A Terrible Habit

I have a terrible habit. I need to break this habit. But I don’t quite know how.
I snack while I make food. Constantly. Anything I make, I snack on in the process. Cutting up banana for a pot of oats? A quarter of it won’t make it to the pot. Cutting up veggies for a salad? Many won’t make it to the bowl. A snack of cottage cheese? I’ll eat just as much (if not more) straight from the container before even putting it in a bowl.
I hate this habit. Often I’ll snack so much during prep that I kill most of my appetite for my meal. I still eat the meal.
This is a big contributor to the fact that I don’t bake all that often. I want to bake!

Anyone else have this habit? Or had it in the past and managed to break it? How do you avoid snacking while making meals? I really want to stop doing this! I feel like I would enjoy my meals so much more if I didn’t a big chunk of them in bits and pieces before they even got put together. I guess I need to work on the will power thing…


I woke up with a cough. Pffft what? I don’t know where it came from… maybe it’s allergies to the new spring season?

Either way, it made me want to load up on fresh goodness for breakfast.


This smoothie was mad delicious. It included: frozen banana, a baby clementine, one small apple, spinach, kale, almond milk, vanilla soy protein powder and liquid whey. I don’t usually use apple or orange in smoothies so I wasn’t sure how the flavour would turn out but I loved it!


This definitely beat out any smoothie I’ve made with berries.

I’m now wasting my days away doing nothing since school is done. I need to get a job really badly. I’m going to go nuts. I work one day a week (Saturdays) but that’s not nearly enough, especially when I have nothing really else to do all week. I’ve been cleaning and such and it’s only the first week off but I’m already getting bored. I’m just really terrible at searching for jobs. The thought of it actually makes me nervous. Ugh. I know it needs to be done though so I’ll be getting on that asap… hopefully… sigh.

I eventually ate a salad that helped me finish up last bits of containers of cottage cheese, refried beans and sour cream. Nice.


Later on there was MAIL. Mail is usually never all that exciting for me. Yesterday was different, however, because I received a very special package.


I won Lara’s British Bar Contest a little while back and I finally got them! I was beyond excited to have all of these in my possession:

048 051

I spent plenty of time being a creepy food obsessor and giggling while looking over each and every one, then I had to begin the taste testing.

067 075 077

I tried the Nakd Apple Pie Bar. So good! Similar to a Larabar but a little more dense/baked good-like? So I’m terrible at trying to come up with a way to explain it but rest assured it was darn tasty.
Thank you thank you thank you Lara!!

Not quite as exciting but I also got this coupon for a free box of Kashi granola bars. Free is cool in my books.


After admiring my bars some more I finally got started on a new dinner. I had a nice big container of ricotta cheese sitting in the fridge waiting to be made into something new and fun, so I used Coco’s Veggie Ricotta Pudding recipe that had intrigued me a while back and I had saved just for an occasion where ricotta was gracing my refrigerator shelves.

My version: (All measurements are very approximate. I just basically threw random amounts together)

First Layer- 1.5 cups canned sweet potato puree + 1 egg white
Second Layer – 1/2 bag frozen spinach, 1/4 diced onion, garlic powder, 2 egg whites
Third Layer – 1.5 cups light ricotta, 2 tbsp light herb and garlic cream cheese, sprinkling feta

Each layer was spread into a baking dish then cooked at 375 for 45 minutes.


Plenty o’ goodness in this dish. And pretty darn simple with the canned sweet potato already conveniently in my cupboard. Baking a sweet potato beforehand then mashing it up would probably be even tastier though.

And I had more spinach with it. The fresh stuff.


I’m not doing a very good job at taking pictures of my desserts but rest assured they do exist. Usually it’s just me chowing down on bites of yogurt straight from the container, cereal straight from the box and nut butter straight from the jar. Photos are an afterthought.


This morning started off really tasty.

I made oats with whey, almond milk, banana, cinnamon, agave and raisins. I never think to add raisins but these are a great addition! Will be used more often for sure.

Then I topped them peaches n cream style with a little something I bulleted together last night: canned peaches, plain yogurt, cinnamon, flax and a splash of hazelnut creamer. So freaking delicious. It tasted like a baked peach crisp dessert.

012 018 022

+ Icccccced Coffee. Love em.


