Bonjour Mars!

I love this month. Spring is a comin’! Even though today was quite bone-chillingly cold… despite that, the sun was shining and the snow has nearly all disappeared. Now as long as it doesn’t come back…

High Five to a brand new month! Even if some snow DOES come back, I always consider the depths of winter over as soon as March rolls around so I’m quite contented right about now.

I have a couple of days of backtracking to get to(that include some fun kitchen new food experimenting!), but might as well take a look first at how I started this month off right. Blended Oats. Is there any better way to kick start a new month? I think not.


This blend was quite simple: 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 large banana, unsweetened almond milk and cinnamon, stove cooked then Magic Bulleted into creamy sloppy greatness.

Typically I use 1/3 cup of oats but today I decided I wanted my breakfast to fill me up so I just went for half a cup. And you know what? Half a cup is where it’s AT. This was a great and filling portion, much moreso than the 1/3 cup. I’ll definitely be sticking with 1/2 more often.

Then I revved my new month engine with a great 5.5 mile treadmill run. I switched the entire run between 6-7.5 mph at 4-8% incline, then during the last several minutes I walked 4.5 at 15% incline.


For the month of March I decided to try to set myself some small


  • Run a total of 100 miles – My past few months’ totals have been close but not quite there so I’m hoping to hit it this time around.
  • Every day, do alternating days of either 100 crunches, 100 pushups or 100 squats/lunges – I want to see what kind of differences result from this consistency
  • Do at least two 30-minute strength training sessions per week. –  I want to start focusing a bit more on overall strength training than I have been lately.

I think these are quite do-able and aren’t too much of a stretch from what I’m doing already on a consistent basis, so I’m going to keep track and see how things go!


Back to the food! I went grocery shopping with my mom, then came home to a delicious lunch : A big mixed veggie salad with some dijonnaise, salsa and roasted red pepper hummus, along with a piece of whole grain rye with SABRA(! First time buying and trying. I understand the hype now :)) Roasted Garlic Hummus and a tiny sandwich made with the same rye bread, more hummus, salsa and tofu.

016 027


The mini sammy was so darn delicious that I made another half mini even though I was pretty much stuffed to the gills.

And then, despite mass stomach stuffedness, I had some vanilla yogurt with Corn Bran because I felt yogurt deprived.



I mentioned in my last post that I was trying to have a fairly clean eating weekend. I haven’t done too badly despite not having strict guidelines.

Quick Friday’s Eats:

012 019 035 038

I found out my english muffins have High Fructose Corn Syrup in them… LAME. 047 049 060

I wanted sweets quite a bit this weekend. Okay I pretty much just wanted chocolate. I satisfied it Friday with almond tofu blended with banana, along with half a date and coffee. I’ve also been eating a lot more nut butter throughout the past couple days. I guess that’s never a bad thing ;)


Saturday’s Eats

Breakfast: Blended Bulgur and plenty o’ fruit.

005 015

Then I was Angela-inspired and decided to make some Homemade Almond Butter and Spelt Tortillas

Making things from scratch is so much more satisfying…

Look at this gorgeous almond buttery bliss. I can’t wait to play around more with making my own nut butters. It’s SO easy!


Now I’m not quite yet a tortilla rolling expert, but I thought these turned out decently well for my first attempt. Well, they TASTE good anyway… haha.


Especially when loaded up with roasted red pepper hummus, spinach and plain tofu. Mmmmm.



Still hungry? Veggie plate time!


And Fruit plate time!


That yogurt blob there is basically just whipped cream and sold as yogurt, seriously. It’s this dangerous stuff:


Pretty much the only thing like Greek yogurt I’ve ever been able to find in Canada. Except that it has like a bajillion grams of fat. Hey Fage, come to Canada please? Chobani? Oikos? Anyone?

Quick pre-workout snack = apple and almond butter mixed with almond milk for easier fruit dippability (hey, it would make a good word…) and then half a banana and some coffee because I was still hungry and quite cold.

060 064

I was not feeling the treadmill at all last night so instead I did a muscle burning hour of Tae bo Bootcamp. This particular DVD uses bands. It’s intense. My shoulders were a burnin’.

Dinner: Feta Frittata!

I’ve been wanting to make a Frittata for ages and I finally got around to it. This one was loaded with all kind of good veggies, plus parmesan and feta cheese. I’m hoping to get a recipe page up soon (although it won’t have much on it yet, I’m terrible at making anything recipe-worthy, I always just throw things together) so I’ll put this one up there once I get that page up.  076

My big Hunka Frittata with spinach drizzled in balsamic vinaigrette and half a spelt tortilla with salsa.

080 087

I still wanted chocolate. But I am still staying away from it for my eat clean weekend, so frozen fruit it was.


