Weather Reports and Perfect Parfaits

The weekend is almost over already? Where does the time go? It’s been a lovely one though, the weather is finally beautiful! We’ve had warm warm warm for several days now and although today is pretty darn chilly, the sun has been shining all day. I love chilly sunny days, they’re so refreshing.

But I have this inkling you’re not here for a weather report, am I right? :)


Hey hey yogurt parfait! Baby orange slices, strawberries, banana slices and blackberries sandwiched between layers of plain yogurt and Fiber One, topped off with flax and granola.


I used to make yogurt parfaits all the time! I kind of forgot about them. Then again, they’re not exactly a winter-friendly breakfast. Perfect for the summery months that are a-comin though.

Lunch was gigantor fam-sized salad time: spinach, kale, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and the fun add-ins included leftover soba noodles, a dollop of vegetable hummus and wasabi peas! (an Erin and Kath inspiration)


In the aft I did some shopping with my ma and bought a couple shirts.
Then I did more shopping with my friend and bought more shirts. I’m in one of those “I’m tired of everything I own” kind of phases so I’m looking for new new new clothes. I guess new seasons call for new outfits!

Before shopping I had a quick snack at home but my friend and I shopped for a while and in the end we needed refuelling. So we hit up the grocery store, bought packs of grocery store sushi and a giant tub of rainbow sorbet and ate in the mall food court. No no, we didn’t eat all the sorbet. We put a nice dent in though.

Then we met up with another friend and went to small pub where we listened to live music and had beer and waffle fries. Pub fries are the greasiest fries in all existence. Slightly irresistible though, so I paired a few with a glass of beer while we chatted about people who are bonkers and sang along with the jolly guitar man who seemed to know how to play every song in existence.


I woke up in the morning to find leftover takeout Indian food in the fridge. I can’t have new food in my fridge and not try it. I sampled a few many bites and then didn’t really feel very hungry so the breakfast that actually made it onto a plate was just some fruit and coffee. Not very exciting but nice and colourful.


For work lunch I packed a kale and spaghetti squash salad with hummus. There was some leftover pasta and macaroni salad in the work fridge so I threw some onto my salad as well. They were a week old. That might not have been such a good idea but apparently I find no risk in eating old leftovers. I survived so I guess they weren’t rotten just yet.


I picked up the pizza that everyone else had for lunch at the grocery store and while there I saw this dressing on sale:


I love the dressing they use on house salads at sushi restaurants and this is basically the same thing so I just had to have it. I realized later when I got back to work that cashier boy did not give me the sale price. Incompetence! I’m now 50 unnecessary cents poorer. Oh woe-is-me.

I also had an apple and then cracked open this Cherry Chocolate BumbleBar.

034 037

(Ew dry cuticles!)
I had about 1/3 of the bar. This was my first try of a BumbleBar but I have to admit I was not very impressed. I don’t know if it was just the chocolate cherry combo that was weird but I just didn’t like this very much! I’m going to finish the rest, but probably mixed in yogurt or something. I’m not going to completely rule out BumbleBars yet since they seem to have lots of different flavours and I started out with a slightly off-beat flavour. I’m guessing the nut flavours might be better? Has anyone else ever tried Bumblebars? What flavours do you like?

For dinner I had an egg white/salsa/spinach/FF cheese mess on half an english muffin along with a side of edamame. Best speedy dinner ever. I also had some radioactive orange velveeta mac and cheese but it was too bright for blog eyes.


Sweet treat = frozen mango and vanilla yogurt mixed with a Tbsp of PB2. This was goooood.


But not good enough because for some reason I then went choco-crazy and ate a bunch of chocolate easter eggs. Why are those things not gone out of my house yet?!

I had potential going out plans but my friend couldn’t get her act together in time so I said screw it and chilled in on Saturday night. And I actually didn’t mind it at all. Mmm sleep.


Today is good ol Sunday. It seemed like an oat bran kind of day so I blended some up with banana, cottage cheese, almond milk, flax and agave. After blending it was a little too liquidy though so the only thing that seemed right to fix the problem was a big TBSP of dusty PB2 to thicken it up, which did the trick perfectly.


