All I Do Is Eat

Classes are OVER.
Exams… have yet to begin.

I had my very last class today. My first two exams are next Thursday, the next two are the Tuesday right after Easter weekend. Oh sigh. I have plenty of studying to keep me busy over the next couple weeks. I’m not looking forward to it that’s for sure. I’ve been trying to get a head start these past few days but my motivation is severely lacking. Come on summer!

Where’ve I been at the past couple days? Kind of all over the place. Bouncing around between classes, studying, finishing up final assignments and a little bit of sanity time with friends. Which leads to a reeeeewind back to Wednesday, start of good ol’ April. I’d like this month so much better if it weren’t littered with exams. Anybody get to be the brunt of any April Fool’s Day jokes? Or the creator perhaps? I avoided any of those shenanigans, although one of these years I want to plan a real winner of a joke to play on someone.


Superior cereal. This bowl of Corn Bran and Multigrain Flakes was decked out in frozen bananas, frozen berries, flax and almond milk. Frozen fruit makes every bowl of cereal 10x better.


Lunch was a tofu pita with pickles, lettuce, vegetable hummus and dijon mustard, all heated. I think pickles are delicious heated. I even love the heated pickle smell. Weird?


Check out the hummus that was on this thing, Fontaine Sante Vegetable Hummus. One of my all-time favourite brands of hummus. So creamy, so flavourful. It disappeared from the grocery store shelves for a little while and I started to get worried. Clearly it has returned and I am a happy hummus camper.

025019  021

Later I snacked on sweet things like:

My first fresh mango of the year! I’ve been eating frozen mango diligently over the course of the winter (although only when I was feeling especially warm since frozen fruit and my frozen body just don’t jive very well) and sometimes I enjoy it more than fresh, but this was one darn good mango.


And some chocolate rocks. I mentioned them a few days ago but had no pics. Well, now things have changed. Check out how cute they are! Yeah I think chocolates in the shape of rocks are cute, do you blame me? 057


But the most Thrilling part of my Wednesday was the box that showed up…
My Low Carb Grocery order!  Thanks to the mention of it by Krista, I was beyond excited to finally get to try a few of the products that I’ve been dying to get my hands on for a while now.


What what! Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Breeze (the only kind of Almond Breeze that isn’t sold around here for some reason), PB2 and Chocolate PB2!!, and Fettucine, Angel Hair and Spaghetti Tofu Shirataki Noodles!

Dinner was obvious after this. Angel Hair Tofu Shirataki noodles primavera-style with FF sour cream, light herb and garlic cream cheese and chopped up veggies, topped with pepper and feta.

262 268

Yeah I ate the whole package. Only 40 calories, how could I not? These were SO good too! Tasted just like pasta. I was pleased. But also conflictingly disappointed that I liked them because I can’t get them around here and I can’t splurge all the time on shipping costs just to get some of these noodlies to my door. If they were gross at least I wouldn’t be feeling deprived once they’re all gone! Note to Canada: Bring me some shirataki!

Post dinner sweets were also pretty obvious. They HAD to include PB2.
First I mixed it into plain yogurt with frozen banana slices.


This wasn’t very good. I probably should have mixed more in because the yogurt tang just overwhelmed the peanuttyness.

So instead I mixed some as you’re supposed to with water and stuffed it into a date.
No, PB2 does not really taste like actual peanut butter but I didn’t expect it to so I’m happy with this stuff. And it’s mad delicious with dates.



It started with oatmeal? I don’t remember this bowl’s basics but in taking a gander at it I’m going to guess it’s just oats, banana, almond milk, flax and clearly those big juicy bleh (not very sweet) berries. 010 015

This was the biggest salad you ever did see. It may not look it but that container was jam-packed full of veggers and leftover brown rice.


For dinner I had an egg white/salsa/spinach/hummus pita with a side of cheese tortellini.


I guess I also had some kind of shake/smoothie/liquid dessert thing according to my camera’s contents. The contents of the drink, however, are blurry but slightly coming back to me. There was some unsweetened chocolate almond breeze, frozen banana… PB2 and granola? Maybe some protein powder too.


Then I went to a friend’s to bake cookies and run late night errands such as buying trashy magazines for her bus trip out of town today. It was the excitement of my day. I need to get out more. Go away school.


Today was just nonsensical.

It started out dandily. Oats with Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Milk, melty frozen berries, flax and Peabutter.

006 013

Until I got outside and it was the dreariest of days of drear. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a sky so sad and grey.

I went to my one morning class (and last class of the term!) then came home and did some studying.

