I Eat Cookie Dough for Dinner

Sorry for being MIA over the past few days but I’ve been pretty up and down, both in terms of eating and of everything else so blogging just didn’t seem like the most appealing thing to do.

I didn’t get pictures of a lot of what I ate but I still got quite a few.


Breakfast: Fresh Fruit with Strained Plain Yogurt and Flax


Snack: 1/2 Chocolate Almond Fudge Clif Bar, heated and stirred into plain yogurt



Lunch: Salad with honey mustard, perfect Baked Tofu and way too much squash (that I didn’t get any pictures of. It was beautiful though, as squash clearly always is…)


This time I cut the tofu thinner than I usually do and I think that made all the difference. Usually when I bake it it gets rubbery and doesn’t take on whatever flavouring I use very well. This time worked out much better. I coated it in a mixture of rice vineger, hoisin sauce and garlic and chili powder.


I was full of squash for hours later. I never really got hungry for dinner but I did try a small bowl of some of the tomato basil linguine my mom made for herself. It was the kind you buy already prepared and frozen (I forget the brand) but it was delicious. It had mozzarella cheese mixed in the sauce as well and could easily pass for a restaurant pasta dish. It wasn’t healthy in the least… but so good.


Still not hungry but in need of sweet.
Cereal + plain yogurt mixed with vanilla soy protein powder. I also had a couple spoons of Rolo ice cream because this wasn’t good enough I guess.


I just bought a new container of the protein powder (my grocery’s store’s brand) last week at full price and now THIS week it’s on sale for $6 less! Argh. Don’t you hate when that happens? I might go pick some up in a different flavour to take advantage of the sale though.


Breakfast was a big bowl of cereal, fruit and yogurt that didn’t fill me up so I ate more out of the box. Geez cereal.


Don’t be fooled by the bowl. This is cereal, not soup. Just in case you were feeling a little deceived.

Lunch was a salad. There’s my squash. And a little leftover pasta.


I went shopping in the aft and came home with nearly nothing other than this:


Kashi Summer Berry Granola
I wanted to try this ever since it first came out quite a while ago but I wasn’t going to fork out the $5-6 for the tiny box. How much was I willing to fork out? The grand ol’ sale price of 99 cents. Now that’s more like it. I guess many others weren’t willing to fork out the price for this either, hence the steal of a price. For 99 cents I couldn’t not buy this. It’s got kiwi bits in it!  

In the evening it was baking time. It was my Dad’s Birthday last week and of course I had to do up a batch of cookies for the occasion. His request: Oatmeal Cookies. So I consulted my gigantic database of online saved recipe AKA my Firefox Bookmarks. They’re insane. I’ve saved so many recipes over the years that I could probably search for nearly any food ingredient in the search box and some website recipe that I’ve saved at one point or another would show up. Anyone else have an insane amount of bookmarks and/or saved recipes? My bookmarking habits are on the verge of addiction.

Anyway, in my search I came up with a recipe for The BEST Oatmeal Raisin Cookies compliments of Tina! I knew right away that I had to make these.

I followed the recipe pretty much exactly except my raisins were not liquor-soaked, but instead soaked simply in cranberry juice with a splash of orange juice.

These are definitely one of the best oatmeal cookies I’ve ever tried.
This is unfortunate because my dinner ended up being cookie dough and countless amounts of poached raisins, complimented with chocolate and almonds from the next treat below.


006 010

Here’s where the Chocolate and Almonds comes in. I made some Date “Acorns that I first made back at Christmas time to throw in with my dad’s cookie batch.


I was so disgustingly full of sugar after all this. After hanging out with some friends for a while that night I came home and ate a bunch of baby carrots just to try to get something healthier in me. So I pick the sugar-loaded veggie. Smart. I should just not be allowed around any sugar, I think that’s all there is to it.


I didn’t get any pictures except my dinner, but it was a really feta-fantastic egg white mound with salsa and spinach on rye. I enjoyed it thoroughly. 037

The end of this day was not good so I’m going to move onto this morning.


I just finished eating my breakfast, which was something New!
Nature’s Path Optimum Cinnamon Blueberry Flaxseed Instant Hot Oatmeal

My friend and I bought a box to split the other night so I have four three lovely packets left now in my cupboard.

This was so good! Lots of flavour and perfectly filling, with an “Optimum” level of sweetness. I usually find instant oatmeal packets much too sweet but this was just right. I topped my bowl with banana slices, flaxseed and peabutter.

