Yummy Yoga and Groovin GURU

Yesterday, after a nice treadmill run and Level 2 Shredding with Jillian, I tried some YOGA for the first time! Well technically I tried it way back in the day when I did a beginner’s DVD but that DVD was terrible, slow and boring so it doesn’t count. Anyway, yesterday I jumped on the Polly Yoga bandwagon and finally tried the coveted Polly’s Yoga for Runners. I never really thought I would be a yoga person but there has been so much yoga speak and yoga love all over the food blog world that lately I’ve found myself wanting to try it more and more. And although this first experience was only with the brief 10 minute video (I’m not at ‘memorized yoga poses on a cliff overlooking a lake’ level quite yet…), I enjoyed it! Maybe I could actually get into this yoga thing after all, easing in of course. More Yummy Yoga in the near future? I think so!

Enough of the fun and games though, as Saturday is fast approaching and thus so is my very last exam. So after more than a week-long break I’m back into the study groove. I’m not too worried about this exam so I’m not going study crazy, but I just can’t wait until it’s completely done. I can’t believe some of you aren’t finished for weeks yet! And here I am being fed up with school stuff, yeesh.

Related to the topic of studying though is energy. Many of us students (I’m at least speaking for myself here!) lack it and need it for those late night study sessions. I know I sure do. So I was beyond delighted when I received a giant box of liquid energy courtesy of Vivianne and Guru Energy Drinks.

040 049

Guru energy drinks are not like other energy drinks though because they are…
100% natural.


Each drink contains guarana, panax ginseng, gingko biloba and echinacea, that work together to provide a natural energy boost.


They also come in unique and delicious flavours, including Tangerine, Superfruit, Lemonade and Green Tea Honey-Lemon on top of the Original and Lite Guru drinks.

047 (2) 092

I’ve tried almost all of them so far and it’s hard to pick a favourite! They each have a lightly fizzy, fruity and refreshing flavour. I’m a fan! I was also excited to find them stocked in two small local health stores in the area, only furthering to legitimate the natural and organic labels on these drinks (for the record, these health food stores do not carry any other energy drink brands).

If you’re looking for a quick and tasty energy boost and are tired of (and probably immune to the effects of!) coffee but but don’t want to load up on the typical unnatural and chemical loaded energy drinks, I highly recommend GURU. They also have a fun blog that’s worth checking out.
Thanks again Vivianne!

And since I only got down breakfast in yesterday’s post, here are the rest of yesterday’s eats:

Fridge Clearing Salad: spinach, zucchini, tomatoes, orange pepper, cottage cheese, 1/4 veggie burger, noodles from my leftover chicken noodle soup. Dressed in balsamic vinegar + dijon mustard mixed.


Egg white/salsa/FF swiss on english muffin half with some fries and bagged frozen veggies. The amount of egg white I cooked up was pathetically small though (par accident) so this was not filling enough.


I tried to later fill the void with iced coffee. (I think I also had several dates right after dinner but no photographic evidence of that datescapade)


Didn’t work. So I tried an apple heated and topped with cinnamon and PB2 mixed with yogurt and a bit of FF syrup.


Didn’t work either and not nearly as good as I was anticipating. I didn’t finish it.

Instead I just went with what I wanted all along – plain yogurt mixed with vanilla soy protein powder.


Much better. Although my stomach still ended up rumbling as I was going to bed. Whoooo knows.

Study study study time!


14 thoughts on “Yummy Yoga and Groovin GURU

  1. Yep, Polly is awesome. I’m thinking about getting more into yoga, too.
    Haha and you sound just like… I think to myself “I really want THIS for dessert” but instead I have 2 other desserts instead, hate it, and then have the original idea as dessert #3.
    Oh well, life is short and three desserts rock. :)

  2. “Fridge clearing salad”–I love it. I find myself making those a lot lately!
    I love Polly’s videos. I’m not an experienced yoga person either, but she makes it seem so fun and approachable.

  3. Fuuuunnnn drinkable mail!! ;)

    I love the fridge clearing eats! A little bit of this, a little bit of that! I need to try the protein/yogurt combo soon!

    Good luck studying, girlie!!

  4. Girl you gotta go try “real yoga”. Its so much different when the teacher talks to you and helps you ease into twisting positions. Make a goal to go at least once a week for a month and see what you think then.
    But GURU part I agree on 100%, this is the “real deal” no crap etc.
    Great blog

  5. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for the shout out the other day!

    Sooo those energy drinks would do SO WELL in stores around here, on a college campus! I know people who care about their health, but need a little more energy to get through that studying session, would totally love them! Must hunt them down!

  6. I’ve definitely never seen those energy drinks before, although, I can’t really say I’m one for energy drinks anyways. I’m not a coffee drinker, and I’m even off the daily Diet Coke now. At least they are all natural. Did you find they gave you an energy boost? I always question the legitamacy of their claims.

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