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Hello Hilary Duff? Ehem…So I’m planning on getting a heart rate monitor but I need some advice. I’m pretty positive that I want a Polar but there are so many different models and I don’t really have any idea which one would be most appropriate. My main concern is just the basic features, but it would be nice to have additional features available if I wanted to use them so I don’t want to get something too simple and basic. I also don’t want something that’s getting into the $200 range however… I’ve been browsing around the web looking at reviews and such. It would seem as though the F6, F7 or F11 would be the best option for me (I’m assuming they’re all the same model just upgraded versions of each other?) but I’m still not quite sure. Any heart rate monitor advice? Do you use one? If you do, which one do you use? What kind would you recommend? Polar or not, any info and recommendations would be awesome :)


Yesterday, 1 oclock, midterm time.
I wanted to be fully and properly fuelled up for it so I figured the best way to do that was to that was to go all fancy and decadent with a bowl full of

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Oatmeal


This bowl contained:

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1/3 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1/2 large banana
  • a few strawberries
  • 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • SF gingerbread syrup
  • Topped with more strawberries and Kit Kat Bites

My mom decided to bring home a bag of those dangerous little bites the day before so I figured they’d go quite well with my chocolatey oatmeal. And they did of course, no surprise there.

This was my first try using cocoa powder in oats. It’s good! I probably put a bit too much though because it was pretty strong. I didn’t really intend to add any syrup initially but I needed to sweeten up the bitterness from the cocoa a bit. Otherwise this was quite tasty though!

However minimal sleep + studying stress = concentration on nothing other than food. I made an iced coffee but then I just wanted some crunch.


Yeah, I just threw those right into the Magic Bullet cup that my iced coffee was in. No need for schmancy dishes.

I was going to inhale the whole kitchen but instead I inhaled two kiwis and a bunch of grapes and then took off for my midterm.

When I got home I made a big salad with feta, plus some rice crackers a bit of havarti.


And then a big bowl of pumpkin, vanilla yogurt and tons of cinnamon heated up.


Dinner was kind of random. Some Chicken Cacciatore, egg whites with spinach, cooked asparagus, half a carrot and there was some fresh bread in there too.


Something about this dinner gave my stomach great pains. It didn’t really make any sense considering none of the food I had was anything out of the ordinary. Maybe crappy carb overkill, too much white bread and white pasta all at once? I don’t know but I wasn’t impressed.

After dinner I went browsing around Chapters with a friend for a little while, then we went grocery store browsing for a bit, where I bought No Nuts Golden PeaButter! I obviously had to try it right away. It’s made with peas, how cool is that? It’s super creamy and tastes quite similar to peanut butter. I’m a new fan.

Alright, time for a treadmill run perhaps? I’m aiming for a longer one today!


28 thoughts on “Beat of My Heart

  1. Regarding your HR question – I used Polar’s F6 and I don’t know how I used to exercise without it. Its not just for the calories sake as most people assume – its nice to see how hard you are pushing yourself, so definitely get one! The F6 is good, it has the ownzone feature which means it is supposed to continue measuring your HR appropriately even though there are other HRs around (other peoples’). I may have gotten the F11 cause it had the personal trainer feature, but it was an additional 50 Euros which I wasn’t willing to spend!
    I also heard good reviews about the Garmin but they are not available in the EU.

  2. I definitely had that song in my head just now, BEFORE clicking over to your blog – FREAKY!!!!

    Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Oatmeal + Puffins = HOLY YUM, of course.

    Nut butter made with peas?? Interesting… ;-)


  3. I have a Polar heart rate monitor too. I’ve had the same one for 5 years. It calculates heart rate, calories burned, it has a stop watch, and just like Moran said, I can’t work out with out it.

    I like to see where my heart rate should be, if I am close to maybe 400 calories burned, then I will work out until I see that number. I’ve had to replace the battery once, and when you do, you have to send it back to them to replace (It costs like $10.00). I know mine was on the lower end of the price range, but so worth it!!

  4. Fabulous brain food for your midterm! Hope it went well!!

    I’m intrigued by that peabutter – ok, the name kind of makes the 12 year old boy in me giggle a little bit ;)

  5. I love the Polar monitors…I have an F6 and I find that it’s perfect…I don’t think I would really use any more features than HR, time, and calorie burn. Good luck finding one you like! :)

  6. I use a Polar F4 and really like it. I bought it at Sport Check for about $150.00. It does everything I want it to, namely letting me know my calorie burn….

