An Abundance of Blending

First off – A huge thank you to Krista and Coco for also passing on the Kreativ Blogger Award to me (I originally posted about it here). Thank you lovely ladies!

Second off – Katie (check out her new WordPress blog yo!) is having a crazy giveaway for an entire box of Jocolat bars! Umm… YUM! Check out the deets over here.


Now how appropriate is it that I started my morning off yesterday with a CCV (Should it be CCK now?!) inspired breakfast. This is basically just becoming routine now. My bowl included:

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • water
  • 1/2 small banana
  • one serving almond dessert silken tofu (Thanks for this idea Erin! Tofu in oats is superb :) )

I cooked it all up stovetop style, then whirred the heck out of it with my handy dandy hand blender. Breakfast is served!


In class I snacked on a Nutz Over Chocolate Luna Bar (Hey Katie, sticking with the chocolate Luna flavours this time around ;) Much more successful than icky ol lemon zest. ). I see that many of you share my distaste for the Lemon Zest. Chocolate wins!

I had a quick break between classes so I ran (well drove…) home and ate a quick snacky lunch of:

A scoop of tuna wrapped in half a slice of rye


A hunk of lettuce wrapped in a slice of turkey (Wait, shouldn’t it be the other way around? Bah. I don’t follow rules. Wait, food doesn’t even have rules)


And a plate of raw veg


I also had a vanilla coffee for some sweet and belly heat.

OH and the last bit of my Luna bar from my school snack, heated in the micro then stirred into some plain yogurt.

031 036

For dinner I made a quick refried bean enchilada without the enchilada sauce.

  • Tortilla filled with refried beans, spinach, and diced tomatoes
  • Topped with a mixture of salsa, fat free sour cream and buffalo sauce.
  • Baked at 375 for 10 minutes.

It probably could have used a few more minutes of baking and a bit more buffalo sauce but this was still good and tasty.


It is surrounded by chunks of iceberg lettuce drizzled in sundried tomato dressing.

Later I had many grapes, fresh pineapple, an iced coffee and munched on some granola that I finally decided to just dish out into some plain yogurt after eating a few spoonfuls out of the bag. Stupid granola.


Yesterday was apparently mail day for me too, since I had a nice little pile of it. Nothing overly exciting except this was kinda cool:


I vaguely remember signing up for a free sample of this protein powder a while ago here.

I’ll have to remember to try this (24g of protein in a pack!) but not this weekend because I am declaring it Clean Eat Weekend. It is not strict, structured or goal oriented. Nor is it a week long. Nor does it involve cutting out all crap since I have two nights out planned and have had them planned for a while. All I’m doing is trying to keep my main eating as clean and natural as possible for the next three days. I would love to do a more structured clean eating week or something along those lines, but I need more thought put into it and more planning. This is just a me trying to balance things out well weekend.

And a quick end note is this morning’s breakfast. Another Blended Bowl of course. Same contents as yesterday’s breakfast at the top of this post, except with a scoop of chunky peanut butter on top, and this time blended via my Magic Bullet baby.


Mmm mmm GOOD. If you haven’t jumped onto the blended bowl bandwagon yet… um, what the heck are you waiting for?! DO IT.


23 thoughts on “An Abundance of Blending

  1. Yayyayyay! And guess what– you’re the first one to take advantage of the three extra drawing entries ;o). I still have to try tofu in my oatmeal; what am I waiting for???

    Good call on the Luna bar, too. That’s my favorite, I think. Well, I like the peppermint one too, because it tastes like a York, but I think chocolate and peanut butter trumps chocolate and mint.

  2. love your breakfast bowl!!! I’ll try to add some tofu in it too! it looks nice, I’ll look for the dessert silken tofu.
    your lettuce wrap is so funny~~~ but why not?! who set the rule that only lettuce wraps meat?! :D
    how did you get the protein powder sample? that website is only for canadien resident, right?

  3. Love the blended bowl, can’t wait to try the puffin/banana/almond breeze combination! I’m also studying in Canada…if Quebec really counts a part of Canada :-p

    Love your blog!

  4. Congrats on the award!

    I want…no NEED…to try tofu in my oatmeal! That is such a superb idea from Miss Erin. Yours look just as nommy :)

    Besides the Luna WCMN, the Nutz Over Chocolate is my favorite. Otherwise, I’m just not a fan – lemon zest, blech!

    I LOVE the fact that you wrapped turkey around lettuce! That is seriously awesome and I will be trying that soon!

    Delicious looking enchiladas! The sundried tomato dressing sounds amazing, too!

    I will be jumping on the blended bowl bandwagon ASAP!! Have a great Saturday, Kristie!!

  5. Me and my immersion blender are becoming the best of friends this weekend, not just because blended food is tasty, but because I can’t chew. I should pick some silken tofu sometime soon though, and try that out in oats.

    The protein powder is good, it’s the kind that I always buy (but I just get the vanilla stuff).

    • Hahah Oh HEY. I saw your first messages and was like “oh no, how will I find this gal now?” Thank you for providing me with the ability to stalk YOU. I accept your fight challenge. I’ll be waiting in the parking lot. Food weapons only.

  6. Hey hey HELOOO Kristie!!

    Ohhhh.,…..I LOOOOVE BLENDED MEALS!!!!!!!!!!!! mmmmm… alll the creaminess you get ahhhh SIMPLY DELCIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =DDD

    Ohh and CONGRATS on the AWARD you got =DDD You deserve =DD

    Well,well………. how are you,Girlie..?? =))) How do you feel in this winter/pre-spring time…????? =)) How’s the weather in Canada???

    Hope you’re enjoying your time!!

    And HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!! =DD


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