I also ate things like pineapple and bites of cauliflower muffin but they were a little camera shy.

Then I went shopping. Yet again. Addiction much? I only bought one cheap top though so my wallet was pretty happy.

Upon home arrival I made a quick late lunch of spinach salad and a bunch of cottage cheese.


Then I did things like trying on clothes and raking the front yard. Nothing too exciting.

Then I made a superstar dinner: kale chips decked out in ketchup, zucchini and buttercup squash. Perfection in every way. I can’t get over how great kale chips are, most especially with ketchup. Who needs fries EVER?


A perfect healthy dinner needs to be followed by a perfect healthy dessert: fruit (baby orange, strawberries, pineapple) topped with vanilla yogurt. I kind of killed it by using that splendafied yogurt but the intention was there.


To make up for my early night last night I may just go out for some retro dancing tonight. It’s been a while and I dearly miss my retro music!

I hope you’ve all been having some super weekends! I hope to be doing plenty more blog reading catch up this week so I can find out just how super this weekend has been for all a y’all (I’m not country I swear ;)).


20 thoughts on “Weather Reports and Perfect Parfaits

  1. Friday seemed to be parfait morning!! Looks fantastic! Rainbow sorbet used to be one of my favorite ice cream flavors when I was a youngin’!

    Oh Velveeta – you do need sunglasses around that glow! But it hits the spot sometimes doesn’t it?!

    Hope you have fun tonight if you go out!!

  2. Okay, I must be a failure at making good kale chips — everyone says they’re so good, but I’ve tried making them twice, and both time they tasted like rotten sewer leaves. Could you explain how you make your chips? that way I can either blame the nasty taste on a bad recipe, or just my lack of kale skills.

    I haven’t tried a Bumble bar yet but they always seem to be on sale… hmmm… I’ll probably avoid the cherry chocolate flavour now tho, so thanks for the heads up!

  3. That parfait looks yummy! I love mixing yogurt and berries so I should give it a try.

    I’ve felt like a shopping addict recently too. But with summer coming there are so many nice things in stores… and sales! So it’s hard to resist!

  4. I live dangerously too and eat the old leftovers. I figured if it looks, smells, and doesn’t taste funky, then it’s fine to eat. That way your stomach builds up a tolerance to the sketchy foods. At least, that’s what I tell myself! HA!

    Lovely parfait. Perhaps that will be breakfast tomorrow :D

  5. Too bad about the Bumble Bars, but that’s not the first negative review I’ve read :( They looks so promising and I love the packaging, but I guess it’s what’s inside that counts!

    Have you received the bars yet? I’m worried they got lost in the mail!

  6. yay for japanese dressing! and new season is definitely good enough excuse for new clothes :D kale and spaghetti squash salad sounds really good – i am yet to find spaghetti squash in the uk!

  7. You should be glad you’re not where I’m from weather wise: my mom texted me yesterday to tell me it had topped 102 in our backyard! Yikes! Who knew SoCal could be so hot in Mid-April!

    I love the parfaits! I wish my stomach were agreeing so I could have yogurt!

    And yay for new wardrobe…I was like that this weekend except I only had Walmart to shop at so I was able to resist. Haha!

  8. Hey! I actually really like the the Bumble Bars that I’ve tried. My favorite one was the Tropical flavor. I’ve also had the Lemon and Chai too. I love how their texture is different from all the other bars out there.

  9. KRISTIE!! :)

    I’m so glad to hear you are finally done with most of your exams. Well, glad but also super jealous, since I don’t get out until June. Le sigh…

    I’m also currently in one of those “tired of everything I own” phases. I love spring shopping!

    I just tried a cashew Bumble Bar the other day. I wasn’t that impressed, either! I felt like I was eating bird food (no offense, Brittany – lol!)

    I love your blended oat bran! It looks like custard or something. C’mon, it’s late and my descriptions get worse and worse as the hours go on.

    So glad I got to catch up on your bloggie, though :)

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