Sayonara Treadmill?

New Fridge!


Alright so it’s not decked out in stainless steel or a built-in television but it doesn’t leak and it has a bottom drawer freezer (our old one was a side-by-side) so it’s new and exciting for us. I think it needs a bit of magnet decoration though, it’s looking a little sad and plain right now.

Yesterday morning I started my day off with a little bit of sweet, in the form of potato (That would be sweet potato if you didn’t catch it). It was canned sweet potato. The canned stuff has nothing on the real thing and I doubt I’ll buy it again but it’s pretty decent when mixed with yogurt, cinnamon, flax, banana, strawberries, cereal, granola, almond butter… yeah it needed a lot of dressing up.


Then my mom was about to head out on a walk with her friend on a nice trail path not too far from our house that goes through a golf course and beside a river. She suggested (/insisted/practically dragged me out of the house) that I come along and go jogging ahead on the path while they walked. I have been complaining about being in a treadmill rut for a while but the idea of running outside has been a wee bit terrifying so I had yet to do it. The morning was gorgeous though and the idea of running along on a peaceful path didn’t seem too intimidating so after a bit of humming and hawing I decided what the heck and went along.

I walked with them for nearly half an hour until I finally decided I would run. When I finally started running I ran to the end of the path then turned around and ran back for a while but running outside is not quite the same as running on the treadmill… I’m used to running pretty fast on the treadmill and I did the same outside. That didn’t work out so well. I went at much too fast of a pace and was pretty much dying not too long into the run. My heart rate was also skyrocketing. It got up higher than it does when I do fast sprints on an incline on the treadmill. AND I ended up with a crazy ear ache somehow? AND I drank a bit too much coffee and water before going out… ouch bladder. So overall I didn’t end up running for much more than 10 minutes, but with the walk and run total I was out and moving for nearly an hour and a half and I escaped the doldrums of basement exercising so I was pretty darn satisfied.

I just need to learn to pace myself better in outdoor running… like leisurely running rather than practically sprinting all the way down the path would probably help. I’m excited to try it again soon though! Any tips for just starting up outdoor running/transitioning from treadmill to outdoor runs?

Maybe I should just be completely different and take up this kind of running:

running outside

Now THAT would be fun.

After my outdoor experience we did some grocery shopping. Then I ate some lunch. OUTSIDE. Eating outside is way better than eating inside. Until the sun goes behind the clouds and it gets all cold and windy and I’m forced to go back inside because eating cold salad is no longer quite as appealing when you’re freezing.

But anyway. My cold salad bowl included: spinach, cabbage slaw, cucumbers, carrots, hot peppers, avocado, salsa, balsamic vinaigrette and a few pieces of grocery store sushi (Mmmm).



My grandparents are visiting from out of town so we had a family dinner at my aunt’s last night. No pictures (:() but we had lasagna, garlic bread and two kinds of salad (spinach and caesar). Dessert was homemade apple crisp and brownies. It was all delicious.


Now it’s Monday morning. I ate a giant bowl of mixed cereal for breakfast. I’m pretty sure giant bowls of mixed cereal make me happier than most other breakfasts. I just wish they filled me more. I could probably eat five bowls before feeling full.

But anyway, this one contained: Corn Bran, Guardian Cereal, Multigrain Flakes, clementine, strawberries, frozen banana, flax, raspberry green tea yogurt and unsweetened almond milk.


014 026

I love how the reflection of the placemat makes it look like the bowl is patterened.

And that’s all I’ve got. Sorry for the lack of pictures! I’ll try to be more snappy today.


Happy Monday!



24 thoughts on “Sayonara Treadmill?

  1. I definitely run at a different pace outside than I do on the treadmill! You’ll find your grove once you get out there!

    Eating outside after such a long winter ROCKS!!

  2. oh girl the same thing happened to me! just two weeks in to running outside a couple times a week and it’s gotten skies ahead don’t worry!
    take it slow and work your way up!

  3. yum breakfast! i could eat that bowl times 50 too :)

    i love cheesey chick flicks. even the awfuls ones are still pretty cute. can you even make a bad chick flick?! i dont think so!!

