I Like My Rice With Some CRUNCH

What should I be doing right now? Reading up on Mood Disorders for my Abnormal Psych midterm on Tuesday. What am I doing instead? Cropping pictures. My concentration level is zilch, I get distracted so easily!


Saturday I worked all day. I hadn’t been to work in two weeks because I work for my dad and he was in Barbados so… no work for me. No Barbados for me either but such is life right? I went a few years ago though. It was awesome. I think it would be even more awesome for me now though. I experienced a bit of culture shock my first round there and, well, I spent a good chunk of my time there slightly on the nervous side to say the least. This time around though I would know what to expect. Barbados here I come?! One of these days…

ANYWAY, yeah, I worked all day Saturday.

First I ate breakfast though. Blended oats made with water, almond milk and banana. Never fails to disappoint. I also ended up having half an orange after this but I was too lazy to take a picture and who really doesn’t know what an orange looks like right?


For a snack at work I brought a Luna Bar flavour I had never tried: Caramel Nut Brownie.


The flavours I have tried thus far have been fair but I wasn’t in love with any of them. This one, however, blew them all right outta the water.


The smell alone is incredible. The aroma of chocolate and caramel hits you immediately upon cracking open the wrapper. Who needs brownies? This is all you need. I can’t wait to try this flavour heated up next time.

Lunch was hardly thrilling. A salad, Mediterranean flavoured cottage cheese and an apple. Plus a couple pieces of my brother’s grocery store sushi.

042 045

There were some Quality Street Chocolates at work so I took one for the road at the end of the day.

052 063

I didn’t know what flavour this was but Wikipedia tells me the pink wrapper is Vanilla Fudge. I believe it. This was one lovely little chocolate.

When I got home this little creation made it’s way into my stomach for dinner.


What’s in the mysterious caterpillar-like lump on my plate? (It actually looks more like a maggot to me but caterpillars invoke a slightly less disgusting image…)


Chicken, iceberg lettuce and honey mustard!! Okay I know, that’s actually not exciting at all but it sure TASTED great.

Then I ate this apple strawberry for kicks. Strawberries as big as my hand? Yes please!


Saturday night was dancing. I’m getting my groove back! I’ve been so dancing deprived all winter. Gotta catch up!


Today was supposed to be a study-filled day but my friend wanted to go shopping and I hadn’t seen her in a while and, well, I really wanted to shop because I haven’t done that in a while either. There’s always all night to study… ehem.

Anyway, shopping clearly won out. It was a little disappointing as I hardly found anything I really wanted but at least my wallet wasn’t aching too badly after.

I got some workout gear at Old Navy. On sale of course. If it’s not on sale it’s not for me. At least when it comes to Old Navy because you can guarantee that clothing item you love will be on sale a couple weeks down the road. I can wait.



And some FOOD purchases of course.


Peanut Butter PUFFINS! Maranatha Crunchy Almond Butter (on sale!), three Larabar flavours I’ve never tried (Cherry Pie, Lemon and Apple Pie) and my new favourite Luna flavour.

I tried the almond butter. I’ll admit though, I had higher expectations for it. I’ve never tried similar to this one in taste before and I found it a little weird… I don’t know what it is exactly. I think it needs to grow on me a bit.

Backtracking to before my shopping trip, for breakfast I had an egg white mess (egg whites, salsa, spinach, FF swiss) on half an english muffin and a gigantor strawberry with vanilla yogurt.

002 003

Post-shop I threw together a quick late lunch of iceberg lettuce, dill pickles, carrots, guacamole, hummus, leftover baked tofu and leftover chickpea salad.


I also had an apple.

Dinner was a new experiment: Stuffed Peppers.
There was this tasty looking recipe in a pamphlet thing we picked up at the grocery store so we decided to give it a try. We followed it pretty much exactly except we used minute rice and didn’t really precook it rather than using already prepared rice. This was probably a bad idea. The whole thing turned out quite dry. I don’t think the recipe in general is all that great either since this dish wasn’t all that flavourful and it only called for 15 minutes in the oven, which doesn’t result in the most tender of peppers.


