All Night On the Beach Til the Break of Dawn

That’s what I would be doing… if there were a beach around here. No such luck. But it is now my SUMMER!

Last exam ended Saturday morning at about 10:30 a.m. Woo!

Since then I’ve been kind of out and about, doing errands, cleaning, hanging with friends… just things that I have been able to do guilt free without feeling like I have to study instead. It’s quite nice, I must say.

It’s been SO nice outside. And HOT. I even sat out and tanned today. Sitting out in the sun is just so lovely and warm and relaxing. I feel like I haven’t experienced good vitamin D packed rays in months and months so I’m loving being able to actually go outside and be HOT rather than freezing. Now if only I could experience the heat on a lovely beach rather than on a wooden lounger in my backyard…

This weekend kind of flew by though. Seriously, Monday is over already? I don’t know how that happened. Or how I managed not to update here.

Wanna take a peak at what I’ve eaten these past several days?


Blended Kamut Flakes (A Chocolate Covered Inspiration!) topped with almond butter cream (almond butter mixed with vanilla yogurt mmmm) and fruit.

011 020 025

+ an iced coffee


Salad with spaghetti squash and baked tofu add-ins


+ lettuce hummus wraps


Tasty Mush? I don’t actually remember exactly what this is but I’m going to guess, based on the looks of things, that there is some mango, yogurt, some kind of nut butter and some kind of cereal thrown in there. 054

Dinner was partially Anna-inspired (cooked kale dressed in salt, lemon juice and nutritional yeast) and partially Hungry Girl cookbook-inspired (baked potato mixed with sour cream and salsa and seasoning and I honestly don’t remember what else but it was a whole lotta random and it worked)

060 073

Then I ate another yogurt-I-don’t-know-what-the-heck-is-in-you mix…


…and some easter junk x 2.5?
Please get out of my house! The thoughts of little chocolate eggs and easter bunnies hidden out of view in my room won’t stop haunting me. I try to keep the dreaded droplets of delight out of sight but my mind is not so easily fooled. I can forget about them once in a while but if they pop into mind then they are not forgotten until they are partially eaten. I’m down to the last bits now… stupido chocolito.



Exam day. Dun dun dun…

I drank a super power smoothie: banana, strawberries, orange, vanilla soy protein powder, almond milk, flax, spinach, ice.


I also ate a random nut butter bar thing I made ages ago from my freezer with my coffee while last minute note-scanning.


Then I came home and ate my first meal outside of the year!! This was a thrilling moment.

021 030 038

My backyard is da bomb.

And then the weather went all crazy man and starting pouring and throwing things all over the place.

So dinner was safely nestled indoors. Roasted veggies (sweet potato, white potato, zucchini, baby tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, onions, garlic). Best dinner ever. I could have probably eaten the whole (very large) pan myself but I tried to show some restraint. For some reason we hadn’t had this dinner in ages either so this was extra special. Mmmm.


Then the weather cleared up again and I went out and chilled with some friends. We went to a skuzz pub restaurant where they drank beer and I drank water, they ate appetizer platters and I snatched a couple mouth-on-fire anijitos. Then I played taxi service all over the city while running on empty. I was a little afraid of getting stranded in the opposite end of the city from where I live but somehow I managed to make it home. I didn’t bother filling up. I always put off pumping gas until I absolutely have to. Probably not the wisest idea but you know…



Mmmm Coffee.

Sarah likes to ricotta-fy her breakfasts and I remembered that during the last grocery store trip when I saw ricotta on sale. So I got some and ricottafied my oats.

Oats cooked in water, whey (from strained yogurt) and almond milk. Stirred in flax and SF maple syrup. Topped with flax, fruit + ricotta mixed with syrup.


Zoom +


Delightfully delicious.

Later on I went do to errands with my mom.
I ate an apple pre-errands.
I ate half a Carrot Cake Clif mid-errands.
I also ate some licorice all-sorts mid-errands. They were mad sweet. Eating them in combo with the Clif was too much sweet at once. But I was hungry and my options were minimal.

Home from errands I had a less sweet snack/lunch of spinach, carrot, zucchini, leftover sweet potato and cottage cheese.


Eventually dinner rolled around and I tried a new kind of veggie burger cooked on the GRILL. Heck yeah. Everything is more fun when BBQd. Grilled veggie burgers beat microwaved veggie burgers any day.

044 051

I topped it with dijonnaise as an after thought.

Then I ate strawberries and canned peach slices topped with strained yogurt. I love strained yogurt. Love love love.


Then I went out again. First we went to a music show that was lame and taking much too long to actually get going so we didn’t stay long.

Then my friends wanted food, the bottomless pits that they are. This time we went to a less skuzz pub restaurant. This time I did drink some beer. And also gave into the peer pressure of a chicken wing (or two… crapo. I don’t even like chicken wings! But the sauce was bangin) and swiped some mad delicious shoestring sweet potato fries. And possibly a bite of my friend’s mile-high whipped cream-topped warm brownie. Why oh why does everyone love greasy garb so much? I can easily go without ordering anything for myself (I don’t actually want the food and I’m never really hungry during these night food excursions… I had a good solid dinner!)  but to sit there for an hour and stare at everyone chowing down… it’s a tough battle and the grease wins out. If only pub restaurants sold little cut up veggie platters or fruit plates for snacking on, I’d be MORE than content! Beer and fruit salad? Why not?

