Slop and Some Pretty Stuff

As promised, Sloppity Slop… Snobby Joe Style!


It’s not pretty but it sure it tasty!

Also tasty was THIS: Last night I strained a full container of plain fat free yogurt and put the freshly thick batch back into the original container. This is how much I got:


Slightly less than half of the original amount. Maybe slightly over a cup? This was the cheapest plain yogurt I saw at around $2.50. I guess that’s not bad for Greek-like yogurt since I hear it’s so darn expensive but since we don’t have any around here I don’t have a good basis for comparison. I do think it’s worth the price to do it this way though, even though it results in such a small amount because the strained after product is too great for words.

After savouring a couple bites of thick yogurt perfection I moved on to the real breakfast. I’ll call it Fruit Bowl Oatmeal.


Nearly overflowing with chunks of extremely overripe and deliciously sweet banana, as well as strawberries, kiwi and grapes, this was one fruitfully delightful dish. And speaking of dish, there was no better fit for this breakfast than my dandy little pear bowl.

My between-classes snack consisted of half of a Pure Protein S’mores bar and an apple.

Then I came home and made a nice big salad bowl, along with a side of leftover mashed cauliflower mixed with FF sour cream and topped with chili powder.

040 045 048

I also made a mini wrap with a Dempster’s Whole Grains Ancient Grains Tortilla stuffed with lettuce, deli sliced chicken and dijonnaise. The tortillas were a new purchase and they are so good. Aside from being very fresh, all of the little grains embedded into the tortilla give it a bit of fun chew that’s absent in other tortillas I’ve had. These may just be my new go-to tortilla of choice.


I did a 5.5 mile run on the treadmill and then I decided to test my plank abilities2 minutes! And I feel pretty confident that I could have gone longer if I really wanted to. It was fairly tough though. I don’t do planks often. However I do think I want to start. They actually leave me dripping with sweat! Well, as long as I’ve already been sweating in the first place (I did it right after my run). But seriously, I like planks.

I also like dinner, so…
Allow me to introduce you to a burger of amazing proportions: The Amy’s Kitchen California Veggie Burger. If you’ve never tried one go out and buy them. Now.


This was the last one of the box. I may have nearly cried but I restrained myself.

Underneath the burger of greatness lies a layer of goat cheese, dijonnaise and lettuce.


But I’m a hungry gal and although every bite of this was pure perfection, I could have probably eaten three. Instead I had a bit of cottage cheese, and then some unexciting greens with feta.


I may have finished this all off with a really great bowl of Peanut Butter Puffins, almond milk and frozen banana chunks. There is no photographic evidence of this however. This may be due to the fact that after trying to turn on my camera to no avail, I quickly realized that my memory card was still in my computer. I could not allow the Puffins to go to sog so I quickly munched away sans photo. I’m sure your lovely creative minds can dream up puffin bowls more beautiful than I could ever put together to show you though, so dream away!

Now I should really go back to the land of endless school work.

But to leave you on a much more exciting note:
Celebrate with Jenn for her Eating Bender BLOGIVERSARY with her perfect Eating Bender-Style Giveaway!


19 thoughts on “Slop and Some Pretty Stuff

  1. Mm need to make Snobby Joe’s…need to make Snobby Joe’s…I figure the more I repeat it, the more I will remember next time I’m at the store and can buy the ingredients – no? ;)

    Ooh I definitely want to try making my own Greek yogurt! Gorgeous fruit bowl oatmeal, too!!

    Ugh, you and Heather make me JEALOUS! I can’t do more than 1 minute of plank before I feel like I’m going to keel over. I need to practice!! Kudos to you, though!

    You rock with the shout out :) Thank you so much!! I hope you have a great night, Kristie!

  2. I LOVE THE SNOBS!! I need to make them – sloppy joe’s used to be one of my favorite dishes!

    Gorgeous bowl of oats and that lunch has me speechless of course :)

    I actually like doing planks as well! They make me feel strong!!

  3. Your little veggie sandwich guy looks good! And I don’t even like those things! :)
    By the way, those cookies you were talking about last post? Yeah, I hear ya. Sobeys needs to ban those things forever. And PC should get rid of their version too!

    … K maybe not. They’re just too good.

  4. OY-I am having so much fun on vaca but man, I already miss real food!!! And by real I mean organic!!! Hopefully when we take a trip to the store today I can snag some things to keep me sane for the next 3 days!

  5. Ohh sloppy joes looks yummy! So red and so flavorful!

    I have the most difficult time with plank. my first time doing it was with yoga and it is a major Whole body killer! But doing it, makes you feel so good afterward. :-)

  6. Wow, 2 minute plank? Even when I used to do it regularly I was dying at 90 seconds!

    Good luck with school stuff – just think, the term is almost over! I can’t wait!

  7. Mmmm, imaginary Puffin Porn. HA!

    And there is no way I could do a 2 min plank. I would probably be permanently crippled or my arms would give out. But now I have a strange urge to do some planks. Perhaps at the gym tonight.

  8. Aren’t snobby joes the bizzle? Nice job on the plank! You’re SO strong! I love it! Go Kristie muscle!
    Aren’t nasty ripe bananas the best?!
    Did you get those tortillas in the fresh food section or what?

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