My mother was sorely disappointed with this meal. Me? I kind of loved it. Hey, I’m no picky eater. I thought the crunch of the undercooked rice was fun to eat and topped with some salsa and sour cream, this pepper was a winner in my books. I guess the leftovers are all mine! We did put the rest of the peppers back in the oven though and cooked them for an hour to cook up the rice and make the peppers nice and mushy.

While I was shopping earlier I also bought some easter egg malted milk balls at Bulk Barn. 35 cents worth. I know, big spender. You can get a good solid handful for 35 cents though! And I ate them ALL. I didn’t quite intend to but those little crunchy chocolatey goodies are kind of irresistable.


24 thoughts on “I Like My Rice With Some CRUNCH

  1. dude i am DIGGIN your sales!! I’m SO jeal of your maranatha on sale- mine was pricey! Try it on a banana it’s superr good i hope it grows on you :D That strawberry is ridic.

  2. Lucky dad in Barbados! I want to go!

    Ok, you have officially made a Luna bar look like a baked good. I have to say, I did like the Caramel Nut Brownie a lot. I’m hard to please with Lunas, too (except for WCMN DREAM).

    SUSHI! CATERPILLAR-LIKE LUMPS! YUM! Haha…seriously though, that pita is freakin’ awesome.

    Love the gigantic strawberry and the new workout gear! Awesome!

    Mmm malted milk balls. Oh boy, Easter candy coming up…I didn’t realize! I love jelly beans so much!

    Have a fab week and good luck on that psych midterm, Kristie!

  3. OMG! That strawberry looks fake, it’s so big!

    That stuffed pepper looks awesome. Would you believe I’ve never had a stuffed pepper? Yeah, I know, it’s a tragedy.

  4. great workout gear! :)
    I want that hand size strawberries, where did you find it? I can’t wait to try it!!!!! oh…i’m imagining it melting in my mouth!
    stuffed pepper looks delicious!

  5. omg woman have you not been reading my blog! of COURSE that flavor is DELISH AND THE BEST!!!!!

    dude, if you need any, i’ve invested stock in them i have them so often. hahaha.

    go study! j/k…i know you don’t want to.

  6. Holy huge strawberry! I looks tasty though!

    I might have to check out Old Navy – I’m in need of some sweatpants so hopefully they have some good ones on sale. I know what you mean about their sales and they have them so often – the last 2 times I’ve bought jeans there this year they were $25 and $28 instead of $39.50. I’m all for hitting up sales!

  7. SO not far you didn’t get to go to Barbados! Love the salad AND the caterpillar!

    Strawberries = summer! It’s a fact ;)

    STUFFED PEPPERS!! I LOVE those – if you boil the peppers before you stuff them, they’ll get mushier. I’ve never tried making them but that’s what I’ve heard!

  8. I didn’t know Old Navy did workout gear! Where have I been?! Cute, too!
    Been meaning to thank you for your comment on my last blog post…so thoughtful and it really made me feel better reading all those understanding comments :)
    Quality Street chocolates are so delicious!

  9. Those are steroidal strawberries! I adore them! Awesome shopping, shoot! I understand the motivation to study issues. I am lacking that right now, too. Haha good luck with it though!

  10. i’m with you on the whole avoiding studying thing. I might be TOO good at it.

    I LOVE that LUNA bar flavor, it’s my fave too!

  11. I have a pretty strict sale policy myself! Thanks for the heads up on the Old Navy sales.

    I am soooo glad you got to go dancing. The summer and sun will be here soon and you will be back to your crazy dancing ways!

    Nice caterpillar sammie. :D

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  13. I haven’t been to old navy in ages, but maybe I’ll go shopping there this weekend, I don’t know why I never think about them for work out clothes!
    Whenever I make stuffed peppers I boil the peppers first for a few minutes to soften them, then no matter how long you throw them in the oven they get nice and tender.

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