007 013

Now I should go and get some exercise in but I’ve been poor with that too lately. I did nothing yesterday and on Friday morning I suffered through an awful 45 minute run. My legs felt like they were full of lead the entire time. It was not fun. And I’m really not in the mood to run right now. I’m feeling sluggish and a run right now might end up being even harder than it was the other day. Maybe I’ll opt for Tae bo or something instead.


34 thoughts on “I Eat Cookie Dough for Dinner

  1. I’ve been wanting to try that flavored oatmeal. Thanks for giving the good product review. I will have to go and buy this now. And great find on the Kashi deal :)

  2. Your breakfasts just look so amazing, especially on Friday. All that fruit & yogurt looks delicious!
    I made oatmeal cookies this weekend too, they came out really good.. I just LOVE baking! :)

    I’ve been lacking exercise this weekend too. I’ve been busy, having fun baking! Which probably isn’t a good idea to be baking & eating, intead of exercising.. Oh well, I’ll get back to it on Monday!

  3. Rolo ice cream?! WHAT?! I didn’t know they made such a thing! I love your ‘fu and that soup bowl :)

    “Anyone else have an insane amount of bookmarks and/or saved recipes?” UM (I just typed yum haha) YES!!! It’s insane and I have it organized into sub-folders based on what kind of dish it is – crazy! Your baking projects look delish!

  4. omg EVERYTHING you ate looks absolute amazing! And the first berry/yogurt breakfast is gorgeous! SHEESH ok I am hungry now…:)

  5. sorry you’ve been up & down lately! i know the feeling…and dont worry about the cookie batter dinner!!! we all do it sometimes and i bet it was SO GOOD :)

  6. That fruit looks so delicious :) And I like the idea of mixing a Clif bar with yogurt.

    I hate those days when your legs feel heavy during the run…it’s the worst. Not really sure what causes it or how to prevent it.

  7. Date acorns – sorry they gave you a sugar high, but I have to say that is an adorable recipe. Your Dad’s cookies looked like they turned out great! I bet he loved them.

    Squash overload, huh? I’m the same way. I’ll be full but eat dinner anyway, and then I always have to have something sweet. ALWAYS. If there is ice-cream in the freezer, it’s in my belly post-dinner!

    That first picture of the fruit plate is beautiful. Your food is always so pretty!

    Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday my friend!

  8. love the fruit and yogurt breakfast! so fresh so yummy! :D
    oatmeal raisin cookies and date acorns look amazing too! great work on baking them!

  9. Your eats look so amazing! I’m literally drooling!

    I used to have a ton of recipe bookmarks, it was ridiculous! But then that browser decided to corrupt and I lost them all. I’ve started building them all over again!

    • That is seriously one of my biggest computer fears, losing my bookmarks! I need to find out a way to back up firefox bookmarks, I’m sure it exists… I love my bookmarks. :(

  10. At least you didn’t have cookie dough for dinner AND other stuff–that’s what usually happens to me.
    I know I’ve said it before but your photos are beautiful. I really think they could be the best in food blog-world! What kind of camera do you use?

    • Awwwwww I… I’m speechless! You’re too sweet! Almost all of my pictures are taken with my Canon S3 IS unless I’m out and about when I’ll use my much more purse-friendly Canon Powershot SD1000

  11. ahhh your photos are SO vibrant!!! what a gorgeous site. thursday’s breakfast has to be the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen. and cookie dough for dinner — what a dream come true!

    those date acorns are such a cool idea. i will have to try them!

    • They’re ALL gone now!! Well except the ones I gave to my dad but I’m sure they’re well on their way to being finished as well. Next time I’ll make a double batch ;)

  12. No! Don’t feel bad! Those dates look insane. How could you not eat them? Are you okay? It happens honey!
    Squash expands even more than beans, right?!

    • Ahhh yes I’m okay, I’m okay, thank you lovely! I’m on my way to working the weekend cookie binge belly jiggle off with a just completed run plus plenty of squats and planks ;)

  13. I don’t know how many times I’ve snacked on batter and what not while baking and ruined supper. Booo.
    I have the same problem with cereal… this weekend I demo’d a box of Leapin Lemurs. I will never, ever buy them again! :)

  14. Kristie, your breakfast looks STUNNING! I’m serious – the colors are gorgeous. I’m sorry that you’ve been having some ups and downs lately – I hope everything is ok now!!

    Those cookies and date acorns look amazing. I’m kinda drooling over here!

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