I started a deep bedroom clean. As in dusting every nook and cranny. I got about half done but then I got bored of it. I may continue the task tomorrow. I broke it off for a mad good wrap I was dreaming up.


This included Spicy Sabra hummus, a slice of fat free swiss, spinach, baby tomatoes and pickle all heated up.

Paired with iceberg lettuce wedges drizzled in garlic vinaigrette, this lunch did not disappoint.



You would think though, with such a satisfying lunch, I would be satisfied enough not to want to dig into more food. Nope, not the case.

I defrosted a homemade nut butter bar from my freezer and stuffed and topped it with Chocolate PB2 mixed with lemon meringue yogurt. This was not as big as it looks. More like two-bite brownie size.


Delicious. But yet again not satisfying enough. I’m having a terribly sweet and carby day and immediately after this I went right for the cereal.

Some of it made it into the bowl! (Most of it only made it from box to mouth)


After feeling stupid about eating a whole bunch of cereal after already having an entire lunch, I still felt for more food. I guess I was still hungry. I had an apple. Not sweet enough for today’s sweet tooth.

The Easter chocolate won. I had two Easter egg things left. I opened both. I had a bite of each. I rewrapped them and put them away. I later gave the rest of them to my brother. He gladly accepted my gracious chocolate givings. I am now completely out of Easter candy. I love it but FINALLY. It’s about time I got rid of the chocolate voices calling after me.

Blah blah oh well.

The rest of my day was treadmill, groceries, dinner.

Dinner was Fettucine Hungry Girlfredo! using Tofu Shirataki noodles. Oh so good. If you can get over the initial fishy smell when you open the package of course…

I used laughing cow and a wee bit of full fat sour cream since that’s all we have right now. It wasn’t cheesy enough though so I also threw in a bit of light cream cheese. If I’m going for a cheesy dish I want it to be cheesy alright? I also veggied it up with sauteed red peppers, mushrooms and shallots. Oh and I also threw in a couple pieces of leftover baked tofu. One big tofulicious meal!

065 085 072

Full package of noodles. I ate and loved every bite.

Now I’m hungry again. Big darn surprise. I’m gonna go grab a big apple. Maybe two. Mmm.

27 thoughts on “A Terrible Habit

  1. I snack while I cook, but I don’t see it as such a bad thing, I guess because I never make myself so full that I can’t eat dinner & enjoy it. I figure I need to at least taste what I’m making, so I know if it’s good or not. Plus, if I was planning on eating that portion anyways, whether I snack on it before hand, or eat it with my dinner, it’s all gonna end up in my tummy anyways.

    You oats look pretty awesome. And I have a package of tofu shiritaki noodles in my fridge I have yet to do anything with. I’ve never tried them before – do you think the faux alfredo is a good thing to start with?

    • I think faux alfredo is definitely the way to go. I’m sure they would be great with any pasta-like topping but hungry girl says that cheesy sauces stick better to the somewhat slimy exterior of the pasta and I think they’re right. I can’t see a tomato sauce staying on quite as nicely.

  2. I think a lot of people snack while making meals…especially when I’m hungry and get home in anticipation of dinner!

    Sometimes, I pop a piece of gum into my mouth before making dinner to prevent me from snacking. Or I sip on a glass of water or sparkling water.

    But honestly, that piece of banana or salad veggies won’t kill you! You’re not eating a whole box of Oreos while making a salad right? :) It’s all good.

  3. I’m the same way… if I truely want to avoid taste testing everything I chew on some mint gum or brush my teeth right before cooking. The mint flavor in my mouth makes things taste funky so I don’t try foods as much!

  4. i always have unintended bites and tastes while i cook–this is ultra bad when i am baking and not intending to eat the final product! my method is to chew sugar free gum.. if i am chewing gum i will not put anything else in my mouth!

    love the food photos in this one.. especially that wrap.

    i follow hungry girl and i have never made the girlfredo, glad to see you trying it. i cannot find the shirataki noodles locally and i cant decide if i want to order them online, do you think they are worth it?

    • I really enjoyed them! I don’t know how often I would order them considering shipping isn’t the cheapest thing in the world and I CAN live without them, but I do think they are a great pasta alternative and would definitely buy them regularly if I were able to get my hands on them more conveniently.

  5. Hehe…sorry for the random card…as you know I was visiting my family at the time so that was the best I could do ;) I hope you enjoy them!

