Feeling GREEN

In honour of St Patrick’s Day I decided to declare today…

Green Food Day!

And with that, I pulled out the green food colouring and got a cookin’!

First Up?

What else? A Bowl of GrOat (Green Oat) Bran!

  • Oat bran
  • Water + Almond Milk
  • Green food colouring!
  • 1 Scoop Vanilla Soy Protein Powder
  • Topping: “Slime” aka plain yogurt mixed with SF maple syrup and tsp crunchy peanut butter

005 023 033 043



I needed a snack to bring to class but I was feeling a little stressed about what to bring since I couldn’t think of any easy and portable green snacks available to me (Fun type self-induced stress, not legit stress. I would not actually stress over the colour of my snacks, don’t worry. I’m not that nuts) . Then I spotted it.
Apple Pie Larabar to the rescue!


So the bar itself isn’t actually green but my green food day had no strict rules so this bright green wrappered discovery in my bar box made me far too excited. Most especially since I had never tried this flavour before. Larabar wins again! This flavour rules. It has freaking raisins in it, how cool is that?

I didn’t have an actual lunch, just some non-green snacks all over the place since I didn’t have time for anything better. No pictures of that stuff because a) it was snacking so it was done much too quickly to make it onto cam and b) this is green food day and since the snacking food wasn’t green, it also wasn’t blog-worthy.

One of the day’s tasks was getting my license renewed today which means new license picture, which means no more 16 year old picture. It should be arriving in the mail in a couple weeks. I’m scared. Last time I was allowed to smile, this time "no emotional expressions”. Mug shot anyone? I’ll keep the 16 year old picture thanks…

I did a lot of non-green cracker snacking right before dinner so my dinner was a bit small but it was unfailingly Green of course!


Green Eggs and Ham Wrap!

If only I had spinach tortillas. I was quite satisfied with my seafoam green egg whites, deli ham and herb+garlic cream cheese-sauteed spinach stuffing though.

056 055059

I know you’re as much intrigued as grossed out by my freaky green eggies. I love them.

My sweet tooth went HAYWIRE tonight. I ate many a chocolate chip and bites of cookies, along with chugalugging a big iced coffee. I wish these things were green but alas they are mostly brown and thus not worthy of my green blog day.

I did manage to put together a blog-worthy green-topped dessert though.

This was a defrosted homemade Maple Nut Butter Bar from my freezer, topped with Gream Cheese Icing (light cream cheese, agave, a couple chocolate chips and green food colouring all melted and stirred together!) and a couple chocolate chips. Mmmm.


And there we conclude Green Food Day

In conclusion, unnaturally coloured foods are way more exciting than normal coloured foods. Food colouring may become a staple in my diet.
Okay… maybe I’ll just save it for special occasions.

Happy St Patty’s Day!


Also, don’t forget to celebrate with Lara for her Thinspired Blog’s One Year by checking out her British Bar Giveaway!


31 thoughts on “Feeling GREEN

  1. Wow, you are totally adventrous. How did it feel eating green oat bran? I remember when they came out with green ketchup – I couldn’t touch the stuff based on color alone. Strange how we do that…

  2. I love your site, all the food looks delicious! I’m just starting my food blog & would love if you checked it out.

    I definitely want to try and color my food :)

  3. Haha this post really tickled me! I love all the green. I can say that the slime looks kinda…urgly. Very shrek, indeed. If you ever have kidlets some day, they are going to LOVE holidays- you’ll totally show ’em how to fully celebrate. Until then, you’re keeping the rest uf us out here highly amused :)

  4. HAHA! YAY! I was hoping one blogger would do this! Kudos girlfriend…oddly I am really thinking I want to try the green oats anyways…even though the holiday is over bc I’m curious!

  5. I have to admit, I’m a little freaked out by the green food! But it’s a cool idea!
    My roommate made green cupcakes to take to work and those were a little weird looking too – they almost didn’t look real!

  6. Hahahaha this is hysterical and kinda psychedelic too!
    I posted a butt w/o but it requires weights :( I’m trying to find some without for you though!

  7. Ahhh!!! The GREEN!! So vibrant! Did it make your mouth turn green ;) THE GREEN EGGS!!! I just flipped out haha!

    That’s my 2nd favorite Lara! Glad you liked it :) I LOVED updating my license but the whole no emotion thing sucks – they do that with passports now so my old coach looked like a serial killer in his haha!

  8. ahahah I love how far you took that whole green thing :)

    And no smile in the picture? That’s seriously a rule now?! Ridiculoussss

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