Cravings for Carrot Cake

THANK YOU all many many times over for the lovely birthday wishes. Each and every one brightened my day :)

As earlier mentioned, I baked my own cake. None of that store-bought business. Baking my own cake was a treat in itself.

I had some healthy fare before immersing myself in sugar.


Typically my birthday cake of choice involves some kind of chocolate. This year I decided to do something different. So I opted for Carrot Cake. Yeah right? A carrot cake for my birthday cake? I never even used to like carrot cake when I was younger. But I was feeling carrot cake so I went with it.

Best decision ever.

This Cooking Light Carrot Cake with Toasted Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting was the star recipe. The 2007 Dessert Category Winner with an ‘outstanding’ rating, I figured this would be a great one to go with. And truly outstanding it was. It was unanimously voted by my fam as one of the best carrot cakes we’ve ever tried.



Post-decoration – This is about as good as my cake-decorating skills get ;)

227 214

But this wasn’t eaten until after dinner.

I’m a big fan of Greek cuisine so for dinner we went to my favourite little local Greek restaurant, Mediterraneo.

 I opted for the Roasted Vegetable Pita but was admittedly disappointed when it arrived with no tzaziki. The menu said it would have tzaziki and I love tzaziki, which is partially why I opted for the pita in the first place. Instead the vegetables were in some kind of sweet teriyaki-like sauce. I wasn’t digging it. My super brother saved my dinner though by going to the front and asking for some for me. I then tzazikied up my veggies and all was fixed. Sort of. I still wasn’t digging the sweet sauce that coated the veggies, but it tasted a bit better blended with the tzaziki. The greek side salad was great right off the bat though.

290 297

I also had a couple bites of my brother’s seafood fettuccine in alfredo sauce. It was good but the sauce was really rich. A bit too rich. I scoffed at him after for not opting for the marinara instead.


After dinner was when the real eat treat took place… Cake time!


You know there’s no way I finished the night off with only one small piece of the best carrot cake EVER. So I had another small sliver. And another.
We polished this cake off in a day. Luckily it was small. I wish there was another birthday coming up soon because I really want an excuse to make this cake again.

And for now, I will leave the birthday there.


Yesterday (Thursday) was a day full of me “working” on a project that I had to hand in today. I didn’t go to any of my classes so that I could spend the whole day doing a good job on it. And yet… somehow I ended up wasting half the day avoiding doing it. I’d sit down, write a bit… then obviously think of something better to do and wander away from my work “just for a bit”. Yeah RIGHT. I think I need to start leaving the house when I need to get work done. Where do you do your school work? Home? School? A library? A coffee shop? A friend’s house? I get way too easily distracted at home.

I did a lot of procrastination munching yesterday:

Superpower proteined pumpkin


Even greater superpower leftover cake. This happened a couple times throughout the day.


Finishing off the Puuuuffins.


Tuna mixed with FF sour cream and dijonnaise + the obligatory veggies.


Fresh incredible Greek Feta and Bruschetta. Heck yes. I ate these on ~1/2 an amazingly fresh Montreal style bagel, the best kind.

091 094

A random whatever’s in the fridge salad


Frozen fruit plate


Cereal bowl


I think I may have had a couple other snacks last night too. My hunger would not go away!

I’ll have to post today’s eat tomorrow since I don’t have the pics uploaded and I don’t have the camera near me. How’s that for feeling lazy.

Speaking of lazy though, I was not being lazy while testing out my new Polar Heart Rate Monitor! I wrote the stats from the past few days out somewhere… I’ll try to remember to get stats down here from future runs but the three I’ve done so far with the Polar have been great! I love it. And I was actually pleasantly surprised to discover that my treadmill calorie counter is pretty darn accurate since it was nearly right on par with my heart rate monitor readings. So my fear of always burning way less than I thought I was based on the treadmill readings from past runs was squashed. Neato.


I’m super behind on keeping up on all of your lovely blogs and on commenting. School strikes yet again. I have a bit of a reprieve for the next couple weeks before exams start though. Still lots of reading and a few small assignments to get done but I should have more time to catch up on all of your lives. I’m so blog reading deprived so I can’t wait to get down to some serious blog reading.

