March Goals in Review

April 1st! Wow, I can’t believe we’re here already. I love it. Summer is right around the corner!

This is going to be wordy so bear with me as I review how my March exercise goals went for the month. Feel free to scroll past it to get to the food though if you so please :)

My goals for the month of March were:

  • Run 100 Miles
  • Alternate every day between 100 crunches, 100 pushups and 100 squats (100 reps throughout the course of the day, not all at once)
  • At least two 30-minute strength training sessions per week

I realised part way through the month that completing all of these goals was not realistic. Trying to up my running miles was my primary focus, and there is no way I would have been able to fit in more running miles as WELL as extra strength training sessions. I just didn’t have the time with school work. So I had to scrap the strength training goal. I was actually pretty sure I wasn’t even going to meet the 100 mile running goal when it was over half way through the month and I wasn’t even half way through the miles.

However… I did it! I ended the month at 104.35 miles!

I also completed the second goal of 100 crunchs/pushups/squats without missing a day! I actually really liked this goal. It didn’t take a lot of time and it gave me the extra push to at least get in some strength training every single day. I think I’m going to try continuing it into April, and maybe even up it a bit. My main point with this goal was to try to gain back a bit of muscle tone that I noticed was disappearing over the winter. I think it was pretty effective, most especially the pushups. I started off doing 20 at a time and now 25 at a time is easy peasy. Well, except when I do each set of 25 back to back with only a quick rest in between. By the end of the third set my arms are kind of collapsing.

Check out the def… It’s a work in progress ;)


My main problems with the month goals:

In concentrating mainly on the running, overall strength training really suffered. I don’t think I did more than 2-3 good, long, full-body strength sessions the entire month, let alone once a week. I hardly ever picked up any weights! And I miss it. Running is great but my muscles want more.

I also rarely did any sprint intervals on the treadmill, concentrating instead mostly on longer runs to try to meet my goal miles. However, I’ve said for a while that distance running isn’t my preferred exercise. I love sprinting on the treadmill! I feel so powerful running all out. And I definitely think that sprints are more effective for me overall than longer runs are.

So this month, I’m not setting any mile goals. It was a fun thing to do for one month and I will track what I do run just to see where I get, but now I’m going to concentrate my energy on more strength training sessions and a balance between longer runs and shorter, more intense sprint intervals. I’m not sure if I want to set any specific goal guidelines yet but I’m going to think about it today and if I do I’ll be sure to mention it.

As for the food:

Yesterday I tried out some overnight oats again. My last attempt was kind of lame but this one redeemed my faith in overnight oats a bit. I soaked almost 1/2 cup of oats in water and a splash of vanilla soy milk overnight, then stirred in banana, flax and vanilla soy protein powder in the morning.

Next time I would add a little less water the night before and a little more protein powder the next morning but overall I’d call this bowl a success. The protein powder makes it all nice and thick. Next time I’m adding it to my cereal a la Erin. Mmmm.


Most of my eats for the day were rushed. I hammered down an apple before running off to class, then had a Chocolate Cherry Jocalat Larabar in class.

This was my first try of this flavour. I’ll admit though that I had higher expectations. It was good but not amazing. Probably one of my least favs so far. Sorry Chocolate Cherry. You’re a good combo but I don’t dig ya in bar form.


When I got home from my classes I was kind of starving. But I had plans for sushi dinner! with my friend so I tried to tame the hunger beast with raw veggies and a hunk of leftover squash. It didn’t work so I ate a bunch more squash. Then I was good to go.


I have sushi pictures but they’re phone pics because I forgot my cam and they’re lame so I’m not going to bother with them. They weren’t that exciting anyway, I promise. I ordered a bento box, which came with miso soup, salad, a small avocado cucumber roll, tempura vegetables and tempura tofu, a tiny bit of seaweed salad and some friend onions and mushrooms or something. It was all delicious. I was pretty full after it. I picked off 90% of the tempura coating on the veggies and blotted them with my napkin because they were a big greasy mess. Still tasty without that greasy crust!

Lots of food, but didn’t hold me over. After I got home I had a hankering for fruit so I loaded up on berries, banana and apple. And perhaps a mouthful of canned Cool Whip… it just had to be done! But I was actually craving chocolate (there’s the sweet tooth again Erin!) so then I had a big mug of the liquidy hot stuff.

That was a lot of words so I’ll end it here on one last note:

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24 thoughts on “March Goals in Review

  1. Woah, check out those muscles, girlie! You’re too cute!!!!

    Thanks for your sweet email; I entered you three times :)

    Oh, and I loved your chocolate bar idea! Except I don’t exactly relish the thought of someone biting my head off…

  2. I definitely have an issue with getting full on Japanese food. GAHHH. My average is 4 sushi rolls plus 2 appetizers in order to feel 80% there. I waste too much money on Japanese. heheheh

    YOUR GUNS ARE dang awesome. I want me some too, but so far i have a tiny gun balanced out with a little bit of a flap on the bottom-side. hahahah :)

  3. We have very similar work-out goals. I really like your idea of 100 pushups/situps/squats!! I should try that :) I have really let my strength training slip while training for the marathon. Good luck with your goals for the upcoming month!!

  4. That’s so exciting that you ran 104 miles in a month!!! Congrats! :)

    And try putting the banana into your oats overnight, and then add the vanilla protein powder and flax in the morning. The bananas are what gets really good overnight w/ the soymilk and oats mixed together!

  5. Awesome goal report! 104 miles?! Phew! I am tired thinking about it.

    Why is it sooo hard to balance running and strength training?! I can only focus on one at once!

    Your arms are so toned! Awesome!

  6. Thanks for your recap of your goals — and nicely done on achieving two bigs ones! That’s awesome. Clearly, your pipes reflect your work :D

    I can’t get into the overnight oats thing, but I want to… I made it once and found the bowl so awful I never made it again. Maybe once the summer rolls around though.

    Have a good weekend!

  7. wow Kristie look at those guns! I’m impressed with your goals! 100 miles in one month a tough one to fulfill. I’m trying to train for a 5 k, yet I’m having difficulty finding the time/energy to run. So, I am amazed that you went over 100. Great job! I really like your alternating days of calisthenics. I think I might fit it into my monthly goals also! :-)

  8. Okay, you have GORGEOUS freakin’ arms! I love your idea of alternating between 100 push ups/crunches/squats each day, that’s so clever. Think I might have to do the same.

    And congratulations on completing your goals; that’s fantastic with how many miles you covered.

  9. nice fitness accomplishments!! your bento box sounds delicious… i’m currently obsessed with the bento box deal our sushi restaurant has every week (and just did a whole post on it… :) )

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  11. Wow, Kristie! Congratulations on being so freakin’ awesome – I am so impressed that you ran more than 100 miles last month! I also love the picture of your arm – wow, girl, you are ripped :)

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