  4. I’ve been a runner for years. I myself (and I believe most other runners would agree with me on this) greatly prefer outdoor running. It’s simply more fun and entertaining. I refuse to do more than three or four miles on a treadmill unless I absolutely have to (like there is a blizzard outside and I have to do eight miles). So with that said, my guess is that you will get used to it pretty quickly (a few weeks). On a treadmill, your body is being pulled along, whereas outside, you are pushing yourself forward, so you basically have to train new muscles and learn a new rhythm. Also, running outside tends to be harder because there are hills, rocks, roots, and other obstacles to get around. My advice? Go online and look for a few local trails (start with three miles). Once you get used to those, look for longer ones. Trust me, running outside (especially in spring) is so beautiful and entertaining that you don’t even know you’re exercising!
    Good luck!
    PS- raspberry green tea yogurt sounds amazing! Where did you get it?

  5. Ugh, I have fridge jealousy!! I love the bottom door freezer!

    I’m not a runner but I would SO do that kind of running! How fun!! Glad you enjoyed running outside for the most part :)

    Have a great Monday, girlie!

  6. I used to run outside a lot, until I started getting plantar warts (gross, I know). I just went outside yesterday to run and I decided that even though I can’t run as long and fast as I used to, as long as I can get a good 20-25 minute run in outside every once in a while, it’s better than no running outside at all! I would suggest starting off low intensity and gradually increasing mileage and speed, be patient.

  7. The new fridge is totally gorgey! It’s funny how some people are treadmill runners and others are outside runnas. I personally can’t even do 20 minutes on the treadmill but can do 90 minutes outside! I wonder how many minutes I could do in a big beach ball on a lake..hmmm.. I’ll look into it and get back to ya!

  8. Running outside is so much more fun! Whenever I’m on a cardio machine I just slowly watch the minutes tick by. I love your cereal bowls – I need to get more creative with mine!

  9. I enjoy running outside but its definitely a lot more challenging than running on the treadmill (especially since I’m still a beginner). I’d been struggling to get through 5 minutes straight outside yet I easily powered through nearly 15 minutes on the treadmill the third time I used it. Hopefully you can get used to running outside!

  10. For some reason running outside is always such a difficult task when you’re used to running indoors on machines!! It’s so odd! But just keep practicing, and little by little you’ll be handing the outdoors just as well as you handle the tread!! But an hour and a half of walking/running around outside sounds glorious though!

    Your yogurt bowls are way too pretty, maybe that’s why your’s are called bowls and mine are called yogurt MESSES. :)

  11. It’s so easy to go too fast outside, but it sure is a lot more peaceful running outside then on a treadmill.
    You got the fridge I’ve always wanted!

  12. Hey there pretty lady! I just caught up on your tasty weekend and Monday.

    Holla to the running outside. I never run–indoors or outdoors– but when I’m in the ‘nati sometimes the mood strikes. It always feels so freeing, BUT I get that awful earache too! I have no idea why. I know for sure that I’m not wearing earmuffs in May to prevent it, though.

    I totally agree with you on the cereal yogurt mess. It is just so delightful! With each bite you get different textures and flavors…incredible.

    Hope your Tuesday is fab and that the new shiny fridge is treating you well! :)

  13. I was always terrified of running until not too long ago, when I had to start training outside to prepare for my 10k. Honestly, it gets easier REALLY quick. In my experience, you’ll be surprised at how quickly it starts to come naturally. For me, the biggest obstacle has been learning to set my own pace since I don’t have the treadmill to do it for me. It sounds like you had a good first experience, so I hope it only gets better from here!

  14. I have always found running outside to be more difficult too, but it gets easier and more enjoyable with practice. I think the key is to find a good pace/tempo for yourself so that you don’t burn out in the first five minutes! I also get earaches when I run outside and I have no idea what that is about… somebody should research that :)

  15. I’m pretty sure I know the trail you’re talking about. :) I’m hoping to get there myself when I go back home in a couple weeks!

    I can’t get into the vegetable + yogurt combo. It just tastes so off to me! Maybe third time’s a charm?

    Glad you got to enjoy some fresh air… both with running outside and EATING outside! That’s always awesome.

  16. YAY new fridge! That is definitely something that I would get WAY excited about :)

    Pacing myself is definitely something I am not too good at when running outside – I often wear myself out! Good luck with it – I like the running inside a ball idea, though…

    I love the pattern of the placemat, too! Hope you’re having a lovely day, Kristie!

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