And half a date with hazelnut decaf coffee. Kinda like chocolate…

120 128

I stayed in Saturday night and watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Anyone ever seen it? Interesting movie…

My movie snack: Popcorn, Corn Bran Squares, Fibre One and Raisins. I couldn’t decide if I wanted sweet, salt, crunch… so this worked.


I also had an apple and a bottle of artificially sweetened fizzy fruit water. This was not supposed to be part of my clean eating weekend since I have been trying to avoid all artificial sweeteners, but I needed something cold and overly sweet so I went for that instead of Rolo Ice Cream.


Alright well now that I’ve finished writing that novel, I’m off to start some dinner. And do some homework that I somehow managed to avoid all weekend. Why am I so good at procrastinating? Eep.


29 thoughts on “Bonjour Mars!

  1. Hmm I think all of your eats looks so healthy and great! 1/2 cup oats DOES make all the difference in the world, and it makes a much bigger portion I think :)

    I think all of those goals sound great, good luck with them…and yay March!

  2. im dying to try to make her spelt tortillas! yours look awesome!!

    gluck with the goals! i know you can do it!!!

    love the nut butter and monster salads too. and there is something about hummus- is it not SUPER addicting?!

    take care lady!! luv you!

  3. I’m jealous of all your natural light for your photos. Always makes the look so nice.

    And I’ve got to make me some of those spelt tortillas. They look really hearty.

  4. Your homemade goods look sooo bomb! I love the silly/weird wrap shapes haha, way better than perfectly round! I’ve tried the sabra at a friend’s house before..omg it is so good- but i’m a cheap-ass and can’t bring myself to spend the $$ on it, boo! Good luck on all your exercise plans

  5. High Five! I can’t wait for spring to get here :) It snowed today, which made me mad. But still…high five!!

    I definitely don’t think there’s a better way to start off the month than blended oats! I still haven’t tried them, but it will be a March goal :) Speaking of goals…I LOVE yours! Good luck!

    Ahhh another blogger makes homemade nut butter! I really need to try this SOON. It’s definitely reassuring to hear that it’s easy – it looks INCREDIBLE! As do those tortillas!

    AND a frittata?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! This post has way too much deliciousness…I better go before I raid the kitchen! Just kidding, but seriously – kudos to you for having an ultra creative weekend! Have a good week, Kristie!

  6. Bonjour! I’ve just started reading your blog. It’s a great showcase of healthy, balanced living!

    Yum, that frittata is making my mouth water.

  7. I actually have the same goal for March–my mileage total last month was 99.99 miles–SO CLOSE.

    Love the homemade wraps–I’ve been meaning to try that.

  8. I would have gone for the rolos ice cream. I’ve never heard that they have an ice crea, but it sounds magical. Your nut butter looks bomb! I’m really slacking in the cooking department. Anyway, your food is so clean and inspirational- I need to get rid of some crap, I think! Have a great start to your week!

  9. I’m all about the half-cup serving of oats, too!
    Very impressed with your incline work on the treadmill–I’ve got to work on that!

  10. Wonderful recap! Your salads are on point and look so springy and beautiful! Looks like you definitely stuck to your healthy eating weekened – I need to follow suit!

  11. Hooray for March and big blended bowls of oats!

    Your eating was very clean, and more nut butter is NEVER a bad thing in my opinion. I loved the idea of mixing almond milk with almond butter for a little dipping action. Brilliant!

    By the way, great treadmill run – impressive my friend. Have a good week. :)

  12. Good luck on your goals for the month!
    Your blended oats sound awesome. I tried banana in my oatmeal this morning and loved it! Makes me wish I’d tried it sooner! Unfortunately I don’t have anything to blend it up with so I kinda of smushed it around with a fork a lot.. lol.. I think it worked fine though.

  13. Everything looks good as always!

    I like your goals! I think they’re doable. I like the 100 miles for this month. Wow you run close to that much? I’m impressed.

    I keep telling myself that I’m going to make my own pb, but never get the chance to. It’s funny how I’d slave for 2 days over cake, but wouldn’t slave over making pb for less than an hour

  14. thankfully the treadmills
    are all equipped with teevees
    so i just put on something
    trashy and get my ass in gear.

    in other news:
    i love your eats. all the time.
    can we hang out and nibble
    the day away some time?!

  15. simply amazing eats – i dont even know where to begin!
    the lunch salad looks so colorful.
    oh man..puffins..they are my weakness!

    as for the frozen yogurt, Im picky and I don’t want that watery stuff at the top so I stir the yogurt and put plastic wrap over it and leave it in the freezer until I want to eat and let it thaw while I eat my meal.

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