that I ordered online to make the Hungry Girl Cold Sesame Noodles recipe out of the Hungry Girl Cookbook.

045 060

I used PB2 as the peanut butter in the sauce and it seemed to work out pretty well.
While I was waiting for the noodles to get cold though I got impatient so I decided to stick them in the freezer. Then I went upstairs and may have forgotten about them for a bit. Then I ended up with partially frozen sesame noodles. Then I tried defrosting them in the microwave but ended up heating them back up a bit instead. Then I gave up and just ate them. They were semi cold sesame noodles…


I also just discovered my adoration of raw cauliflower. I always just eat it cooked. Why the heck have I not been eating it raw?! K clearly knows the right way to eat. Raw cauliflower is totally going in my salads all the time now.


I’ve been eating a lot of Oaties lately too. I’ve been stashing them in the freezer. Out of sight, out of mind? Yeah right. I thought that trick worked. Apparently not for Oaties.



Sweet Tooth was especially mean on Tuesday because he wouldn’t settle for anything less than chocolate. I had this one lone Buttercream-filled chocolate from Easter stashed away for an emergency situation and I finally had to bust it out.



Don’t worry, I shared. My mom enjoyed the other half. I savoured my half and discovered it was magical.

080 111

Post chocolate brilliance I went to my friends house and we rocked Madagascar 2 on the Wii. I know you’re jealous…



What could be a better way to start the day than with frozen berries and bananas all mushed together with yogurt, Kashi Go Lean Crunch, vanilla protein powder and flax?


Well I’m sure there are plenty of other great ways to start the day but I kinda liked this one.

I cleaned cupboards and computers. I munched on unpictured banana and trail mix by accident in the process. It was by accident because it wasn’t real hunger and the trail mix got the better of me. Stupid trail mix.

Eventually though I ate some real hunger lunch. Check out my salad. There’s raw cauliflower hidden in it! Heck yes.



Then I made the best thing of life. A mini crack wrap.






AmazingSabra Spicy Hummus and Fat Free Swiss in half a tortilla. NOW my life is complete.

This apple had nothing on the wrap but I wanted something crunchy shortly after so it did the job.



Today was pretty snacky. Aside from my snacky meals and things throughout the day, I also snacked from the moment I got home from the grocery store (~4:30?) until the moment I ate my finished dinner (~5:30). Snacks included cottage cheese (I broke my hiatus! It lasted about a week. I was going to go longer but it was on sale. I can’t resist CC on sale), crackers, half an english muffin, mini rice cakescarbs carbs carbs?


I finally made it to dinner. A mess of egg whites, salsa, spinach and FF swiss that made it onto the half of the english muffin that I managed not to inhale during dinner prep. And some pasta salad.

064 072

Seriously, carboholic today, what’s the deal?

Then I ate MANGO. Skin and all! Last mango I ate I tried to eat the skin and it tasted kinda bitter and kinda not great at all. This time it tasted just fine.



I was supposed to try Hot YOGA for the first time ever tonight but my friend wanted to take a rain check so we’re thinking Friday morning instead. Eek! I’m a little nervous but I’ve been wanting to try it forever. We’ll see how it goes! Anybody else tried hot yoga? Liked it/didn’t like it? Any secret tips I should know in order to survive it? ;)


19 thoughts on “Mundane Musings

  1. I’ve really wanted to try Heather’s Oaties, but now they sound pretty dangerous! :P I’m pretty amazed that you ate the mango skin too; I don’t think I could do that.

    P.S. The third picture of the buttercream-filled chocolate is seriously hilarious (or at least I thought so!). It looks like it should be accompanied by an “angels singing” sound effect. :)

  2. We’re on vacation – we’re allowed to do nothing :)

    Frozen ‘fu is the way to go!! Next time you have Monday’s dinner, let me know – I’ll be coming over! YUM!!

    Haha – Barbie Girl!! Blast from the past! Thanks for the shout out lover!! Raw cauli is the best! Delish! I’m so glad you’re back on the CC train!

  3. Love the radioactive Annie`s! I havent tried eating the mango skin before, but now I am curious…it would probably allow for less wasting of the inside.

  4. All your blended things REALLY make me want to get the magic bullet again (mine broke :()

    I took bikhram yoga twice and LOVED it. It’s VERY challenging, even for people who run for miles and exercise regularly (that’s what the instructor told me, maybe to make me feel better hahah)

    Make sure to wear light clothing and drink LOTS of water, it’s ridiculous hot. I also sweat insanely in there. But after those 90 minutes, you feel amazing. I want to take classes this summer too!

  5. I hope the hot yoga goes well! I think it’d be pretty cool, but I would also be a little nervous!

    How did you freeze the tofu? Did you drain it and press it first, and then just put it in the freezer? I’m interested to try it!

    That chocolate pic with the sunlight streaming in is hilarious! It’s like an angel brought the chocolate down from heaven or something, haha!

    No worries, I have Aqua on my iPod, too! Haha, I love jamming to happy, bouncy “old” pop songs when I work out. It makes it so much more enjoyable :D

    • Yep that’s basically exactly what I did with the tofu. Just drained it, squeezed the water out and dried it as much as I could with paper towel, then wrapped it in plastic wrap and threw it in the freezer.

  6. i really want to try hot yoga!! am looking forward to your report back.

    you just reminded me of all the bin-able bookmarks i have on my laptop…sigh.

    love the radioactive mac cheese haha! want them in england!! and peabutter sounds so interesting.

  7. I been doing hot yoga for a few years now there are its ups and downs. I have to tel you when I first did it I thought I was gonna faint and puke lol! Just one advise drink some gatorade before going and bring a big bottle of water with you.

  8. oh i love that photo with the sun shining through! total professional. man i need to find myself some chia! do you make your iced coffees in your bullet? what do you do to make them? i laughed about you noodle debacle! haha hope they tasted good after all that. all your food looked amaazing.. what kind of camera do you use? i am in the market.

  9. Mango skin? I don’t think I can go that far, it seems rather tough & leather like. I am interested in those sesame noodles though – they look rather tasty, hot or cold!

    And Aqua reminds me of skating. We used to use one (some?) of their songs for off ice warm up.

  10. Good luck with the hot yoga, I know it’s a killer workout!

    I really gotta try those crack wraps now, your mini one looks soooo good.

    And now barbie girl is stuck in my head….I don’t mind! haha….make me walk make me talk…….

  11. I love the picture of the chocolate with the sun in the background – that is exactly how I feel about chocolate! All of your eats look delicious. I also eat mini rice cakes with salsa… YUM!

  12. This post is full of some SERIOUS good eats!!! I now will recap my favs:

    1) YO ICED COFFEE! Looks so good! How do you make yours? I’ve tried some recipes but mine always turns out nastay.
    2) YO ICED COFFEE! Looks like you’re drinking it from a jar. I love it.
    3) Yo GODLY chocolate!
    4) Those shikari noodles! I have been dying for a peanut-noodle recipe but don’t want it to be so I will now go bookmark that page!
    5) Radioactive mac&cheese! Only the best chemicals out there.

    Have a GREAT FRIDAY!!

  13. i’ve never tried hot yoga OR mango skin! both of those things need to change …

    it sounds like an exciting couple of days to me. nothing beats computer cleanup!

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