Weekend in Review

Time for a Big Spiffy Weekend Recap! More on the Big, less on on the Spiffy but you get the idea.


Blended Bulgur Breakfast with a Peanut Butter Puddle in the middle

017 001

For lunch I had a delicious wrap stuffed with bruschetta, tofu, spinach and dijonnaise, along with some leftover whole wheat pasta from dinner the other night topped with bruschetta and feta. Mixed up with chunks of baby carrots because it seemed like a good idea at the time.




I signed up for a sampler pack from Procter and Gamble a while ago and I got them in the mail on Friday. Exciting. I don’t exactly need more sample pack and trial sized shampoos since I have plenty stuffing my bathroom cupboards, nor do I need any male razors but I guess my brother can add that one to his collection. Maybe my teeth will become nice and gleaming though from the single white strip sample. You never know!


Cottage cheese snacker


Stir fry dinner of brown rice, chicken, broccoli, sugar snap peas and red pepper. I also stirred in some bbq and buffalo sauce. Yum yum.


But stir fry never fills me up. Big salads with FETA do!


And plain yogurt mixed with flax and banana finishes it off perfectly.


I didn’t do anything interesting on Friday night. But actually, sometimes chillin in on a Friday night IS interesting. And this Friday I didn’t mind it one bit.



Heather-inspired Avocado Banana Oat Bran! Adding avocado to oats is genius. I loved this! I cooked up oat bran in water, vanilla soy milk and frozen banana, then once it was done, threw the steamy mess into the Bullet with some ripe avocado and voila! Breakfast success.


Lunch looks like nothing but rest assured, there was more to it that I just forgot to take pictures of. I do know I had some strained yogurt and two massive and delicious apples as part of this lunch. There was also some tuna hidden in that salad somewhere.


This dinner doesn’t look spectacular but you can rest assured here too that it was. Mainly because that pita you see there was rockin full of honey garlic chicken, bruschetta and dijonnaise. Loooved it. I made another one after this because it was that good. The first was actually only half a pita so really I should have just made the whole thing to begin with to save myself the trouble of having to get up and make a second but I don’t always think things through as well as I could. Those little brown thingers are refried baked potato chunks… they were baked last week, then the leftovers were refried for this dinner. They were pretty darn addicting.


And some Pumped UP Pumpkin/protein powder/yogurt/cinnamon combo.


I also ate a big handful of chocolate rocks. Yeah, they were chocolates…made to look like rocks. And they’re insanely addicting. Chocolate is so much more fun when it looks like you found it outside on the ground.

I went out dancing Saturday night. I have to admit though, I’m getting kind of sick of it! Not the going out persay… but a lot of the time I end up going out with the same friend to the same place. A lot of the other people I know don’t quite share my club dancing appreciation so I’m stuck in a weekend going out rut. I need to start switching things up a bit. The night wasn’t bad overall but nothing to write home about. I did manage to get my foot stomped on by a very pointy heel and now have a lovely bruise on the top of my foot. I was not that impressed…


Sweet breakfasts are pretty standard for me but often on weekends I end up feeling eggs. I went with it and made an amaaazing egg white/salsa/spinach/feta cheese pita. I shoulda made two.


Instead I had half of an orange and half of a banana. Lookie, my orange makes a heart <3


Good breakfast but not enough food. About an hour later some pumped up pumpkin fixed things.


Sort of. The pumpkin helped but I was about to go on the treadmill for a 5 mile run and I felt that my hunger would most likely come full force soon after getting on so I opted for half of a Chocolate Chip Clif Bar. One quarter was eaten as is straight from the wrapper, the other quarter heated til all melty and oozy in the microwave. Mmm.


So I did 5 fairly sweaty miles and 100 butt-firming squats, then chilled a bit before making myself some lunch.

Is this not the greenest salad you’ve ever seen? I was going to add some tomatoes and carrots to it but I was so amused by how much green was going on that I just couldn’t bare to break up the greenery. Filled with several kinds of lettuce, spinach, broccoli and cucumber, this thing was fiiiiiilling. I topped it with some garlic vinaigrette and dijonnaise after but they didn’t follow the green theme so well so I had to wait until after the photo op.


Alongside the green theme was a reddish theme? Half a tortilla with leftover chicken, bruschetta and Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. I rolled it before eating it. So freaking good, especially heated up.


Sunday is supposed to be homework day. Always homework day! Did I get any homework done? Nope. I went shopping with my mom instead. I bought a necklace and a shirt, both on sale. The shirt was supposed to be $25 and I had full intentions of spending that much but when she rang it through apparently it was on sale and then 50% off on top of that. So it ended up coming to just over $11. Don’t you love when that happens? Such a treat.

