Cereal That Sticks

First a quick backtrack to Sunday night’s dinner: Spelt tortilla wrap with roasted red pepper hummus, spinach and chicken, half slice of grainy rye with a bit of feta and tomato sauce on top and some oh so watery beans.

Much more delicious than the beans though was the lovely banana hunk filled with crunchy peanut butter that followed.

086 093.jpg

Sunday night I went out with my friend for her roomie’s birthday. The roomie never actually ended up showing up to the bar (guess she had a little too much fun before the bar…) so we ended up just hanging out and dancing to some retro tunes with a few other people that we ran into that we knew.

My night’s highlight was when the coat check guy said to me, “Has anyone ever told you you look like Jessica Alba?” Umm.. WHAT? I don’t know what he was seeing since I am buttermilk pale and my hair is blonde but hey, if you want to compare me to Jessica Alba then I’ll accept it. I basically told him he was crazy but it was still some nice flattery.


Breakfast: After trying to eat cleaner/more minimally processed on the weekend, I just wanted some stinkin cereal. So I had some Corn Bran and Guardian cereal with almond milk, banana and vanilla yogurt.

I love cereal. I hate its fullness factor, which is clearly basically zilch.


Well at least I thought the fullness factor was zilch but for some reason this breakfast ended up holding me over quite well for over 5 hours with only a coffee in between. I guess there was something extra special about this bowl. I just couldn’t tell you what.

When I got home from class I whipped up a big bowl of veggies and tofu, along with a hunk of spelt tortilla topped with hummus, salsa and tofu.


Then I made a Chickpea Feta Salad using dried beans that I cooked myself! I’ve only tried cooking dried beans once before. I had no idea what I was doing. I first didn’t cook them long enough, then tried cooking them longer only to end up burning them. They tasted good but weren’t exactly of ideal chickpea status. These ones were FAR better. I was mildly impressed with myself. Dried beans are the way to go! If you have the time and patience for them that is… I typically don’t. If I decide I want some beans then I want them now, not in at least an hour from now. I need to start planning ahead more.


Between lunch and dinner I snacked on an apple and warmed up with some Coffee. Oh how I love it.


Dinner was kind of (okay very) random, as per usual. Egg noodles and cooked veggies drizzled in buffalo sauce, a bit of chickpea salad and 1/4 of a large green pepper stuffed with refried beans, salsa and sour cream. Meh, I needed to throw something together quick. Just because.

And look! It’s still bright out at dinner time! YAY. I love when it gets dark later.

040 051

I was going to do a workout after dinner but I was too cold and had too much work to do so I deemed it a rest day. I did manage to get my 100 squats for the day in though.

Then I wanted something chocolatey. I managed to reject it all weekend but now was the time to give in. Rolo Ice Cream to the rescue! Slightly defrosted frozen berries made this perfection. I also had a hot chocolate/tea to balance out the coldness.


I’ll post today’s foods later. First it’s time to crank up the oven for some tofu and squash! And since my brother pulled out the Rock Band last night I’ve had a great urge to do some mad drumming. I couldn’t indulge last night since I was nose to the books but I think I might have to hit out a song or two right about now. :)

And on another important note:

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16 thoughts on “Cereal That Sticks

  1. I love Rock Band .. best investment my roommates and I made this year, hands down! Even after playing RB2 for hours and hours we still haven’t fully beat the game.

    That Rolo ice cream looks amazing especially with the berries!

  2. Oooh NICE compliment!! I love your random dinners – a little bit of this, a little bit of that!

    Hold the phone, ROLO ICE CREAM?! Who knew?! Sounds amazing!!

    I think I may be the only person who has yet to play Rock Band!

  3. I don’t get how so many people find cereal to not be filling. Always does the trick for me. Congrats on making beans from scratch though. That’s one thing I have yet to attempt. And I so wouldn’t have been able to resist the Rockband if it were me.

  4. Love your eats! And I think it will get way brighter with the daylight savings time just around the corner too! But damn, one less hour of sleep.

  5. rolo ice cream. maui wowwie.

    p.s. i know you secretly love my baby.
    i actually stumbled across another one.
    i know you want it. gimme your address?

    p.p.s. dont think i plan on mailing you the
    baby or anything. i just want to sit outside
    you window and watch you eat ice cream.

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