How Un‘fortune’it

Another weekend gone already? My days all seem to be melting together into one big smoosh.


I wasn’t super hungry early in the AM but there was some canned pumpkin opened in the fridge and calling my name so I listened and mixed it with flax, strawberry yogurt and PB2. Topped with an Oatie for extra specialness.


At work a mid-morning snack was necessary. Half of this dandy to be precise:


All the way from the UK, courtesy of Lara.


I actually only wanted to have a few bites but not a minute later half the bar was gone. Now how did that happen?!

Lunch for everyone else at work was courtesy of the burger joint next door. Lunch for me was courtesy of my refrigerator.
This grease ring onion ring was courtesy of my brother.


This thing oozed grease. It was a little nasty. I tried to squeeze it out a bit. When you have to squeeze out your food before eating it maybe you should rethink eating it in the first place.

I didn’t rethink it though, I ate every bite (after taking the picture clearly). I balanced it with a nice big spinach salad (spinach, tomatoes, carrots, onion, Sabra spicy hummus, balsamic vinaigrette) and a camera shy apple.


I found a random fortune cookie in the cupboard at home so I decided to throw it in my lunch bag too. Want to see the wicked awesome fortune that came along with it?


… I demand a refund. Someone needs to fire their fortune writers.


Dinner was so on-the-fly that I didn’t even bother taking a picture. There was some chicken-on-a-stick action going on though. It was thrilling.

Then I went to a candle party where I sipped on classy drinks out of classier martini glasses and spent $30 on one stinking giraffe spotted tin candle. They’re nice candles but seriously?! Do you know just how many candles I could buy at the dollar store for that price? Almost 30 (I know that was a hard one to figure out). So maybe they don’t burn as cleanly or smell quite as nice (does anyone find dollar store candles kind of smell like hospital or is that just me…?) but once in a while quantity prevails. Sigh. This better be one darn magical candle. I’m talking ‘grant you three wishes when I’m lit’ magical and I expect nothing less.



Post candles = bar time. We made it there early enough to beat the cover charge time and very soon after found ourselves confronted with multiple jager shots. Shudder. I’m no jager fan that’s for sure.

I managed to end the night spending a grand total of $5.00 (excluding my earlier candle purchase of course). People were all too eager with the drink offerings. Although I didn’t mind accepting the tasty free drink the cute bartender passed my way ;).
I also managed to break the heart of a big 30 year old tattooed Australian bar worker who  “wore his heart on his sleeve” and decided he was into me. This guy has been my bar buddy acquaintance for a while and I thought he was awesome and we were chill but then he had to go all “I like you. Just kiss me! Are you attracted to me?”
And I had to go all “Haha what? Uh.. er.. uh.. what do you mean?! You’re awesome… You’re like my hero?”
”What is THAT supposed to mean? Are you attracted to me or not?!”
And then things were just awkward and I had to be all crap I’m rejecting you and now I’m down a bar buddy. But come on man, seriously? Rejecting people you know/are friends with/chat with etc is so darn awkward.

My night was a little bizarre, a little random, but a lot of fun. I hadn’t been out for a good night in a while. I almost forgot how fun it can be once in a while….


Mom Day!

My lovely Mother wanted crepes for breakfast so that’s what she got. I’ve never made a crepe before. One of them turned out well… the rest were kinda uneven, kinda burnt, kinda misfits. They all tasted mighty alrighty though!

I made half of them with frozen raspberries. I made a mini for myself and topped it with PB2 mixed with SF maple syrup.


I had another unpictured bigger one after that I butchered so badly that I could not possibly allow anyone else to eat. I took one for the team and ate it with banana and more PB2. I didn’t suffer too badly from the ordeal.

The clowns enjoying their eats. Sling boy was hungry.



Who are these buffoons? This is why I keep the camera aimed at my food. At least it cooperates.
Aw just kidding, I love em buffoonery and all.

Happy belated Mother’s Day!


After some groceries and Bulk Barn shopping in the aft I needed refuelling. For some extra special spinach splendor I cracked open a new salad dressing bottle today: Newman’s Own Honey Mustard. I’m a mustard junkie and a honey mustard junkie and this dressing is amazing. Surpassed my expectations. You go Newman!


Dinner was also amazing as it included my very favourite roasted vegetables.


I had two big mounds of them along with a side of plain chickpeas. I love chickpeas plain and cold. I could eat them by the can.

I also consumed copious amounts of that itty piece of bread on my plate there. Doughiest bread ever and completely addicting.

I finished my night off with an apple-sized strawberry and some plain yogurt with agave and topped with some candy love.

057 066

Now it is a new day and a new week and I am off to eat up some oats.

Happy Monday!


26 thoughts on “How Un‘fortune’it

  1. I got one the other day that said “Ignore previous cookie” I actually love the ones that are retarded like that. I always save them. Haha. Mail it to me! lol

  2. haha fun report back from the bar!! and that fortune cookie message is hilarious – i hope i get one as out-of-it as that one day. and i want that mammoth strawb – it looks like a cartoon drawing or something. and that eat natural bar is my favourite – all that coconutty goodness, yum!

  3. Haha gotta love the bar shenanigans…they’re what make the nights interesting! ;)

    How nice of you to make crepes for your Mama, they look delicious!!

    I LOVE that fortune cookie HAHAHAHA I think that’s hilarious. Certainly gave me a good laugh.

    Have a great day! :)

  4. your bar scene had me laughing. awkward to say the least. and i think i threw up in my mouth a little when i read about the jager. ugh. yet it always comes back to haunt me.. why is that? dude i had some ultra large strawberries yesterday myself. i decided they had been given growth hormones at birth, that is just not normal for a strawberry. glad you survived eating the damaged goods. loved everything about this post. probably because i am back at work for the first time in a week and your witty blogging skills are way more entertaining than actual work.. so what? oh and before i forget, that fortune cookie.. what a jip! that is hilarious though. xo.

  5. The fortune cookie thing is a crack up! I hate it when I get disappointing fortunes!
    Sounds like a fun/crazy weekend…I’ve never had a bar experience like that but it’s a good story to have in your pocket ;)

  6. ouch, sorry about the saturday night awkwardness!!!! those situations always leave me scratching my head thinkin hmmmm what?? all your eats look yummy, especially those crepes!

  7. What the heck at the fortune cookie?! HAH! I’d want a new one!

    Oh onion rings, they can be so worth it sometimes! Awk with the bar man!! What happened to your broski’s arm/shoulder?

    Plain, cold chickpeas and roasted veggies – YUM! I heart your heart ;)

  8. Chickpeas could possibly be in my top 5 of favorite foods! I actually eat them BY the cans because they are sooo good!

    And the cookie cracks me up. I would have been PISSED!

    Beautiful yogurt heart :)

  9. PartyLite candles are ALWAYS worth the money, especially compared to dollar store junk. You gotta pay for quality :) They burn way better than any other candles I’ve ever owned.

    Love that photo on your yogurt with the heart candy :)

  10. That mini crepe looks so delicious, can you please cook for me?! :) You always come up with the most creative things!

    Haha, and glad you had a nice random, but fun night! Those are definitely the most memorable!

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