And then baked and consumed a whole lotta squash. I told myself I needed to cut down because the skin colour thing is kind of starting to irk me now. I just look weird. But there was a whole big buttercup sitting in my cupboard and like I was going to let that sucker go moldy.


The squash skin is my favourite part. :)

Then my mom brought home some of the desserts that were leftover from her work luncheon. They were trying to get rid of stuff.
Check out the goods…


… or should I say the bads. These were terrible. The brownies were fine but store bought and nothing special. The cake and swirly bread thing there were dry, tasteless and just plain nasty. I had a bite of each and may have eaten the chocolate off the top of the crap cake. Doh. Not worth it. They should have let me bake their luncheon desserts!

Then I went health food store perusing.


Vita Coco Coconut Water, Soy Kasha Henry’s Tempeh, Chocolate Coconut Raw Organic Food Bar
All new tries. I’ve tried the tempeh before but in a different flavour (the plain without kasha). They also had those Artisana nut butters there (the only place I’ve ever seen them. I reeeeally wanted to try the Cacoa Bliss!) but they are so expensive. I have enough nut butters sitting around here currently and I just could not justify over $15 for a jar! Maybe some other time… Easter bunny? Santa? Sigh.

Then there was some more normal (aka CHEAPER) grocery store shopping. Nothing exciting there, just the standard fruit n veg haul.
Then I got home and ate some cottage cheese and squash, not out of hunger but out of sheer boredom (and distraction from studying).
Then I was not hungry for dinner as this was close to dinner time.
Then I started to get kind of hungry a bit later so I ate more squash, more cottage cheese and some salad out of feeling the necessities of filling my body with greenery rather than squashery.
Then I required sweetness because my day isn’t complete without it. Sweetness was done iced coffee and powdered peanut butter stuffed date style. With more dates. These were pre-pitted Parnoosh Honey dates. How much more convenient does it get than THAT. These dates are pieces of delicious little gold.

033 043

This would have been a great place to stop but instead I went all “I’m staying in Friday night and studying so it’s free eats time” snackfest and ate lots of yogurt and strawberries and an apple and peanut butter and plenty of mad crunchy cereal and granola. Now I’m not going to be hungry for breakfast tomorrow. :(

I can’t wait until this studying business is over. I’m so drained already. And yet it’s hardly started.
Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts…weekend!
Have a good one ;)


36 thoughts on “All I Do Is Eat

  1. Oh you’re so lucky to be able to find tempeh in your area, I can’t seem to find it grocery stores. And it’s not exotic or anything.. Strange strange indeed.

    But totally love your delicious eats. Hope all goes well with your exams!!!! I still have two more weeks before exams begin.

  2. phew, what a week, and yay for the end of classes!! (booo for exams)
    i went all friday crazy on food today, too. i may not need lunch tomorrow, either!
    i’m with you on the pb2 — it’s definitely not peanut butter, but i like the versatility. it still tastes yummy, and it’s fun to play with!

  3. Awwh. I have done what you did SO MANY TIMES. Like, all the time. Then when I wake up full, I’m like…ugh.
    But it’s okay!
    Your eats really do look good. I’m glad you got shirataki! Aren’t they filling? I love them but haven’t had the angel hair ones and that’s my favorite thickness of noodle!
    If you have any maple syrup, try mixing PB2 with it. I had some cal free stuff and it tasted like heaven with the PB2. :)

    • GASP. I’m trying the pb2 maple syrup mix asap! I always mix normal pb with syrup, why didn’t I think of that for the powdered stuff? Genius!

  4. I have the same issue with those Artisana nut butters–I can’t bring myself to pay that much! Oh well, maybe I’ll indulge myself someday:)

  5. class is over in Canada already?? wooo…. we have a month and half to go still.
    shiritaki noodles are the best low-cal option to pasta! So bad that they don’t carry it in Canada.
    great eats girl…. you always remind me to get some kabocha! :D

  6. ugh. so jealous. my exams
    dont start for a good month.

    and perhaps last night was
    just an all around gorgefest
    for everyone. i got home from
    work late and knew i should
    just go to bed but i ate some
    granola. pretzels. chocolate.
    bbq chips. a TON of corn bran
    straight from the box and then
    two or three heaping spoonfuls
    of peanut butter. oh brother.

    now of course i am NOT hungry
    for breakfast but i need to eat
    because im fixin to go for a long
    ass run here in the near future.

    whats a girl to do!?

    and ive had chocolate rocks! yum!

  7. Yuck, that is a gross exam schedule but at least you have a good amount of time between the two days and you’re done early! My exam schedule rocks – I have only one (which is a first) but it’s not until the 17th so I have lots of time to study/procrastinate (the latter is more likely).