Then the group broke up because some wanted to go to a house party and my friend and I wanted to hit up Sunday night Retro dancing. Except apparently so did the rest of the city because it was already at capacity. Pffft. We waited a half hour and then decided to forget it since the line wasn’t budging, and we missioned on home. We did a lot of missioning around town last night. I stupidly left my warmer sweater behind before we ventured out. It was not nearly warm enough… live and learn.


Eggs in a blanket! Tortilla blanket that is. Most specifically – egg whites, ricotta, spinach, FF swiss, salsa in a tortilla blanket.

004 013 008

Then the cleaning bug hit so I did a kitchen deep clean. We’re talking rearranging and wiping down the insides of cupboards and Windexing the top of the fridge and ceiling fan. That kind of deep clean. Maybe my life calling is a Molly Maid?

I didn’t really work up as much of an appetite as I was hoping after all that (eggs just have darn good staying power) but I wanted to eat (when do I not want to eat though, for real) so I made a crazy salad bowl with crazy add-ins that included spagetti squash, refried beans, salsa, sour cream and hummus. Yeah not so crazy at all but it looks like a mess.


Eaten outside again, boo ya!

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon outside doing things like reading magazines, doing taxes and burning a little bit.

I was going to be an unlazy individual and try to get some exercise in but my friend wanted sushi. Sushi or exercise… What do YOU think won?
One guess only.

It was seaweed salad and a california roll. Lots of green tea. No pictures.

I was out for a while. By the time I got home I was snacky. I ate lots of yogurt with lotsx2 cereal mixed in. Then I heard that stupid chocolate bunny sitting in my room. He would NOT shut up. There was clearly only one way to fix that.

And I still haven’t exercised. And I’m tired. And I was going to go to bed an hour ago.
Cranky pants is going to go get some shut eye.


21 thoughts on “All Night On the Beach Til the Break of Dawn

  1. this looks like the perfect weekend of beautiful food! what an update. and congrats on being on vacation and done with exams! i can’t wait until i have that guilt-free feeling, too, sigh.

    i am the same way when other people are eating in front of me. i always have to have a bite here, a bite there …

  2. rock’n nights after school is out.

    and the patio is bang’n. of course it can be just as much fun as the beach…the sun will always be there!

    so glad your finished and able to wind down. everything looks amazing!

  3. Congrats on being done with school!

    And yay for enjoying the sunshine! I love eating outside too.

    I know what you mean about going out with friends! But if I remember right (and things haven’t changed recently) Morty’s has a side of veggies and dip you can get. It’s not a whole lot but it’s healthier than all that greasy stuff. So if you wind up there, you can always go for that :)

  4. Welcome to Miami! Glad you are soaking up your sweet freedom from classes!

    Roasted veggies? De-Lish!! Hooray for eating outside! It makes everything taste better! Would you like to Molly Maid my house?! ;)

    Enjoy your summer!!!

  5. It is great to hear an update from you! Congratulations on being done with your classes – it must feel so good to not need to study! Your eats over the weekend look great and very healthy! I would say, take it easy on yourself over the later night eating out. You eat so well almost all of the time, some treats aren’t going to hurt and make life fun too!

  6. If bar food wasn’t greasy/heavy, people would stop drinking a whole lot earlier and not drink as much. Seriously… if you order a salad entree and drink beer with it I guarantee you’ll drink less beer than you will if you order a burger & fries. They know what’ll bring the sales, haha.

  7. yay for eating outside!!! the same thing happens to me when i go out…im not hungry and then BAM i just ordered an ice cream sundae or ate half of someone’s fries LOL. those easter bunnies are so bad, arent they?? they just keep calling until you have to go grab them!!! at least when you eat it all it will be gone, right :)

  8. talking chocolate bunnies are THE worst!
    unlike eating outside, which is obviously awesome. I got that weather on Saturday night too in Ottawa… I was bbq’ing and the wind decided to throw the garbage can at me. Not very cool!
    Eats look great — especially the roasted veggies. Yum.
    And HAPPY SUMMER to you!

  9. Congrats on being done with school!!!!! I’m so jealous that your summer has begun! I cannot wait to eat and just lay out in the beautiful sun!!

    I totally agree, I’m rarely hungry for the late night food runs, but starting at friends chowing down makes the food pretty tempting!!

    The roasted veggies (and on the grill, yay!), iced coffee, oats, wrap…all look delicious!

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  11. Congrats on finishing your last exam! I love the sunny weather pics–it’s so dreary here in England today :( Glad you are enjoying the sun!
    Beer + chicken wing is good every once in a while I say ;) Way to celebrate :)

  12. WOW this post just over-loaded me with great ideas! i love the almond butter mixed w/ yogurt idea as well as the breakfast wrap ingredients. plus your dishes are cute and i love the strawberry photo!

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