Eat All Day, Study All Night…

…Let’s get it poppin… I’m in Miami Trick?
I wish I were in Miami right about now. Please try not to judge (too hard) the fact that this is my new favourite song.

Weekend highlights included: work, study, eat, sleep, study, eat, treadmill, study.

I promise I won’t be such a complainer in just over a week’s time.


Breakfast was one of those ‘little bite of this, little bite of that’ things. I was throwing together my lunch for work and ended up snacking on raw veggies and squash in the process. I was going to make myself a bowl of oats but the veggers triggered the savoury buds so instead I threw some leftover tuna into half a pita and a somewhat structured brekkie was born.

Want a bite?


Dipped in coffee perhaps?


No? Okay, moving on then.

For a work snack I tried this Chocolate Coconut Raw Organic Food Bar that I bought the other day.



The first tiny bite I tried tasted a wee bit strange. But the second  bite was perfection, and every bite after that was ever-growing perfection. This bar is amazing. It has chocolate chips in it.


I am only disappointed in the fact that I’ve only ever seen these at one small health food store. I need to try more of these asap. They have a chocolatey chocolate chip flavour!

For lunch I had a raw veg/squash/baked tofu bowl. Why do people find it so strange to eat mushrooms raw? They’re rawesome! Hardy har har.


I also had an apple and my brother’s pizza crust. It was oh so doughy.

Dinner was Chinese.


Blah. Definitely not my choice. I had a pre-sodium-fest plate of healthier fare:
Squash, tomato, baked tofu.

As for the grease feast, I had a bit of rice and then just picked veggies out of the various dishes. I tried to stick mainly with the awesome garlic broccoli. I may have accidentally dug into the lemon chicken container a couple times. Sometimes my hands just work at their own free will!

And then there was night. And studying and lots of ranting and maybe a tear or two because sometimes that just needs to be done, and then I was into bed at a half decent time because that sometimes really just needs to be done.


Breakfast was shared with the lovely morning sunlight after a good long sleep (which I desperately needed). I had a small bowl of blended oat bran made with liquid whey (strained from some plain yogurt), unsweetened chocolate almond breeze and banana, topped off with a chunk of PB2 mixed with SF maple syrup as per Erin’s suggestion. Deeelish.

019 023

I finally managed to get in a good treadmill run. I had done nearly nothing in terms of exercise Friday or Saturday and my mood and body were definitely missing it. I just didn’t have the energy for it though. It was one of those “Exercise? Not a chance” kinda times. I did go for a long and ranty walk on Saturday night with my mom though, which was much needed, and I did my 100 reps both days. I’m continuing them into the month of April since I just love em so darn much (sometimes…).

Anyway, I spent my Sunday studying (whoopie) with plenty of breaks for food and nail filing in between.

During lunch study break I made a big giant salad topped with leftover chinese veggies and some tempeh. This salad was just a little too fiberific though. My tummy wasn’t diggin it.


For dinner I was feeling fish, so we made some Parmesan-breaded Sole, inspired by Bobbi’s recipe.
These were sole fillets coated in lemon juice and a mixture of whole wheat cracker crumbs, garlic powder, Mrs Dash and parmesan cheese. So easy, so good. I had seconds.


Later on during my study sesh I had an iced coffee. But then I felt actual hunger (not ‘I’m studying and want to procrastinate’ snacky hunger) so I had a bowl of pumpkin, cinnamon and vanilla soy protein powder.


Then my friend contacted me last minute and decided I should break from my studying to go to Sunday night Retro at our local sketch bar. Hmm…Studying all weekend… didn’t go out Friday or Saturday… sick and tired of sitting… no classes Monday…I couldn’t refuse.

Unfortunately when we finally made our way to the bar (around midnight), there was a huge line up. When that bar has a line up it means it’s at capacity and there is not a chance of us getting in anytime soon. So instead we booked it over to a jam-packed little Irish pub down the way and listened to live music while munching on greasy poutine and drinking beer. I didn’t do much of either of the last two activities since I was driving and wasn’t hungry. Of course I had to try a few fries though. My pumpkin bowl was tastier. I also did some good old people watching ;) Then my friends decided they were bored about an hour later and wanted to go back to my one friend’s house. Short attention spans, geez. So we went and chatted there for another hour or so until I finally got home and rolled on into my own bed around 3. It was actually a pretty decent way to end a weekend of lameo studying so the weekend didn’t turn out completely dull.

Today, however, I woke up to snow.
Then I double checked the calendar to make sure it was actually April instead of February. It was. I was miffed. I made thought about making multiple harassing calls to the weather man. Because clearly he’s to blame.
I will admit though, this IS perfect stuck-inside-studying weather. Speaking of which, I guess I should get back to it now!

