I Don’t Like Cookies, Just Chocolate.

If I had full control over groceries these cookies would not be in my house.


I never eat these though. Nope. All I do is break one in half and eat out all of the chocolate chips while tossing the little bits of cookie that don’t make it into my mouth into the garbage. That way I’m only eating the crumbs so it doesn’t actually count, am I right?
Of course I’m right.

040 044

Chunky. Chocolaty. Crumbly. Crazy. Mmmm cookies.

But moving on…


Fries for breakfast!
Waffle fries that is.
More precisely, waffle fries dipped in plain yogurt, mashed banana, SF maple syrup and peanut butter.

004 (2) 017

Later on Mug Cow and I chilled out and munched on a wicked salad.

022 028


And because many seemed intrigued by the Peabutter, let’s take a closer look.

041 048.jpg

Peabutter has my seal of approval.

Dinner was awesome because it involved more fries! Butternut squash fries that is. Along with some hunka chunks of sweet potato and a spelt tortilla wrap with egg whites, roasted red pepper and laughing cow cheese. Whoa nelly.


I spent Friday night in, finishing an assignment and just chillin at the computer. It’s still been too chilly lately to really feel motivated to want to go out regularly so I’m still partially in hibernation mode. I have a feeling once the weather is nice and warm though staying in will be a little less appealing.

And of course, in my Friday night laziness I did some snacking:


I discovered the beauty of mixing flax seed into yogurt. I don’t know why I never tried that before but I love the texture it gives!


I also did a milestone treadmill run during the day on Friday: 7.25 miles! I know there’s some of you crazies out there running 10-15++ miles on the regular but running of any real distance is a new thing to me so I was quite proud of myself. Most especially since it was done on the treadmill since staring at my basement surroundings for 65 minutes isn’t the most attractive of scenery. The TV and eardrum-bursting Ipod tunes make all the difference though.


I woke up bright and early but was not really feeling like making a breakfast as my hunger just wasn’t up and kicking like I was hoping it would be. I wanted to get something in me as I didn’t want to be starving at work, so I started with a tiny piece of bagel with a smidgen of herb and garlic cream cheese and tomato.


This stimulated the good ol appetite just enough to want to toast up half an english muffin with Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. Thanks Sabra for nourishing my morning.


Small brekkie = morning snack necessity.

002 015

My first experience with the Trail Mix flavour of the Kashi Chewy Granola Bars was pretty grand. This thing was just teeming with whole almonds. I picked them all out and ate them first. I can’t eat granola bars in a normal bite-by-bite way. Actually, I think I eat most foods in some sort of slightly abnormal fashion.

I had a “salad” for lunch, but this was more like a bowl of random vegetables since there were no greens to be seen. We were out of greens… say whaa? It was slim pickins so I used whatever veggies I could scrounge together and ended up with red pepper, tomatoes, carrots, butternut squash fries, sweet potato and banana peppers – A warm-end-of-the-spectrum salad.


I also had the biggest apple you ever did see. It was delicious.

And I raided the Quality Street container at work. I came out with this delight:

037 041


Strawberry Lovin.

Dinner was quick thrown together once I got home: Leftover chicken cacciatore – the chicken part shoved into pita and the pasta part alone on the plate – and then some potato chunks and a mound of mashed cauliflower.


Saturday I ventured out. Yadda yadda. Same old, nothing too exciting to report. I did manage to somehow make some guy storm off because he thought I was mocking him by the way I shook his hand… apparently even my handshakes are sarcastic. Oops!


Big ol’ errands/shopping day. Yay!

Fuelling the adventure: A small bowl of oatmeal with banana, almond milk and vanilla yogurt. I wasn’t quite starving since I had munched on some random foods dipped into salsa when I arrived home last night.


I decided to pull out our giant coupon stash for the shopping trip today and we managed to save over $10. In the grand (grand as in over $300…) scheme of things $10 doesn’t seem like much but it all adds up eventually. I’m such a sucker for coupons. My fellow Canadians: I love Save.ca.

I was pretty darn hungry in between shopping locations so I munched on a tortilla from our purchases. It was tasty.

Then I came home and made a salad with some new fresh veggies we bought. YAY fresh veggies. Cabbage slaw, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots + some deli turkey and cottage cheese on the side.


I also munched on a handful of this delicious new cereal purchase:


Nature’s Path Multigrain Flakes Oatbran Cereal. It was reduced to clear so it had to be bought. By me. It sure does taste good straight out of the box. Next test will be in an actual bowl with some kind of milk-like liquid. I anticipate good things.

Dinner was really exciting… Snobby Joes! I’ve been wanting to make these for ages. I finally did. SO impressed. I used canned lentils and added a little less chili powder than the recipe calls for (my mom fears the burn) but other than that I basically followed the recipe exactly. Even my brother approved and his first reaction when he heard that that was what I was making was “EW. What the heck is a lentil?”
You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for pictures because I want to keep you on your toes. Or just because I haven’t uploaded them yet.

Hope you guys all had great weekends! I’m off to try to cram in some last minute stats work before heading on out to Lalaland. Night!


22 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Cookies, Just Chocolate.

  1. psh who likes cookies!?? ;D oh wait i really do. I can NOT seem to make it home from the store without opening at least one bag!! I just get so excited! Good work on the snobby joes- i’m still scared.

  2. that chocolate cookie looks scrumptious!!!! :D
    pea butter?? How interesting! Why they look so much like PB? does it taste like PB too? I’m curious!~
    others eats look great too!

    • It actually quite does! Kind of more along the lines of the generic skippy/kraft peanut butters moreso than the natural ones except, well, this one is fairly natural! It has a hint of a different flavour that I can’t quite pinpoint that makes it a bit different than PB though.

  3. I love your method of eating chocolate! I also love the cuh-razy Canadian packaging of the Kashi bar!

    Way to go on the run!! My tred is in the basement too – I feel your pain on the less that stimulating surroundings!

    SNOBS!! I need to make those, stat!

  4. Totally just eating the crumbs. Of course it doesn’t count as a cookie!

    Waffle fries dipped in yogurt – brilliant! Love your warm end of the spectrum salad. Hello 5th grade science class. :)

    Flax in yogurt is the best, and Snobby Joe’s is my favorite way to eat lentils! So many good eats in this post – loved them all.

    65 minutes on the treadmill – very impressive! I get totally bored after 20.

    Have a good week my friend!

  5. I think save.ca is my new fave website. I didn’t know about it until now! I love coupons especially for stuff that’s normally too expensive to buy (at least compared to the generic brand)!

    Hope you’re enjoying the nice weather today! It’s so so gorgeous out! Do you think it’s safe to say that spring is just around the corner? I hope so!

    • It sure seems like it! I’m ready to put all of the winter jackets away. Then again we always seem to get a dump of snow in April. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen this year. I think I might cry if the temperatures drop into the negatives again.

  6. What a neat idea for Waffles! I’ll have to try it sometime.

    Wheat germ is also really great in yogurt…healthy and gives a great texture. Yum!

    Congrats on the treadmill run :) This winter I had to do a 16 mile training run on the treadmill when the weather was AWFUL. I thought I was going to go crazy :) Good thing I had some good podcasts to listen to!!

  7. Flax in yogurt is definitely awesome. I like to add it with frozen berries as well :)

    And love the waffle fries – too cute. Plus I love all foods that I can dipping. Dipping always makes food better.

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