For dinner we had Pesto Salmon cooked on the BBQ (! – Finally BBQ-worthy weather! Yay!), Spinach salad with hard boiled eggs, dried cranberries and a balsamic vinaigrette, as well as a big pile of kabocha squash that I cooked up. I accidentally overcooked it though and it was too mushy. Half the reason I love kabocha is because of its firm texture. This was all mush. Still delicious, but next time I won’t leave it in so long!


I also made myself an Iced Coffee with some light whipped cream on top for an extra special somethin somethin (Coffee Cocoa-inspired perhaps??). There is a picture but it’s still on my camera. Oops. Just imagine it though, it’s pretty.

And then I went out with some friends for cheap wing night at a restaurant/pub around here. I don’t eat wings, I don’t really like them and never really have, but I went for the company obviously. They aren’t down with the fact that I don’t share the wing love so I gave into peer pressure to shut them up and ate a wing in all of its greasy, saucy, crispy, fried glory. It was eh. The sauce was tasty…I still don’t like wings. I do, however, like maraschino cherries and happily enjoyed the ones that topped my friends’ desserts. Mmm.

Now, though, I need to go to bed.
Hope you all have a Grand Brand New Week coming up starting tomorrow!


32 thoughts on “Weekend in Review

  1. I’ve never liked wings either, so I always pass when I go out. I could care less if people think it’s weird – wings are ass. Seriously, what’s the point? There’s no chicken on there worth eating.

    Love the peanut butter puddle on the bulgur breakfast. And avocado in your hot cereal eh? Can you really taste it?

  2. Kristie, I don’t know what it is exactly, but this post had me cracking up! I love the tone of your writing.

    That aside, everything you ate looks delicious. Mmm that peanut butter puddle…that even sounds good just saying it. I’d like to partake in enjoying that kind of puddle. Rain puddles on the other hand, no thanks.

    I’ve never cared much for wings either. They’re kind of gaggy, but sometimes the sauce can be bangin’. It sucks that your friends just do not understand your distaste for them.

    By the way, I know I’m, like, a week late or something, but I totally meant to tell you happy birthday! That carrot cake looked divine. I do the sliver after sliver thing, too.

    Anyway, I hope you have a great start to the week!

    • Gooood question. I honestly don’t exactly quite remember but I’m pretty sure it was probably just bulgur cooked in water, soy milk and banana, and then the peanut butter “puddle” was crunchy pb mixed with soy milk :)

  3. ahhh what a big and beautiful post!! i’m always so mesmerized by the gorgeousness of your food. i love the pb puddle and the orange heart … and i’m not a wing girl either :-)

  4. I love all of your beautiful salads!!! Yum!

    And I feel ya on the “going out rut”…I think it’s just getting to be that time in the semester for me, it’s time for summer to break up the monotony! ;)

  5. I feel you on the wings thing. I just don’t like them either. But boneless ones, that’s a different story! ;)

    Have a great week!

  6. Hey, a freebie is a freebie ya know?! Gotta have it!! Sorry to hear about your dancing injury! I love all the wraps ;)

    Sah-weet deal with the shirt! I love when that happens!!

  7. haha i hate food peer pressure!! They never change my mind either :D White strips are my guilty pleasure, i actually used to use them a LOT but they make my teeth sore (?) probably NOT a good sign!

    • I’ve used them before too and had a bit of sore tooth syndrome going on but only mildly. I never used them to any crazy extent. I want to start some up again though, I’m feeling the need for pearly whites for the summer :)

  8. Yes, chocolates that look like gravel would taste better than any chocolate shaped like a plain old ball… or heart…. or square…

    I *must* remember to try heating Clif bars!

    And yes, that is indeed the greenest salad ever. I think my eyes hurt a bit from looking at it! :)

  9. I think it was a big AND spiffy recap :) Your pictures always are!

    Um, the term “Peanut Butter Puddle” is making me drool! Love those blended oats! Ooh and the oats you had the next day with avocado are definitely on my list this week. I bought avocado at the grocery store today just for that purpose!

    Chocolate rocks? Yes, please!! But I’m sorry about the bruise you got from your night out – that’s not a fun memento to bring home with you :(

    Love the eggy pita and the very green salad!

    I can imagine the Coffee Cocoa-esque iced coffee ;) Thanks for the shout out!! Have a great week!

  10. YUM! Uh, where has your sweet tooth been lately though? Excluding the chocolate rocks and cherries. Did it fall out? Is it decayed? Did you somehow pass it on to me? :)
    As ALWAYS, every single thing you ate looks splendid dahlink. I love the PB puddle :) So cute!

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