PS – If you’re a pistachio lover and concerned about the recent recall, check out for a list of safe pistachio brands.


33 thoughts on “Eat All Day, Study All Night…

  1. I promise Miami is not that great!!! Currently it is 93 degrees here. Rush hour lasts at least 13 hours a day. Everyone is seriously angry and rude because they spend the whole day sitting in traffic that doesn’t move. The cost of living is awful. And for 6 months of the year you live in fear of hurricanes. This is totally not the place to be!!!!

  2. Are you for real about the snow? NOOO, sorry to hear that!
    And hahaha lemon chicken is one of my favorites, second to ginger beef. LOL =D Go Chinese food! hahaha

  3. haha, sounds like a fun little evening out with your friends!!! that must have been the perfect escape from all that studying!

    The chocolate oats look so good, I’m thinking about buying some chocolate almond breeze and making some myself now!

  4. Haha I’ve had that song stuck in my head since heading up to the mall this morning (it was on the radio).. it’s just catchy!

    I’m not impressed by the snow either – and it’s not stopping! I am NOT shoveling so it had better stop or just not fall on the driveway. But it definitely is good study weather! A couple years ago it was warm enough to sunbathe during exams – it was almost impossible to study.

    That sole looks good. I have a couple fillets in my freezer still so I might have to try it out!

  5. Great bar review!! “Why do people find it so strange to eat mushrooms raw?” NOT ME, GIRL!!! They’re the perf edible utensil to eat hummus :)

    Snow here too :( BOOO!!! By the way, those craze push ups I did thanks to you’re blog have made my entire upper body sore! But I LOVE IT!!

  6. Yep, the snow is really, really pathetic. We got it in Ottawa and I almost cried at the office… nasty!
    What is NOT nasty however, is that chinese food! Looks so good.
    As does that bar – I’ll have to keep an eye out for that one.
    Lovely pics as always!

  7. Hmmm, I don’t think eating raw ‘shrooms is weird, but I definitely don’t like them raw! And I totally would have had your portion of the chinese food – I love me some Chinese :D

  8. yuck, snow, it can’t be!

    and you had me going for a minute with the tuna-in-coffee deal. i was like, no way, not even i would do that! PHEW, crisis averted.

    p.s. yes my dad really did use you as an april fools joke! he’s a photographer, so i think he was slyly trying to send me a mesage that i should make my photos more like yours because of your amazing skills (seriously, all your pictures just POP, and you’re a whiz with using light to your advantage!)

    and p.p.s. my freezer is SMALLER-than-normal, believe it or not. and my stuff in there is a teeny percentage of the total overall stuffedness. i may store lots in there, but i eat it all pretty methodically. my roommate stores lots in there, keeps adding more, and never eats any of it! avalanche every time i open the door, grrr.

    ok novel over :-) have a good day!

  9. I’ve seen those like ONCE maybe at a store but I can’t remember where!??! Now I am on a mission! Thanks for the tip:)

  10. Are you kidding me? coffe and wraps, my heaven. Yeh mushrooms I love cooked, but eating raw I would love to do. I’m doing the salad challenge with “the fat cat who created a vegetarian” so that would be a good addition. Ta :D

  11. I love that song!! LOL you dipped that wrap in coffee?? That is great! I have always thought about trying one of those RAW bars, and im glad you liked it! Your chinese and fruit spread both look great to me!! YUM to everything – and I woke up to snow too! ICK!

  12. I’m intrigued seeing your oat bran :) I have a bag of it in our cupboard, but I’ve never made it like oatmeal before…very interesting! I’m going to have to try that soon.

  13. you crack me up! the raw bar looks scrumptious – jealous. i tend to weaken with chinese food too :D glad you got out with yor friends for a bit!

  14. Hey Kristie! I finally got those bars in the mail on Tuesday so you should be getting them soon. Sorry it took so long! Please let me know when they get there safe ;)
    Also, I don’t know why I didn’t have you on my blogroll but you’re on there now!

  15. Kristie,

    First off, I must admit I never ate raw mushrooms unless they were served to me at a restaurant…until I read your blog. I think I told you once that now I eat them all the time while I’m chopping up veggies for dinner. In fact, I think more of them make it into my mouth than in the skillet. :)

    I love those /raw Organic Food Bars. We sell them at my office. Cinnamon Raisin is my favorite flavor!

    Sorry you had to study all last weekend. I hope this week went okay, and that you don’t have to be all cooped us this weekend as well! Also hope it warmed up a bit. If it makes you feel any better, it’s cold down South as well.

    Happy weekend!

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