Risky Food Business

I’m good to go.

During my post-sickness recovery day yesterday I took it as an excuse to sit around the entire day. Rest is important in recovery right? I was still tired and blah but my stomach was a-okay. Which meant I didn’t worry about taking things too carefully on the eating front.

I did the toast thing: 1/2 a loaf heel smooshed with PB2 and pineapple chunks. I was feeling risky.


I also felt an obligation to canned chicken noodle soup but soup alone is far too simplistic for a risky palette so I paired him with a Kailey-style sweet potato. This is the way to do a sweet potato and I couldn’t wait to try it any longer after seeing hers look so darn good basically every single day. 

015 017

I also ate some dried apricots, which I’m embarrassed to note are only slightly more wrinkly than my hands. Post-winter hand dryness recovery needed!


I should have napped during the day but I didn’t. Sitting is almost as non-energy-using as napping though… I’m just not a napper. Unless I’m completely dead tired I just can’t sleep during day time hours.

Dinner was probably the most risky meal of all. I was clearly no longer worried for my stomach by this point. I went wrap-mad and loaded it up with garlic hummus, salsa, spinach and a spicy bean veggie burger.

033 042


Oh so delicious.

Later on for a snack I had a cereal/frozen banana+mango/vanilla yogurt bowl.


I decided it would be good to introduce a teeny bit of movement into my day so I went on a brisk chilly evening walk with my ma, then did my 100 abs and 100 push ups (I missed out during my bed-ridden Monday so I had to double up!)

I got a good full night’s sleep and now I’m feeling quite back to normal. Still a wee bit on the tired side but I blame that mostly on the dreary weather. I kind of like it though since I am (should be…) studying all day for upcoming exam Saturday. Woooo.

I started this morning off with a big bowl of oat bran + rolled oats. Usually I make my oats with a mixture of water and almond milk but for some ridiculous reason I opted for only water today. Bad call, they tasted so BLAH. I had banana in there too but it didn’t help. I ended up drizzling in SF gingerbread syrup + a bunch of flax to liven up the base, then topped with a big tbsp of chunky almond butter. By the time I was done doctoring it it was excellent. Phew!



Then I decided to clean out the brownie pan that was taking up too much room in the fridge and put them in a smaller container. I may have snacked on some brownie as I did this. Another bad call since this put me over the top full. Ick.

Then I went to school to attend a drop-in exam review session for my upcoming exam. Except there seemed to be some terrible lack of communication skills (and this is for a communications class, go figure) between whoever organized it since us diligent students were told the review began at 10 but somehow the prof thought it was at 10:30? We weren’t that impressed but eventually she showed up and now I feel slightly more prepared so I guess all was not lost.

I came home and snacked on some rice crackers. Delicious on their own but all that much better once topped with hummus and goat cheese. I’m bad at taking pictures of snacks though so you’re lucky you even get this one. It even gives you another glimpse at my lovely orange hands. Oh sigh. 


You know, maybe my tired is due to the fact that I haven’t had a cup of coffee in three days. This must be some kind of record! I record I intend to break today though, probably with my lunch. I want my coffee!

Thanks for the Get Wells and Happy Hump day!


17 thoughts on “Risky Food Business

  1. It’s good that you are feeling better. But I don’t know how you deal with the orange hands. I think if I was turning orange, I would probably change what I was eating.

    And you are a better student than I ever was – I don’t think I ever showed up to any review session put on for any of my classes!

  2. I’m not a napper either, I feel your pain! That wrap is perfection!! I give it a 10!

    Sweet potatoes are a cure all! They’ll fix all your problems AND give you a sweet tan! All the cool bloggers are turning orange ;)

  3. Glad you are feeling better!! I can not nap either.

    Your food looks amazing, especially the wrap! And I bet those brownies were delicious :)

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