Under the Weather

That’s really the only appropriate word to describe my day yesterday.

I went out Sunday night, had a few drinks, had a good time yada yada. I woke up bright and early yesterday morning feeling alright. I was up for a couple hours, dilly dallying on the computer, eventually made myself a smoothie, things were all good.

First smoothie I’ve ever had with kale. It also included almond milk, flax, fresh strawberries and frozen banana.

011 026 131.jpg

I was a bit afraid of the kale but it ended up being quite the tasty addition.  I was still doing alright. I was up for a little longer until I started feeling pretty meh. I thought maybe it had something to do with the combination of drinking the night before and then a light smoothie in the morning, so I rummaged for some more food substance.

I had half an english muffin dry.


Then another half sandwiched with a slice of melted cheddar.


Yeah, no. This didn’t help me at all. I went back to bed and lied there for a while. I lost my morning eats. And everything else I tried to put in my body yesterday. Pardon the imagery.

To condense it all, I spent the entire day in bed, sleeping for the majority of it. I did have a quick bath in the afternoon to feel some kind of revival, but after that I didn’t leave my bed until this morning. I can’t even count the number of hours I slept. I ate crackers and drank a bit of water and Gatorade but I hardly even had any of those because liquids made my feel icky.

This was no hangover. I’m pretty sure it was some form of the flu. I’ve been feeling constantly tired and off for at least a week now, and I think my late night combined with alcohol just really set it off. I think that day of sleep was desperately needed though so I’m hoping I’ll be feeling renewed and refreshed in the next couple days.

It’s kind of shocking what dehydration can do to the body though. For curiosity’s sake I stepped on the scale this morning and was down 3 lbs. I guess I wrung my body completely dry. I’m afraid to chug water right now though, as much as I’m sure I really need it, so I think I’m going to take it slow and stick with sipping throughout the day.

I’m feeling pretty alright today. I had toast with almond butter and mashed banana this morning.


And, I’ll admit, a bite or two of brownie that my mom apparently made last night while I was long asleep. I must be feeling better. ;)

I’m thinking soup will soon be in order. Maybe a nap too. Anyone know what else is good to eat for post-sickness recovery?


20 thoughts on “Under the Weather

  1. Humm… post-sickness foods. Soup is definitely good. Crackers. And if you feel like you can’t eat, Gatorade is good – the calories will replenish you. It’s always made me feel a little better.

    So sorry you’re still feeling crappy. Hope you kick this soon!

  2. I always give my kids dry cheerios when they’re recovering from the stomach flu! Sorry to hear that you were sick, but glad to hear that you’re on the mend!!!

  3. Your green monster reminds me of Christmas :)

    Sorry about the flu incident!! Whenever I was sick my parents would feed me saltine’s and ginger ale. Definitely DON’T eat Chinese fried rice because it looks the same if ya know what I mean!!

  4. Feel better soon!
    When I’m sick I usually stick to toast or broth-y soups – really basic chicken noodle like Lipton. Sometimes I can manage herbal tea which is a nice break from constantly sipping at water.

  5. oh my gosh!!! sorry to hear that you are feeling sick too. i hope that i am not getting whatever you have, you poor girl!!!!! i am a big fan of the old school soup, saltines, gatorade combo whenever i am sick. white foods are always good too! plain pasta, sliced bread, rice, that kind of stuff. hope you feel better soon!!!

  6. Oh nooo! I’m so sorry you had a nasty monday! I had throwing up more than anhything. For me, a big plain bagel really helps. I don’t like to think about how carby it is, but sometimes it just acts as a great equilizer. I hope you feel better ASAP!

  7. ahhhhh, so sorry you’re sick!! that’s the worst feeling. i’m glad you could find a way to choke down the brownie, though :-) i also recommend applesauce and chicken broth!

  8. Hope you recover quickly! As much as I hate it sometimes refined food helps me like saltines, or pasta.
    Definitely have some soup as well nothing helps like soup.

  9. hey! i recently discovered your blog and i really enjoy reading it so i thought i would say hello. hope you feel better soon! thanks for all the great food ideas :)

  10. Oh no! Really, when I’m sick I just eat what sounds good. Don’t worry about nutrition or calories or anything, because your body will tell you what it needs. I hope it’s just a 24-hour thing :(

  11. Hey Kristie…I just recently stumbled upon your blog and am loving it, especially since you’re in the same city as me! I go to UW.

    Just curious, where do you tend to do your grocery shopping? Besides the regular big grocers, I’ve found few specialty health food stores. I did find a pretty good one the other day but you seem to have much more variety in your foods than I’ve been able to find!

  12. Yuck! Sorry about that. I had a similar experience the last time I was hungover… it felt like a really bad flu and wiped me out for the whole day! I’ve found bananas help a lot…

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