And on a final note, check out Tina’s Pure Bar Giveaway!


22 thoughts on “Cravings for Carrot Cake

  1. that cake looks AMAZING! yum!

    I can’t do hw at home either…I usually go to the library or a coffee shop for reading. I can only write papers in complete silence!

  2. Home or library, but I can’t seem to do homework at home lately, because it is so loud so I have to wear ear plugs. Sometimes I have to wear ear plugs to bed. :(

  3. Why would they put some weird terriyaki type sauce on something at a Greek restaurant? That doesn’t even make sense! Nice cake though :)

    I always do homework at home. If I can’t be in my pj’s while doing my homework, it ain’t gonna get done.

  4. You did a FANTASTIC job with that cake! Definitely the best carrot cake I’ve ever seen :) Happy belated birthday again! I’m so sorry I missed it!

    I love that you had Greek for dinner – that sounds perfect! Especially since your bro got you the tzatziki you craved ;)

    So glad that you’re enjoying your Polar HRM!! It truly is a great one, in my opinion.

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. carrot cakes looks fantastic!!! I had carrot cake for my birthday too.. hahha…such a coincidence that we both picked it. It’s easy to make, delicious and some kind healthier than chocolate cakes. But mine wasn’t that pretty!!! :D

  6. Loving the PB PUFFINS (!!!!!!!!!!) and your homemade carrot cake!! Mad skills, girl.

    I do my schoolwork at home, even though I too get distracted, haha. Oh well :-D

  7. Sounds like you had a nice b-day! That cake looks so good and full of texture! YUM!

    Weird to find teryaki in a Greek place!!!

    Glad to hear you like the Polar HRM! :)

  8. Damn, that is one rock’n carrot cake! i’m too scared to try it for some reason…i think i’m a little too devoted to my chocolate cakes. ;)

    but I’m glad you had such a great birthday though, minus the non-tzaziki sauced dinner…who cares though; you made a good cake!

    and i used to do the same thing when i studied…i’d sit down, jot down a few things, then wander around after i couldn’t bring myself to actually do anything. it’s totally not just you. :)

    have a great weekend! I’m catching up on a monstrous amount of blogs! read read read!

  9. My birthday is in a few months but you can make me a cake in advance ;) That looks/sounds SO GOOD!! Glad you had a great birthday, girlie!!

    Love all your study snacks! I do my school work at home but I get distracted kind of easy as well :( it’s too quiet at the library though so I just try to roll with it!

  10. Your cake looks yummy! I always love carrot cake but I find it tastes so much better the day after it’s baked.

    I do my schoolwork at home mostly. I am awful at doing work on campus – I look up every time a person walks by so I end up getting nothing done, or people I know stop by to chat.

  11. Yum, I love carrot cake, and that recipe sounds divine. My family would have definitely finished it off in less than 24 hours, no problem.

    Glad you enjoyed your dinner out with the family. Your fluffy pita looked delicious. Gosh I love pita bread. Sorry about the no Tzaziki incident, but I’m glad your brother came to your rescue. What is the point of eating Greek food if there is no Tzazkik? I mean, really?

    I always eat raw mushrooms now while I’m chopping up veggie for dinner. They always looked so good on your blog, but I NEVER used to eat them raw. Such a yummy & light pre-dinner snack.

    That’s good to know about the treadmill counts. I always figured they were way off as well.

    Happy Saturday!

  12. You know, if you really want an excuse to make that cake again, I’ll take some ;) It looks delicious! Glad you had a great birthday!

    I stay at school until all of my work is done. I know if I come home, I will get NOTHING accomplished! It’s always good because I can really leave work at work and not worry about it at home.

    I really need to get a heart rate monitor…I always worry I am burning fewer calories than I think, too!

  13. DAMN GIRL.

    carrot cake ANDDDDDDDDD a veggie pita?!

    you have two of my most favorite foods in one post!!



    love you Kristie! Have a fab weekend!

  14. love all the carrot cake and puffin nibbles…when i have stuff like that in the house, i might as well eat it all in one sitting, otherwise i am going to munch at it allll day long LOL. the cake looks DELISH btw!

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