Sugar, Oh Honey Honey

I’m glad to know I’m not the only with the snacking while food prepping habit! I know it’s a common occurrence but I feel like I take it a bit to extremes sometimes (ehem… every day). I’m going to try to crack down a little bit though. Gum chewing is definitely a good idea during baking. I tried having a giant mug of green tea and chugging that back throughout some baking the other day and that seemed to help a bit too.  


I had my greenest of greenery Green Monsters yet. Grrrrr.
Spinach, kale, clementine, banana, flax and almond milk.  I feel like a super health hero drinking these things.

010 032

But clearly I can’t have a good healthy glug of delicious sludge without balancing it out with pure junk.

I made a dessert for my mom to bring to a staff luncheon. It was a Raspberry Layered Dessert out of Kraft What’s Cooking magazine.

044  049 053

I dejunked it up a wee bit by using light Cool Whip and light cream cheese. Somehow I managed to eat my weight in Cool Whip in the process though. DOH. Where was my chewing gum when I needed it?026

I tried to rebalance myself with a raw veg bowl and a side of cottage cheese and leftover veggie ricotta pudding.



I did end of eating more Cool Whip too. Somehow that stuff is one of those things I just cannot have in the house. I don’t know why I can’t keep away from it. It’s pure garbage! Garbage that my taste buds are partial to apparently.

I also ate a lot of yogurt, some of which had frozen berries mixed into it.


On Thursday night I went to see an advanced screening of Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Maybe I’m just easy to please but I thought it was really cute! My dinner may have been eaten at the theatres and may have included frozen yogurt and some cheesy dill Kernels popcorn. It’s been a bit of an off week…


I made an egg white omelette stuffed with salsa, spinach and leftover veggie ricotta pudding for breakfast, served alongside a Ya pear.


I think I also ate a bunch of cottage cheese. Actually I think I’ve eaten my weight in cottage cheese over the past few days. I think I’m going on cottage cheese strike once I finish the last container in my fridge.

Not too long after this breakfast I was very full yet very sugar-needy. Dates and nut butters became my best friend and enemy (frenemy?). As delicious as they are, dates on overload are way too sweet.

Then my day got a little brighter when I received some mail:


PETA’s Vegan College Cookbook, that I’m checking out and reviewing, to be released mid May. I’ve already browsed through some of the recipes and can’t wait to give them a try. There are plenty of simple and very quick ideas that can all be made with minimal prep and only a microwave. Minimal dishes and quick eats? Sounds pretty appealing to me!

I had planned on doing a treadmill run on Friday but I got on the treadmill, tried to run for about five minutes and could not do it. I have no idea what was wrong with me but my legs had bricks tied to them and I was dying. There was no way I was sticking that one out so I just walked on a high incline for half an hour and called it quits. It was frustrating though, I have no idea why I was so tired. Although… now looking back, I wouldn’t be surprised if the overabundance of junk on Thursday had a key role in my serious lack of energy and mood swings on Friday… hmmm… It sure is amazing how much of an impact the foods you put in your body can have on you.

Post treadmill failure, all I wanted to do was eat some salad so that’s what I did, topped with some cottage cheese and tuna.


Then some severe mood swings came full circle and I had some serious discussion time with my mom.
If eating all of that junk/sugar/crap on Thursday really did play a part in why I was feeling so terrible mood and energy-wise then I may need to rethink some of the unimpressive sugar/sweet junkie habits I’ve gotten myself into lately. You don’t see them much on here but trust me, they exist. I’ve become a little too lax and I’m not feeling too good about it right now. Re-evaluation time.

I felt pretty good about the fact that I cooked up a buttercup squash of perfection for dinner though. I ate half of the entire thing with some edamame and was full and content. Oh boy do I love squash.


Then I sampled some mini bites (x like 10…?) of the raspberry bars.


I somehow managed to make myself do a 40 minute Tae bo DVD so even though I couldn’t do the run I had planned, two separate smaller workouts is definitely better than nothing.

