Easter Egg Overkill

Good Morning and Happy Easter!

I’m taking a brief break from my oh-so-thrilling studying to eat a lovely oat bran breakfast (coupled with a few too many foil-wrapped easter chocolates ;) )in the morning sunshine.

Lindt Banana Blended Oat Bran
Times the egg by… I don’t know, ten? I’m feeling a little chocolate-induced ill right about now. Moderation? No idea what that is.

022 034

So I’ve been MIA for a long while now. Exams are killing me. I have two more this coming Tuesday but then no more until the 25th so I can’t wait to be able to breathe again come Tuesday. Thank you for all the well wishes and good luck with studying though! I appreciate and LOVE each and every comment. You guys are making my suffering somewhat bearable haha.

I’ve been eating constantly over the past week. Why does food have to be such an easy excuse to break from studying? I haven’t taken pictures of everything I’ve eaten but honestly, do you think you’d really want to see a week’s worth of every single thing that went into my mouth during my study breaks? I highly doubt it. So I’ll stick with the highlights. The kinds of things I’ve eaten to induce some kind of sanity during studying include:

Pumpkin breakfast Cookie


Gliding Calm-inspired Mexi-meal: refried beans, cumin, broccoli, zucchini, red onion, salsa topped with sweet potato guacamole (ripe avocado, baked sweet potato, lemon juice – I was actually pleasantly surprised by how nicely sweet potato and avocado go together. Mmm.)


I’ve eaten a heck of a lot of dates and a heck of a lot of peanut butter this past week.


Fruits and a cheesy egg white mess


Many a banana. More peanut butter. PB2 to be exact.


I’ve tried to keep up with my veggies. Somehow veggies aren’t as appealing when studying though. However their appeal is bumped back up when they’re paired with tempeh!


Oats with some Heather “Mousse” (avocado/cocoa/syrup deliciousness)


Baked up Butternut + Tempeh fries style.


Tried a new veggie burger: Sol Cuisine Spicy Bean Burger. Good but not high on my preferred veg burg list.


Many a pumpkin mess.


Cereal with frozen berries, flax and vanilla protein powder (protein powder in cereal = Erin-inspired. I knew I had to try this one as soon as I saw it. Perfecto)

004 019

Refried beany-hummusy-salsay tortilla-stuffed goodness.


Sometimes basic is the best way to be. Such was the case with this lovely egg white sandwich. Just micro’d egg whites and ketchup in a toasted english muffin. I need to eat this more, I enjoyed every bite.


I tried the Salt and Pepper popchips. This babies are very peppery. I liked them but they’ve got intense pepper going on. If you’re a big pepper fan then this is your kinda chip.


A bowl of blended oats. But you know what was different about this one? I used a packet of reduced sugar apple cinnamon instant oatmeal mixed with pumpkin. This stuff blended more nicely than any other bowl I’ve blended up! I don’t think I can eat a packet of instant oats unblended ever again.


Iced Coffee (and the hot stuff) has also been in my life plenty the past week.


Okay seriously, I’m still feeling icky from all the chocolate. Can chocolate hurt your lungs? Your heart? My body is aching from it. Icky. You know what I think I’m going to do about it…?
Have another chocolate egg.

Happy Easter! Enjoy a foil-wrapped egg or two ;)


24 thoughts on “Easter Egg Overkill

  1. Oh my gosh what a decadent bowl of oatmeal! All of your foods look SO insanely good – let me know if you need help studying, I’ll come to Canada and tutor you if I can eat those tasty dishes!


  2. Oh wow, delicious eats – but hang in there with all the school work and exams. You are lucky to be finished early! My last exam is at 8am on April 30th. NOT fun. LOL

  3. I’ll have to look for those popchips! My boy is a pepper freak.

    Good luck on your exams this week, you’ll do great, I’m sure of it! :)

  4. I need to wear a bib when I read your blog because I drool just looking at all your photos! I love the breakie cookie, not to mention the Lindt oats! Wow.

    I know what you mean about eating being a break. Whenever I would study, all my breaks were around eating. I shifted that eventually to be tea breaks half the time… don’t get me wrong, I still ate too much while I studied, but replacing some of the snacks with tea seemed to get my mind off the mindless muching.

    Speaking of which, I think want dates with peanut butter now… not that I’m hungry… haha! :)

  5. Chocolate has antioxidants, it has antioxidants!! ;)…..or maybe that’s just dark chocolate, but whatever…..the eggs are always going to be my favorite easter candy!!! I’m loving all of the highlights of your week in food!! The sweet potato fries, tempeh, quesedilla and all the oats combos!!! Sorry about all the school stress, it seems like you always have a million tests to study for, but at least summer is close!!!

  6. Kristie, you kill me! You have the best study eats I’ve ever seen. Mine normally consist of loads of cereal and soymilk, and anything crunchy and salty that I can dip into hummus. I will draw inspiration from you next time!

    I say eat as much chocolate as your heart desires! I sometimes eat it to the point my teeth ache. Not good, but sometimes necessary for the soul. At least that’s what I tell myself…

    Good luck with the rest of your studying and exams…you’re almost there! Have a great week :)

  7. Chocolate eggs – no worries. Easter only comes once a year. I love that you added one to your oats. :)

    Oh my gosh, sweet potato guac – YUM! I must try that. It’s needs a name…Swac? Tater Guac? Sweetamole?

    Glad you enjoyed the chocolate mousse goodness and thanks for the shout out Kristie!

    Best of luck on your 2 exams tomorrow!

    P.S. – That bowl of blended instant oatmeal did look extra creamy. Instant…who knew?

  8. haha ive been eating sooooo many chocolate eggs! i brought some to an easter brunch yesterday cause i need to get it out of the house LOL. moderation has definitely gone out my window!!

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  10. I love the single easter egg in the middle of your oats – very cute :) And lots of great other eats it looks like, even if it’s not everything you’ve had.

    Good luck with the rest of your exams!

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