Overnight Oat Fail and Winter’s Encore

I’m not a nap kind of person but boy do I sure ever feel like I could use one right about now. I’ve been up late and up early many days in a row now just trying to get things done. Sleep has been bottom of the priority list unfortunately. I’m feeling feeling slightly caught up now, even though I still have a million other things to do, but they are a little further away so I’m going to breathe today. Ahhh.


It felt like Friday all day yesterday. Same deal on Tuesday. It’s kind of felt like Friday every day this week. My days have been so thrown off for some reason. I can’t believe tomorrow actually will be Friday now. I’ll bet it’s going to feel like Monday just to really mess with me.

I had some overnight oats for the first time in AGES. Sadly they weren’t that impressive.
I soaked 1/3 cup of oats and cinnamon in water overnight, then in the morning I stirred a couple spoonfuls of plain and a spoonful of berry yogurt, some frozen banana slices and topped it with a spoonful of almond butter.

I stirred the AB mostly into the oats and it got slightly lost. Bad idea I guess? Maybe I should have added something else for sweetness? More yogurt? What should I have done differently? If this is a breakfast you regularly chow down on:

How do you guys do your overnight oats?
I need some more ideas!


Lunchie was a bunch of random veggies, cottage cheese, deli turkey and a couple pieces of insanely fresh garlic buns. Only one slice made it onto the plate, as did only half of the cottage cheese, and probably half of the veggies. The other half of everything was in my stomach way before I sat down.


I went to get my health card picture taken since that’s apparently nearly expired but the health card office was packed. The funny little security man at the door informed us that the BEST time to go is 8:30-10:00 in the morning. Ugh. So I was back today and got it done bright and early instead. But that’s getting ahead so let’s just get to dinner.

After seeing all of Erin’s pasta-free pasta dishes I felt inspired and excited for a way to use up some of my leftover Snobby Joes! Who needs to pile em onto bread when you could pile em onto broccoli.

 047 053

Piled Mile High and paired with tea because I was cold. Yet it was actually pretty WARM out on Wednesday. I know, shocking right? Winter finally coming to an end? Finally? Maybe?

Um no. I’m looking out the window right now and there is freaking SNOW. It is snowing. Snow! Snow? Stupid snow. The warm weather was such a tease… although apparently it’s supposed to come back soon so this better be the last bit of snow I see, otherwise I’ll have a giant bone to pick with Mother Nature and it won’t be pretty, I can tell you that.

It may look like I had some half decent meals yesterday but my eating was actually pretty haywire. I haven’t been so great on the “intuitive eating” front lately. Snacking is getting the better of me. School stress reels me in yet again. Boo hoo.

I also suspect I might be developing a slight intolerance to coffee?! I don’t know for sure but for the past few days, every time I have a cup of coffee I have this weird feeling in my stomach. I don’t even know how to describe it, nor do I know for sure if it’s caused by the coffee but the coffee seems to be the only consistent factor that has accompanied these weird pain things or whatever they are. I haven’t had any coffee at all today and I have had no weird pains. I might hold off on it for a few more days and see if they stay away. I also may not hold off though because I really like coffee. Sigh.


I don’t have today’s pics uploaded yet so I’ll have them up in a later post. Plus I’m not done eating for the day yet ;) Dinner is still to come! I’m feeling an offbeat dinner tonight. Maybe something sweet!

I’m getting a headache though. I really do think I need that nap.

Wake me up when the snow goes away.


27 thoughts on “Overnight Oat Fail and Winter’s Encore

  1. Thank you so much for the comment, that’s the kind of advice that I needed. Yeah, I’ll be just starting college. I graduated from high school early, in December. So right now I’m just taking the semester off and will be a freshmen this fall.

    That oatmeal looks so delicious! I always just eat instant oatmeal because real oats take too long. But those oats look SO much better than mine! Maybe I’ll try & cook them sometime! Your meals look amazing though.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your post later, for today! :)

  2. Last summer I used to make a banana walnut overnight oat and I mixed vanilla Silk with oats (2:1 ratio) with brown sugar, cinnamon, and walnuts – let that sit overnight, the next morning it was fine. I didn’t add anything but it wasn’t SUPER thick or SUPER creamy!