AND I went out dancing last night too as a last minute thing, ran into a bunch of people I hadn’t seen in a while and had a good, genuine, purely fun time. I really needed that.


Today I worked all day and had to get up extra early to do so, therefore I wasn’t really feeling breakfast.

I had a coffee and a bite of banana + pb before leaving. Then another coffee and an apple later on in the morning.


I was hungry soon after though so I dug into the bars I brought along with me:

The rest of my Apple Pie Nakd bar


…and then onto the Cocoa Loco Nakd Bar. Thanks again Lara! By the way,  LOVED it. There have actually been people who don’t like this flavour?! Crazies. Hehe.


Eventually I had lunch. I brought my own but we ordered chinese and I didn’t think I had enough food so I got a wonton soup to go with my packed salad (which included hummus and squash buried in there..mmmm). I didn’t eat the crunchy noodles except for a sparse few that I threw into my salad.



No shoes for lunch!

I didn’t end up eating the fruit because I also had some of my dad’s rice from his meal and was stuuuuufffed.

When I finally got home for dinner I heated up the rest of my lovely squash and had a wrap with chicken, spinach and sauteed red peppers. Oh. So. GOOD.

002 016

Then I massacred a massive mango, ate it all and decided that mangos are officially my favourite fruit. Aside from bananas. And grapes. And berries… Okay I just love fruit but seriously, mangos rule.

And on a slightly food-related note, we got a new fridge! I’ll try to remember to take a picture of it tomorrow. Our old one was, well, OLD and starting to sputter and choke so it was time to give it the heave ho.

I’m a little bit of a rollercoaster right now (even through the course of this post!) so I’m hoping for a bit of uplift this coming week. Sorry for the ups and downs! Oy yoy yoy.

Have a lovely Sunday!


20 thoughts on “Sugar, Oh Honey Honey

  1. The dessert you made does look really tasty. Should have just cut a proper slice though instead of going back for all the nibbles. I figure there’s less guilt that way :)

    And have I ever mentioned, I’m jealous that you actaully have light to take pictures with? They always look so pretty.

  2. that dessert you made for your mom looks amazing!! And needless to say that squash is really made into perfection! :) I need to replenish my kabocha supply!

  3. Holy raspberry!! That looks delicious! Oh Matthew…I’m glad the movie was good!

    Cottage cheese strike?! I need to join you but I’m thoroughly addicted – I need rehab! What a fantastico wrap!! YUM :)

    I hope your roller coaster ride ends soon! I hate when I’m all over the place, it mentally exhausts me!

  4. Those bars look tasty Kristie, great job! :)

    I know what it’s like…I’m going through a bit of an emotional time right now myself, so hang in there! If you need to talk, you know where to find me!! :)

  5. haha I love the photo of your shoe in that shot!

    I haven’t been on the treadmill in a long time and I’m probly going to have the same result as you when I get into the swing of things…but we’ll get back into it!

  6. Those raspberry bars look amazingly delicious. I am also seriously addicted to cool whip. I divid a tub into 4 parts and have 1/4 as a snack. It helps with portion control if I do it that way and I still enjoy one of my favorite food groups :)

  7. Sheesh!!! Everything looks fab. Your pics are so bright and colorful!!!Where did you buy your nakd bar???

  8. That dessert looks fabby! Cool whip is seriously an addiction..when it’s around for Thanksgiving for the pies, there is a serious problem at hand. And mangos are the BEST fruit out there! Have a good Sunday!

  9. I really need to cut down on my own snacking.. For me it’s like ‘I don’t know what I’m hungry for’ so I take bites of lots of things, pretty much have my snack standing up, and then I put my ‘real’ snack on a plate. I really need to stop that. lol
    Pretty looking dessert though I love it :) And go look for the Liberte cafe latte you will not be dsiappointed!!!!

  10. Seriously, everything you eat looks so healthy and perfect. I can’t imagine that you would have any bad habits. I’m always in awe of you!
    That dessert looks bombin!

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