    Those noodles look interesting! And seriously – only 40 calories? Dang… too bad you can’t buy them here. I love love love pasta but I always tend to overeat it which is not good when I’m trying to get rid of some pounds.

  8. Wow – your semester seems like it flew by! I still have a month to go! Quit it with the hummus porn, you know what it does to me ;)

    Tempeh, PB2, Shirataki – all things I’m dying to try! Instead I’ll live vicariously through you! Hope you enjoy all the goodies you bought!! Hey, all the cool kids stayed in last night to study!

  9. all the food photos are great! i love those shirataki noodles. they are great in stirfry!! that stinks that you cant get them easily tho.

    i know JUST what you mean about weekend night overeating. it happens to me when i go out OR when i stay in!!

  10. I don’t know what there is in the way of chinese grocery stores in Waterloo, but you can try there for Shirataki noodles (you can try konnuyaku noodles too, they’re similar and more readily available in asian stores). Shirataki noodles are available in some of the larger asian grocery stores in Toronto, I can give you some specific stores if you’re making a trip into the city. They’re cheaper than at the low carb grocery too, $2/package.

    I’ve seen unsweetened chocolate almond breeze in one other place downtown, and I bought my PB2 from the low carb grocery, but I went to the actual store to do so since it’s relatively close to where I’m working this year.

    And I’m happy to see another Parnoosh convert!

    • Awesome! I’ve been to one asian grocery store around here a while ago and kept my eye out for them but no luck. There are several in the area though so I might keep trying to find them! That’s sweet that they have all of that stuff available to you in Toronto! Being in a much smaller city, we don’t have quite the selection. I think I need to make a trip down to Toronto some time this summer… JUST to grocery shop ;)

  11. I’m with you on all the studying!!! At least summer is almost here! Your pictures are all so gorgeous, it must be the canada sunlight?!

    And yum, I would eat alllll of this food! That shiritaki dinner sounds really good too, and I love the pear bowl!

  12. They carry shiritaki in Canada – I can buy it at the grocery store here, and the Japanese grocery stores. Do you have any Japanese or Asian grocery stores you could check out to see if they carry them? I still have a package in my fridge that I haven’t figured out what to do with it it. Actually, I think my brain just thought of something. HA!

    I hate crappy store-bought baked goods. Seriously, if you are going to bake a cake/cookie/brownie, at least make it taste good and put decent icing on it. That’s usually my biggest issue – I hate crappy store bought icing. I always end up scraping it off so I can eat the cake.

    • I’ve browsed through one Asian grocery store a couple times in hopes of finding them but no luck. There are a couple others around here though so I’m going to keep trying!

  13. awe you’re so lucky to be done with classes. my spring break is next week , while Long’s is this week. :-(

    Chocolate rocks? how cool!

    And so much chocolate in this post. Mmmm

  14. That shiritaki dinner looks so good…I don’t know if I can find it around here, but I’ll have to look! And the chocolate rocks are too cute!

    I am also loving your salads, they always look so yummy. My salads are so boring in comparison :)

    Good luck with finals!

  15. i’m so jealous that your classes are over—i still have a few weeks and TONS of work to do before finals even begin! arghhh.

    I really want to try those noodles too but i haven’t seen them anywhere and can’t justify paying shipping. Hopefully i’ll spot them somewhere soon!

  16. Hey Kristie,
    Hope your weekend of studying went okay. It will all be over soon!!!

    Love heated pickles – they were always my favorite part of my McDonald’s cheeseburgers. :)

    I went through a sweet potato phase. For almost 2 years, I ate 1 to 2 everyday, and my friends all thought I was using fake tanning cream because I glowed orange. I cut back, but still love them so!

    PB2 – a bit too salty for me on it’s own, but I love making savory dishes with it, and I bet it tastes excellent in a stuff date. I love the salty-sweet combo.

    Have a good week and best of luck with all of your studies my friend. :)

  17. Um…SO jealous right now. Your classes are over?! Mine have only just begun! Oh the joys of the quarter system.

    I definitely had my share of April Fool’s last week :) It’s such a great day!

    Chocolate rocks are so cute! I bet they’re pretty darn delicious, too!

    Hurray for tofu shirataki, PB2 and chocolate almond milk! I’m glad to see you finally getting to enjoy some blogland faves!!

    Woah, over $15 for a jar of nut butter?! That’s madness!

    Good luck with studying!!

  18. Congrats on finishing classes and good luck with exams!
    That fresh mango looks great.
    I always ate my way through Finals Week, and it always balanced out ;) Everything here looks fresh and delicious!

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