Snack Attack!

The Snack Monster has been attacking all day with a vengeance. I’m too tired to beat him up so I’m hoping he’ll just be completely worn out and slink away by tomorrow.

My only form of exercise (and practically only form of movement in general) all day has been my push ups. I’m at 60. 40 to go! I was going to go on the treadmill but frankly, I’m just not in the mood today. I think adequate sleep is pretty crucial for a fair exercise session and I did not get adequate sleep last night. So… tired, lazy and eat-filled day today. Not a winning combo for feeling like a million bucks that’s for sure.

Cereal served me well for breakfast. Half of it was bowled and covered in almond milk and vanilla yogurt, the other half was boxed and eaten by the handful. The bowling took place after the boxed stuff-face-with-cereal session. I figured I might as well stop being a caveman for a minute.


I would give a run down of everything I ate all day but I think that might take hours and I’d probably forget half of it.

I did eat lots of apples.


And many chunks of banana. Some of them mixed into yogurt.


I also dug into the freezer for those Maple Nut Butter Bars that my mom just loved (or NOT). I ended up eating three. I actually really like these now. They are quite dry, hence not gaining my mom’s initial approval, but I decided to give them another chance and I thoroughly enjoyed them this time around, dryness and all. Maybe the freezer gave them a special little somethin somethin.

I finally decided to try to make a half decent lunch once I got home from my classes for the day. All I really wanted was a sweet potato so I micro-d one up and topped half with Mediterranean cottage cheese. I also had some leftover cooked asparagus and half a tilapia filet from last night.


I eventually ate the other half of the sweet potato with some acorn squash as a snack…


And chopped up into a salad. There’s also some leftover baked tofu thrown in there as well.


There was more cereal in my day.


There was also pumpkin. Dried fruit. Misty Mints. A Toffifee… etc etc.

I feel icky. And I’m still hungry. Maybe signing the Snack Monster a lullaby will calm him a bit…


Last Notes:

Abbie from Foods That Fit is having a giveaway to celebrate her blog move so check it out HERE

Maggie from Say Yes to Salad is having a giveaway for her lovely homemade earrings!

Here comes the weekend :)


16 thoughts on “Snack Attack!

  1. I made a Kristie purchase today while I was at the store – you’ll have to wait to see what it is :)

    Tofu, SP, cereal messes = totally DELISH way to feed the snack monster in my opinion!

  2. I’ve had tiger hunger lately too!!! :D it’s the hormone!!
    love your sweet potato and squash! I had a massive plate of kabocha for dinner! so delicious!

  3. I’m so envious of all the natural light you have to take all your pictures. It always gives them such a neat look. I’m also jealous of all your cereal consumption! I want me some cereal real bad!

  4. Aw it’s all good! We all have those snacky days (DEFINITELY ME LOL)! At least it seems you snacked on mostly healthy things, so that’s a plus! Happy weekend Kristie!!


  5. I understand! I understand! I haven’t done much working out this week but I haven’t exactly eaten less to “compensate.” I told my mom (I got all nervous) and she said we deserve to relax. So that means you too little mama!
    I did do 65 plie squats yesterday, all for you girl!

  6. I am very impressed by your 100 push-ups per day. I loved the “bionic woman” comment on your last post :) That would be quite impressive! But honestly, I don’t think it would be possible for me to do 100 push-ups over the course of one day, either, so to me you are a bionic woman!

    I love that you added flavored cottage cheese to the sweet potato. That must make it even more delicious! I will be on the lookout.

    Also, that breakfast cookie on your earlier post made me drool a lil’ bit :) As always, I love your food photography. The lighting is always so fabulous!

    I hope that you’ve been having a great weekend so far!

  7. i am always craving apples lately!

    all your food looks gorgeous Kristie!!

    P.s. I FINALLY updated my bloggy roll and added your beautifulness. Yes, I was way behind. It was embarrassing!

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