  7. Hey girl! I just happened to stubble across your blog and I love the eats! I wish I had some advice on the HRM, but I have been looking one as well! Hope you are having a great Friday!

  8. WOW-that oatmeal is such a great combo! And it’s not even that complicated! I’m off on vaca:D I hope you have a fabulous healthy weekend hun!

  9. I’ve asked for a HRM monitor for my birthday this year, so all these answers have helped me as well to know which one to ask for.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. im glad your exam’s over, I was like you on Thursday!

    yay for a treadmill run, I look forward to mine today too :)

  11. Hey Kristie! I use a Polar as well, but have no idea what model it is…blush. A relative got it for me (by my request) around Christmastime, and although I knew the model then…I can’t remember now! It’s pale blue if that helps haha. But the Polar is definitely the way to go…it’s compatible with a lot of gym machines, and just does exactly what you need it to, with minimal to nonexistent issues!

    Good luck!! :)


  12. I love your oats! Oh my goodness they sound heavenly. I have such a chocolate craving today and I’m trying to fool myself with carrots and hummus which is totally stupid, I’ll admit.
    I hope you did well – I have a feeling you kicked ass.

  13. I agree your chocolate oats look amazing! So does that bowl of pumpkin vanilla yogurt. Your food always makes me drool Kristie. And I don’t even eat meat! haha. Sorry I can’t help with the <3 monitor question. i haven’t used one before

  14. I think those oats are perfect midterm fuel. Or anytime fuel, really.

    I have an HRM – the Polar F6, and I quite enjoy it. It wasn’t too pricey, so I’d recommend it :) Does all the stuff I need it to do, and works like I want it to work, so it gets my seal of approval!

  15. I use a Polar F4 HRM and I love it. I got it for Christmas and haven’t had any problems with it. It’s pretty basic but has all the features I could need. I would definitely recommend it.

    Mmm and those oats looks scrumptious!!!

  16. I recently got a Mio Motivo Petite Pink hrm. It is one that doesn’t use a chest strap. It calculates your heartrate when you use touchpads on it, it calculates your calorie burn, and also lets you enter in your calories eaten for the day and calculates your net calories. I like it okay; the only annoying thing is that it doesn’t calculate heart rate too well when moving. If I’m exercising, I have to try to keep my wrist still while it’s checking the heart rate. For me, that’s a problem when I’m running…but when I use the elliptical or taking a class, it’s pretty easy to use. The calorie tracker is the most useful part.

  17. Hiiii! I have the Polar F6 HRM and I love it. It has all the “basics” and is pretty reliable. There are occasions where it doesn’t give me an accurate read, but I would still highly recommend it! Plus it comes in a bunch of colors (although I’m sure they all do), so you can choose your fave ;)

    Mmmm I don’t think I’ve ever combined strawberries and chocolate in the same bowl of oats. Great idea!

    That pumpkin yogurt combo sounds insanely good heated up. I will definitely need to try that.

    PeaButter?! That’s crazy – crazy cool! I’ve never heard of it before but it sounds really interesting!

    I hope you are having a fantastic weekend, Kristie!

  18. I just got an F4 on ebay and have used it once. It’s fine, but I really only got it because it was cheap. I would definitely go for one of the other models if you can swing the price. But definitely check ebay!

  19. Hi,

    Chris from Polar here=)

    It sounds like you are moving in the right direction.

    The F6 and F11 are the 2 I would suggest. Question is do you want a built in program and a Fitness test? Plus the Wearlink transmitter for the F11 is a bit more comfy. Those are the only differences..

    I would also suggest the new FT products. AWESOME features with a great new look. FT60 and FT80 are two of my favorites.

    Let me know if you have any questions ever.

    Chris @ Polar USA

    • Chris,
      Thanks so much for the input and suggestions! I’ll probably end up going with the F6, I think it seems like the most practical option in terms of what I’ll be using it for. I also checked out the new FT models. Awesome is right! Too bad they’re slightly beyond my budget range at the moment haha. Perhaps I’ll have to consider them as an upgrade option in the future!

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