    Fresh garlic bread?! YUM! Sorry about the coffee pains, it is possible the acid from it is causing the issues. Oh, and EW SNOW!!!

  3. Ya know, I haven’t found the right way to do overnight oats yet, either. I haven’t been impressed with the last few times I tried em.

    I totally feel you about sleep being on the bottom of the priority list. I know it’s unhealthy, but I do it all the time, too! Um, and if it snowed again, I’d lose it.

    Good luck with all your work!

  4. Coffee tends to sit very heavy in my tummy so I try to avoid it. I do cave sometimes, though!

    The snobby joes look fantastic over broccoli! Great colour!!!

    I’m off this week and WAS enjoying running outside in the fab weather…until today that is!!! What the heck happened to the warmth?

  5. yikes about the cof! Maybe just stick to one little/medium-ish cup in the morn if u can and see how that goes down! OK so i don’t even like oatmeal that much…but i JUST made overnighters last night! I mixed 1/2 C. oats and 2/3 C. water with cinnamon and splenda overnight, Then i added banana this AM, and micro’d that combo! THEN i added two huge spoonfuls of Greek yog! phew it was some work, haha but a good combo :D Rest up giiirrrl

  6. love the pasta-free dish!! :D
    I’m a coffee addict so even I feel bad after having it… I just can’t help!
    have some good rest girl!

  7. sadness about the snow. i’m wishing it away for you!

    and my overnight oats, i mist the banana and the pb in w/ very little water the night before…i find it preserves the flavors better!

  8. I am intolerant of coffee but I drink it anyway! just be careful, especially if you put sweeteners in it you might develop something serious!

    Sorry about the snow. I am so over it!

  9. I cook overnight oats in the slow cooker. I don’t have the exact recipe in front of me, but I throw in steel cut oats, water, cinnamon, splenda, dried fruit, and apples. Put the slow cooker on overnight, the house smells fabulous in the morning! I store leftovers in the fridge and reheat in the microwave, sometimes topping it with a little sugar free syrup. Yummy!

  10. Awww girlie you are so sweet!!!! I’m a/b to board the plane for home right now:( I can’t wait to get back to my healthy eats tho! I am craving your snobby joes!

  11. Do you put anything in your coffee? I used to drink it black and had stomach issues from all the acid. Now I make sure to always put some soy milk and I’m just fine.

    • Hmm.. I actually do usually drink it black. I’ve had several people mentioning acidity and I never really thought about that aspect of it. But this is actually quite eye-opening, maybe I’ll start adding a splash of milk or something instead and see how that goes. THANKS!

  12. ugh! I hear ya on the snow. I’m from Cleveland, OH and there was a slight dusting this morning — so. gross. Hoping for warmer temperatures SOON!!!

  13. glad you got some things knocked off your to-do list this week! that’s always a nice feeling :) you must be very happy it’s friday…ME TOO!!!

    sorry the overnight oats weren’t so great. i have never had the best luck with them either!

  14. Hello thar! First of all, you take really pretty pictures! I found your blog from a whole bunch of other blogs. And I am so excited to find someone who is also from Canada! Okay, I think I sound too creepy now. I’m Nancy, nice to meet you! It also did snow abit yesterday, except now the weather is really sunny and the snow from yesterday is gone.

    Hope to be your friend! ^_^

  15. Sorry to hear that you haven’t been sleeping well, I have the same problem a few times a week! I had to live through the Swedish winters for 2 years, and there is seriously 2 feet of snow until the end of March, beginning of April.. it takes a strong person to get through a real winter! Love the dinner idea! :)

  16. gah sorry about the failed overnight oats!! I’m totally planning on making some this weekend, so let’s start from scratch together! Share the great tips people leave you!! :)

    Headaches really suck. I get them when i dont’ dry my hair fully before going to bed…and when it’s TOO COLD and TOO windy outside. BOO i can’t believe it snowed over there today. I hope it warms up for the weekend for you though!! Get more sleep for that headache dear!

  17. Teehee! No, I don’t live in Quebec. I live in Ontario. I just like french because I am horrible at math and science. LOL!

    By the way, I love your previous post about St. Paddy’s day. All the green food is SO CUTE! :)

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