Coffee Layers

Yesterday’s Breakfast was oozy cheesy goodness. It’s more of a scramble than a pancake but it works! It was supposed to be some kind of cottage cheese oat pancake except I didn’t feel like throwing egg whites into the mix so it consisted simply of oats, cottage cheese, banana and cinnamon, all thrown into the pan and cooked up until browned. The cottage cheese got all stringy and melty which has never really happened for me before with cottage cheese so there must have been something different about the brand I used, which was one I don’t usually buy.

I topped this sucker off with some yogurt mixed with syrup. It went swimming in a yogurt pool!


The perfect ending to this tasty breakfast was a kiwi (yep, eaten skin and all) and a cuppa JOE.


Post breakfast = workout time! I did 5 sweaty treadmill miles plus it was 100 pushup day so I got those in as well. I expect bulging biceps by the end of this month!

I had no time for a snack before heading off to class so I grabbed an Eat Natural Almond Apricot bar with a yogurt coating. DELICIOUS. I love these bars. Too bad I can only find them at one store around here.


This held me over quite well for my three hours of class but by the time I got home I was fairly hungry. That hunger continued to escalate once I started eating. It’s supposed to be the opposite, right? My hunger doesn’t like to follow logic.

I started off with raw veggies dipped in hummus and dijonnaise and half a spelt tortilla with hummus, refried beans and salsa.


The escalating hunger also lead to a slice of rye with hummus, some chickpea salad and some more raw veggies.


I was still kind of hungry but this was pretty late in the day so I figured I would hold off a bit longer since I was going to soon pop into the oven some acorn squash and baked tofu.

Those served as components to my dinner less than a couple of hours later.

I coated half of the tofu in some PC Blue Menu Indian Butter Chicken Cooking Sauce and the other half in a mixture of barbecue sauce and dijon mustard. I need to learn to make better baked tofu though because these weren’t all that flavourful. I think I need to cut them into thinner pieces and trying marinating for a little while next time.

The acorn squash I consumed Bulgur-Stuffed Style and savoured every bite, even though I was near bursting only halfway through. SO good.


Shortly after dinner I needed a palette-cleansing dose of sweetness so I had a couple pieces of frozen mango with vanilla yogurt and a Double-Decker Iced Coffee!

057 075

That’s after letting it sit for about 5 minutes, allowing all of the good stuff (I guess the skim milk and ice that was all blended into it) to rise to the top and create a tasty foam that I eat up by the spoonful. I was debating between this or hot coffee (it’s still freeeezing outside) but I’m glad this won out. It was amazing as always.

I spent the night studying as per the norm. I wasn’t hungry but did end up feeling a little snacky into the night so this beautiful crispy apple came to the rescue.


From the beginning to end of this week our temperatures are supposed to rise around 20 degrees. What the heck is what the nutso weather extremes?!

And on another note:
Check out Angela’s great contest for the Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred Workout DVD !

And Lindsay is having a Quaker Giveaway!


23 thoughts on “Coffee Layers

  1. 100 push ups? You’re a machine! I’m sad to say I can only do about 5!

    I don’t get the weather at all! It was cold and windy earlier this week but when I woke up this morning it was gorgeous! I managed to get a run in and I was actually too warm by the end. Crazy!

  2. That chickpea salad looks right up my alley. Delicious!

    I also love all the shadows casting down on your food :) Great visual effect.

  3. That squash looks outrageously good! WHOAH- 100 push ups? Are these straight push ups or modified? I’m a bit of a pansy and do 40 modified pushups twice a week and think it’s pretty badass, haha. Hope youre Wednesday is fab!

  4. Interesting CC mixture! As much as I love CC I’ve never tried it in pancakes or anything – I’m thinking that needs to change!

    My hunger does that too! It’s like it needs just a little bit of food to CONTINUE to get hungrier – annoying! Lovin the looks of that double decker iced coffee :)

  5. omg your first photo just killed me! So pretty!

    The weather is kind of wacko lately I agree. Today, it was raining while the sun was shining bright.

  6. WOW your breakfast looks delicious! I’d love to try that cottage cheese pancake :-)

    Also..I’ve never eaten kiwi’s with the skin before…is it good??

    Great post!!!

    • You can’t really taste the skin flavour-wise and it’s a little fuzzy but I don’t mind it at all and it’s much easier than peeling the darn thing :)

  7. I absolutely adore all the raw foods in your diet. You’re a great eating example as usual!!! Espeically that creative breakfast has me brainstorming for my weekend eats. Thank you girl!!

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