    I definitely struggle with snacking while baking. Not so much with dinner (with that I struggle with AFTER dinner snacking). WIth baking, I try to think about hygeine stuff…like how gross it is if I have a bite of dough and then continue to make it. That usually helps. But yeah, snacking in general is something I am fighting lately. Tea? Gum? I don’t know!

  6. I usually find that cooking keeps me from snacking. As far as baking, I always lick the leftover batter!

    I have an irritating cough this week to! I was also thinking of allergies.

    You’ve got a lot of great food going on in this post! The smoothie looks awesome!

  7. I TOTALLY do the snacking thing! I can’t help it so I try to make my meals that get pictured on the blog a little bit smaller.

    Fun mail!! I’m pretty jeal of the Eat Natural bar – it sounds so good! I need to try that HG meal! I love creamy and cheesy!

    Hope you’re enjoying your break (and not going too crazy from lack of things to do)!

  8. I used to snack a lot whilst cooking- I think it was because I’d wait until I was starving to think about food, then was too impatient to wait until it was ready! Maybe keep on hand sume cut up peppers/radishes/pickles as an “appetizer” whilst making stuff?

  9. I also snack while cooking. I don’t think it is something to be too worried about, especially when you are snacking on things like veggies, fruit, and yogurt. Like others have suggested, I chew on some sugar-free gum to avoid the snacking while I cook. It helps sometimes.
    I completely understand the boredom with school being done. I hate sitting around at home with nothing to do and I am in that situation right now. My summer job doesn’t start until the end of May. I am just trying to do things that I don’t have time to do while school and work are in session.

  10. so jealous that you are taste testing all those bars, they look delish!!! i snack while cooking too, but i try to take out what i am planning to eat first. like, if i am making a salad, i put out everything i am using and then wash and slice veggies. so if i snack on some then, that just means less in my bowl, since i only took out one tomato to begin with. it works, sometimes :)

  11. I have the exact same problem – I eat a lot while cooking or putting together food!!! I have gotten a lot of suggestions, but none of them work for me. I think I just need to quit cold turkey.

  12. I ALWAYS munch when I cook. Always. I can’t help it!

    Your photography is out of this world fantastic. I love it. That picture of your Green Monster is crazy cool!

  13. I eat a whole meal as I make my whole meal. I actually pull the bag of carrots out of the fridge for this exact purpose: to eat while I prep. I definitely need to knock this habit. I know what you mean about killing the appetite. I can’t remember the last time I’ve eaten dinner and actually been hungry… because I kill of the hungry during the cooking time!! ARGH!

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who can eat three desserts after a satisfying meal. Sometimes a girl just needs more than one because the first one didn’t do the trick!!

  14. Hi hi! I have been reading your blog for awhile now but have never commented because I just started blogging yesterday! But I wanted to say how much I love all your healthy and delish eats and reading all about them! Your wrap looks soo good and I used to be addicted to the fakey sugary packaged peaches n cream oatmeal at boarding school so now I’ll have to make yours! xoxo Brooke

  15. Don’t worry too much about the snacking, but maybe trying chewing on a piece of gum while you prepare your meals!! Then you can fully enjoy your yummy concoctions!

    And I would eat EVERYTHING in this post, it all looks so good!! I hate that fishy shiritaki noodle smell, but I can’t wait to try more hungry girl recipes for it! Summer (and a lovely kitchen) is just so close……

  16. I snack when baking/cooking/standing around the kitchen, etc. I am currently trying to conquer this problem too. One thing that helps me resist is thinking about myself in a bikini for this summer: a few hundred extra calories here and there might make a (bad) difference!

  17. Hi Kristie!!

    I’m sooo sorry for not commenting on your blog lately…!! But it’s all due to the exam session coming on me now!! =// I’m finishing my high school YAY!!

    Well,well!!! It’s great to be back here again!! =D I’m SOOOOOO HAPPY to see you enjoying SMOOTHIES !!!!! =DDD GREEN SMOOTHIES ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =DDDD ENJOY THEM EVERY DAY,hah GIRLIE!!! =DDDD

    HOW ARE YOU DOING KRISITE…??? =DDD I missed you!! =D

    HOPE TO SEE YOU ON MY BLOG SOON…!!! Misssssssss you really!!!!!!! =DDDDD

    Have a lovely time!!! HUGGGGGGGG!!

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