Wondering what “popped up” at my doorstep the other day?




Tory from popchips was ever so kind as to send me a lovely box of them to sample. Thanks Tory!
I was getting a little curious seeing them popping up recently in blog land. So an exciting newsflash to my fellow Canadians: popchips are now available in Shoppers Drug Mart! Keep your eye out for them because you MUST try these. Healthy all-natural potato chips? Yes please!

They come in an array of delicious flavours, including: barbecue, parmesan garlic, sea salt & vinegar, original and salt and pepper


These things have the greatest crunch. Even my brother loved em and he has a bit of an aversion to most healthy alternatives. So far I’ve tried:

Original – Just like a standard original flavoured chip only better because it doesn’t have that greasy chip thing going on. Great for dipping. Bruschetta anyone?

044 (2) 096

Barbecue – These actually reminded me more of all-dressed chips than standard bbq flavour, which was great for me because I’m a big fan of the all-dressed.

IMG_0041 IMG_0048

and Parmesan Garlic – Just the smell of these alone won me over. Like fresh garlic bread. Amazing.


My taste buds are anxiously awaiting the other two flavours. I shall report on them asap but I anticipate good things.
From now on I will be handling my chip cravings with popchips ;)

I’ll have another taste bud tickler to speak of very soon to stay tuned for that!

Now onto my eats of the day.

Breakfast was the last of my bulgur stash and definitely the best batch of bulgur I’ve made yet! I accidentally added more water than I wanted to which meant for slightly longer cooking time but the result was much creamier. I don’t know why I usually skimp when it comes to adding liquids to my breakfast grains, I guess I’m impatient haha.


Cooked up with banana and then Magic Bulleted to creamy perfection and topped with flax and PEABUTTERI think I like this stuff more each time I eat it. I kind of just want to eat the whole jar with a spoon.
Peabutter Purrrrrfection.


I did that whole go to class thing. Snacked on a gigantor apple in the midst of it all. Then came home and threw together a salad that included random add-ins: leftover salmon, last of my Sabra roasted red pepper hummus and roasted squash seeds. With a side of leftover squash but of course. Every time I cook squash it becomes part of nearly every meal until it’s gone, which is usually in about a day.


This filled me but I had a hankering for something sweet. You bet that’s Cool Whip in a can.


Well I thought that lunch filled me up but I was starving about an hour before dinner so I snacked on the other half of a Chocolate Chip Clif bar I opened the other day. Yes I heated it. And it was probably as good as, if not BETTER than a fresh cookie since it’s got all kinds of healthy stuff and fill-me-up power loaded into it as well.


However, this slightly killed my dinner appetite so I didn’t bother making anything. I just had some of the Velveeta Mac my fam ate, topped with salsa for extra flava, along with salad and more squash because I told you I eat it at every meal. No exaggerations here!


Later on I did the iced coffee thing. It was good but not nearly as good as last night’s, which you can get a peek at right here:


My iced coffee got whipped. COOL Whipped.


15 thoughts on “Pop!

  1. OMG I’m running to Shopper’s tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! I tried Popchips after picking them up in Montana. I LOVED them!!!!!

    I have since sent my fiance back all the way to the same Target (several hours drive away) just to get me popchips. Then when he got there they told him they’d never heard of them.

    I was so disappointed :o(

    WOHOOO Shoppers!!!!!!!!!!! Given that I was planning an expedition to Idaho to go try to find some this is awesome news!

    PS: Popchips if you would like to send me some to review I would be more than thrilled!!

  2. Popchips in Canada? Tory – hook a girl up! I so want to try out those parmesan garlic ones, they look awesome :D It’s too bad they are only at Shopper’s right now – they are so over priced for alot of their stuff.

  3. PEAbutter makes the 12 year old boy inside of me giggle ;)

    Woohoo for Popchips!! Love the cool whip! How are you not turning orange from your squash? I’ve had to ban carrots AND sweet potatoes (for the most part) because I started to look Lindsay Lohan-esque!

  4. I’ve never heard of Popchips but the Parmesan garlic flavour sounds great! I love pretty much anything with garlic so maybe I’ll have to try those at some point.

  5. Oooh popchips! That’s so nice of them to send you some. They look really good.

    That photo with the cliff bar looks very appetizing. I wouldn’t have thought it was a cliff bar, if you hadn’t mentioned it.

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