Not Quite Biceps of Steel

Okay before you all think I’m some super bionic woman, allow me to clarify. My 100 pushups are done throughout the course of the day, not all in one go. THAT would be nuts. Although maybe that’s a good goal to strive for… hmm… Ha but seriously, 100 pushups throughout the day, usually 20 at a time. Sometimes I’ll do the sets back to back but I never do 100 consecutive pushups. They are the full ones though, not the “girlie” pushups.

Yet again I fall behind on the posting. I don’t think I’ll ever be good at doing the daily thing.

On Wednesday (or I guess Tuesday night technically) I was thinking ahead enough for once to throw together a Breakfast Cookie!

Into the mix: 5 grain Oats (~1/3 cup?), scoop of chocolate protein powder, 1/2 a small banana, peanut butter and flax

010 017

This was excellent because it was a breakfast cookie and they are excellent, but not as excellent as it could have been because I don’t like the protein powder I used. I need to buy some new stuff asap. I love how long and fun these are to eat though. I also probably shouldn’t have eaten the orange along with it because I actually felt sick after all of this. Breakfast cookies sure can pack a huge full factor punch in the stomach. They are also great for early morning class days because they are all set to go in the fridge as soon as I’m ready to eat!


Then Lunch.  Large fridge-clearing salad that included add-ins such as spinach, cabbage slaw, mushrooms, carrot, red pepper, avocado and leftover egg noodles.


A Crater-style Iced Coffee followed it up.


For Wednesday’s workout I did 20 minutes of Tabata Intervals followed by an approximate 20 minute full body strength routine. I did the Tabata intervals at 10% incline, speed 8-9mph. These sure work up a sweat fast!

 Dinner was a refried bean quesadilla with hummus, red pepper, spinach and salsa in a spelt tortilla, topped with sour cream and homemade guacamole. This was so good. Best one I’ve had in a while.

055 056

Then I had some yogurt with Kashi go Lean Crunch and banana.


But my sweet tooth hit hardcore and I went kitchen raiding shortly after. I’m not sure what I ate but I am sure that it was sweet.


Thursday I opted for a Weetabix breakfast of perfection that included Weetabix, pumpkin, vanilla yogurt, almond milk, frozen bananas, frozen berries and cinnamon. Now I’m all out of Weetabix! Whatever shall I do? Oh right, groceries.


Lunch was another random salad that I had to pretty much inhale before running off to class. The random add-ins to this one were leftover baked tofu, leftover roasted potatoes and guacamole, plus a hunk of spelt tortillla with hummus on the side. The hummus got all bubbly when I micro-d it. Mmm.


I also had this sudden huge craving to try the Pure Protein bar that I bought a while ago. I’m not a huge bar person so I always take ages to get around to eating the ones I buy. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but I always opt for more wholesome or voluminous snacks or meals and save the bars typically for on the go or in class. For some reason though I needed to try this yesterday.


I had probably 1/4 of it. I can’t believe I was able to restrain myself to that though because I nearly inhaled the whole thing. Maybe out of hunger, maybe out of sweetness craving, maybe out of its deliciousness. I’m not sure. I did enjoy this quite a lot though. Unfortunately these are hardly sold anywhere around here and I’ve only seen the huge version of the bar, not the nice smaller ones that food blog world seems to show.

Anyway, Thursday was a long day of classes. Nothing exciting there.

Dinner was an herb and garlic tilapia fillet with pasta salad and normal salad.


I ate plenty o’ pasta.

And then my hunger just went off the wire and I ate myself into a food-induced coma. Well not quite but I kind of felt sick after, I think mainly because I chugged a huge glass of water to stop the fridge raiding. It did the trick anyway.

THEN I went out and danced the night away. Most dancing I’ve done in a while. It was fun. A lot of fun. Maybe a little too fun.

And now I don’t feel all that hot. I think I need more sleep. I also think I have class so more sleep isn’t the most viable option right now.

So I’m off. Happy Friday!


17 thoughts on “Not Quite Biceps of Steel

  1. Your salads always look SO GOOD! I think it’s the cabbage slaw that gets me!

    KASHI CRUNCH!!!! YAY!! I love that cereal more than my puppies – okay maybe not but it’s a close 2nd! Hope you got tons of sleep!!

  2. 100 push-ups throughout the course of the day is still not too shabby…I can barely do 20 at a time, and so by round 5 I think I would be dying. Impressive.

    That quesadilla with the homemade guac. looked amazing.

    I did the Tabata intervals at 10% incline, speed 8-9mph…you are crazy.

    Have a wonderful weekend Kristie. Glad you got in some good dancing. :)

  3. Hi Kristie! You never ever seem to amaze me with what wonderful ideas you have for meals. That lunch looks gourmet! May I ask what you’re studying in school? Because…you could totally be a nutritionist/restaurant owner/chef. I’d come every day!!!

  4. B-fast cookies do pack a surprising punch. I’m always blown away by how long they hold my hunger. Everything you ate looks like it’s out of the pages of a food maf- love it! Haha I like your kitchen raids, too. I do that every day, and I feel like no one else in the blog world does! Glad to know I’m not alone! Have a great friday!

  5. wow! i must say that your eats are especially awesome today!

    I love that breakfast cookie! what a great idea… fast and convenient… and i mean who doesnt like cookies!

    That quesadillia looks ridiculous… wow

  6. damn, that is a massive amount of push ups! that freak’n rocks though!

    and i totally agree that bfast cookies are super filling…but i had them so many days in a row that now i can’t stand the sight of them…how sad.

    yay for dancing! i’m hoping to get some in too!!!

  7. The Pure Protein bars… I find them at Target. And not the big ones…normal size (I know what you mean.) In fact, I can get them for like $4.97 for a 5-pack box. But I’m with you…when I buy them, they take me a while to go through. Usually, because I always feel the need to get in my veggies and other nutrients in first and by then, I’m not hungry for the bar. They’re usually in case of emergency. Ya know…it’s between stopping for fast food or eating a bar. I go for the bar. :)

    • Maggi – That’s EXACTLY how I am with bars. I always want to get in the veg and healthy stuff first. I never have room for bars in my packed stomach! I always keep them on hand but usually they only get eaten to quiet an in-class grumble. I’m in Canada so we don’t have Target around here. Maybe they are JUST starting to come here though and will start popping up in more places soon? *crosses fingers*

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